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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 39 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 39 Part 2

Because of the doll, Ye Qiao spent a lot of time in the morning assuring Zhou Tingsheng that there was no harm from the doll as well as the safety of the fire scene. In the end, she was able to leave the house by letting Zhou Tingsheng go on location to watch her film the scene. Zhou Tingsheng would go pick up Ophelia and Desa and bring them home first then go to the film location to keep Ye Qiao company.

Ye Qiao found it all unnecessary, but the uneasiness had lingered in Zhou Tingsheng’s mind.
He brought the pets home and fed them some water, then left the apartment in a hurry with his car keys. Before he left, he glanced at the trash can and the bloody doll gave him chills down his spine. Thinking back, he regretted that he didn’t tell her about the first doll, he could’ve at least filed a police report back then. Recalling the incident still gave him the chill, what if anything had happened to Ye Qiao between then and now…...A lot of memories of the past came to his mind, before he shut it out of his mind.

His cell phone rang as he was driving at a high speed.
He picked up the call, Ruan Feiyan’s voice came from the other end: “Tingsheng Gege, have you brought Small White and Small Black back?” When Zhou Tingsheng left Ophelia and Desa with her, he was in such a rush that he didn’t even tell her the names of the two pets. She took it upon herself to name them by the colors of their coats.
Zhou Tingsheng fixed his eyes on the traffic: “En.”
The young girl complained in her sweet voice: “You left in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to give you the new toys I’ve bought for them. I have no use for them here. Come over sometime so I can give them to you?”

Zhou Tingsheng just made a turn and indifferently answered: “Ok.”
Ruan Feiyan unhappily said: “Can’t you speak more than one word?”
“I’m driving.”
“You can’t talk while driving? You haven’t come to see me for quite a while now. Last week, my homeroom teacher wanted to talk to my guardian but you didn’t even answer the phone.”
Zhou Tingsheng heard something that caught his attention: “Why does your homeroom teacher want to talk to your guardian again?”
Ruan Feiyan stammered: “It’s nothing…...That teacher is always annoying, you know that……”
Zhou Tingsheng frowned and lowered his voice: “I’ll call you tonight.”

The call was abruptly cut off, Ruan Feiyan angrily tossed the phone. The phone broke in half on the corner of a molded wall.
The young man next to her looked at the broken pieces of phone and frivolously snickered: “You’ve broken two cell phones this month. So money is nothing to you? If you’re so rich, why are you still living in such a place.”
Ruan Feiyan stared at him: “What do you know? This is the place I lived when I was little. My mom bought the house with the money she earned. Why can’t I live here?”

The man laid down on her damp blanket and laughed flippantly: “I don’t understand. Isn’t this Zhou person the one who caused the death of your mother. Why are you acting like the secret lover that he kept. I mean, he hasn’t even touched you? He gives you so much money each year, who knows, maybe he intends to have you after you grow up?”
Ruan Feiyan jumped up in a flash and ordered him with a face as cold as frost: “Get up!”
The young man, still lying comfortably on the blanket, squinted at her: “I can’t say it? But he’s miscalculated…...You’re nothing but a licentious girl.”
“Go to hell, get up!”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 66 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 66 Part 1

“What nerve! Can you just speak nicely, how dare you hit a girl? !”

Tong Yao ignored her scream, but turned to touch Lu Sicheng, her hand became wet-- --In reality, being hit by a bottle of water wasn’t a big deal but for  Tong Yao it was enough to send her into a frenzy. Before anyone realized it, Tong Yao had squeezed herself out of Lu Sicheng’s arms like a loach-- --She stepped forward like Godzilla; before she could strike again she heard Lu Sicheng call on Little Fatty in a deep voice. Their support was on the same page as their captain, he immediately reached out to grab Tong Yao and picked her up again…...

Tong Yao’s teammates liked to tease her by calling her fat, but at a critical moment, anyone of them could lift her up.

“So you think you’re the only woman here, where do I look like a man? Speak nicely, can you understand it if I talk nicely? I only see people at this anime convention, where can I find a dog to translate for you?”

Tong Yao shouted but couldn’t get any closer to the girl. Her short legs kicked in the girl’s direction in the air, still restrained by Little Fatty. Little Fatty moved back a little with Tong Yao. Lu Yue handed napkins to Lu Sicheng to wipe himself dry, happily watching the show……

The girl was also being held back by other showgirls. Several showgirls grabbed her hands and tried to calm her down-- --

“It’s normal to change the program if the special guests have concerns over it. Why are you getting yourself into it?”

“It’s true that we are all paid to be here. But they’re special guests, they’ve been invited to be here……”

“Don’t say anymore, don’t say anymore.”

“Really, it’s none of your business. Why do you have to chip in while they’re discussing with the host. You didn’t even thank her when you took her seat……”

The girl, sensing that some of the other showgirls disapproved of her behavior, flew into a rage, shook off the hands holding her back, and rushed forward-- --However, when she raised her arm high and before she could slap it down, her arm was firmly clasped with a forceful hand. Surprised, she looked up to meet a pair of cold, dark brown eyes-- --The tall man with still damp hair looked down at her: “Are you finished?”

The harsh stare made her subconsciously shrink back.

Another man came up from behind to pull her arm out of Lu Sicheng’s hand. This man was a little shorter, but looked very much like Lu Sicheng except he had dyed some strains of his hair green. As he was pulling her arm out, he conveniently pushed her with some force with a smile on his face: “Don’t look for trouble.”

Though this second man was all smiles, it was frightening. He didn’t look any more amiable than the first man.

Seeing so many people were against her, the showgirl quieted down. She kicked the chair next to her and yelled: “I quit, bunch of idiots.” Then she flung her arms and started to walk towards the door with her head held up high-- --

After a few steps, she tripped over a leg thrust out suddenly in her path. She turned to look back with a ferocious stare, but found everyone in the room was looking back at her with innocent looks on their faces. Since she couldn’t figure out who the culprit was, she could only curse in a high pitch: “Idiots.” Then she turned, pulled the door open, and slammed the door hard behind her.

Everyone: “......”

For the next five seconds, everyone in the lounge stayed still, silent, until Little Fatty lifted his hand to pat Tong Yao’s head: “You’ve messed up.”

Tong Yao hopped out under Little Fatty’s arms, bent to rub the area where she got kicked by the high heel when she tripped the girl, but didn’t say anything…...Lu Yue looked at her for quite a while then smiled to say: “Alright, you brought all the trouble for yourself. Now you’ll be deducted at least a month's worth of pay.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright. I’ll talk with the club…...No one wants things like today to happen anyway.”

Xiao Rui came out to smooth things over. Actually, he was the person in the most awkward position, caught between the club and the players. It was hard for him to stand out and say anything-- --In fact, he also felt that the arrangements for this event were quite idiotic, but he was in no position to complain……

It was the reason why he’d been so reactive the entire day.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 52 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 52 Part 2

Xiang Nuan was sound asleep that night, but began dreaming early in the morning. The dream was a little strange-- --She dreamt that Shen Zemu fell into the water and drowned……

Xiang Nuan woke up with a start.

After coming to her senses, she tried to make sense of the dream. From a scientific point of view, she probably had that dream because she had read the news about people drowning from falling into holes while skating on frozen lakes. However, if she interpreted the dream from a more superstitious point of view, the dream might have a hidden meaning.

Xiang Nuan was wide awake, picked up her phone and sent a message to Shen Zemu: Xuezhang, don’t go skating at any unsafe places. Better not going near any rivers either.

Shen Zemu replied with a question mark.

Xiang Nuan explained: “I just dreamt that you drowned. / ( T o T ) / ~ ~

Shen Zemu: ……

After a while, Shen Zemu replied: Thanks.

It seemed that he had a difficult time typing the word.

Xiang Nuan replied: “You’re welcome.” She logged off WeChat afterwards and glanced at the news on her phone. She noticed one particular news about multi-car accident on the highway from Lingxi City to Nanshan City last night. Dozens of cars had piled up and many people had died.

That’s terrible……

Wait, last night? Lingxi City to Nanshan City?

Xiang Nuan’s heart skipped a beat, chills came up from the bottom of her feet.

She only remembered that she had too much to drink last night, but then what? Had Lin Chuyan and the others left? If they left last night and that happened on the highway…...No, no, no! ! !

Xiang Nuan was too scared to continue down that train of thought. She was about to lose her mind. She flipped over the comforter and ran down the stairs without bother to put her slippers on, yelling all the while: “Mom! Mom! Something bad has happened! !” Her tone of voice was twisted as if she was about to cry.

Her mother’s voice came from the dining room: “What’s wrong?”

Xiang Nuan ran into the dining room. Just as she was about to speak, she saw a lot of people were sitting around the table: Lin Chuyan, Zheng Dongkai, Yang Yin, and Waiwai…...They were all there looking at her with surprise.

Her suspended heart calmed down. She looked at her friends with reddish eyes: “I was scared to death. I thought…...wuwuwu……”

Ren Danyan said: “What’s wrong with you this early in the morning……” Then she turned to look at the others: “Have some of these har gow. Xiao Yin, Chuyan…...have some, all of you. This place’s har gow is very famous, you have to get in line to buy them.”

Xiang Nuan was still over-excited, still trying to smooth out her breathing. She felt thirsty and went to get some water.

Lin Chuyan looked at her strangely: “Isn’t the floor cold?”

Xiang Nuan then discovered that she didn’t have any shoes on.

A little embarrassed, she hurried to put on her slippers.

Lin Chuyan smiled, lowered his head with curled up lips.

Xiang Nuan asked her mother while having her breakfast: “Where’s dad?”

“He’s gone to a symposium.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 65 Part 5

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 65 Part 5

As they waited in the lounge, nobody came in for an autograph, probably because Xiao Rui finally said something. Only the staff busily came in and out…...Finally, a group of girls in high heels came into the lounge, it looked like they had finished their program on the stage-- --

All the male members of the team naturally stood up to let the girls sit down. Some of the girls were polite enough to say thanks before sitting down. Tong Yao hesitated for a moment and stood up with the others. Then her seat was taken by the girl who had bad mouthed her. After she sat down, she even gave Tong Yao an askance look……

Tong Yao thought to herself, shit, where was the good reward for doing a good deed?

Tong Yao stood behind the girl and grimaced. A few showgirls across from her saw her expression and probably thought that the girl was rather rude as well and started giggling. Lu Sicheng gave her a glance, but just turned a blind eye to it-- --

The host finally came into the lounge and handed out the details of the program to everyone, which include some interactive game segments-- --

Tong Yao was stupefied by the games they were supposed to do. Some innovative people had come up with new game ideas. The team members were supposed to carry the showgirls in a race on the stage, from one end to the other. Whichever showgirl struck the gong and drum with the hammer first won the game.

Tong Yao: “......”

The moment she saw the games, she wanted to call the police and file a report for this vulgar activity.

She looked up and saw her teammates all looked quite reluctant. Some of the young showgirls looked dubious about the game. They were wearing figure hugging cheongsams, how would it look being carried on stage.

…...Besides, there was something even more important to consider than this.

Tong Yao put down the program and said with a stone face: “Who came up with this game? Don’t you need to inform us beforehand? All professional players have some sort of injury on their hands. This past weekend, the physical therapist just gave them acupuncture treatments and warned them not to carry anything heavy for half a month. This week, I didn’t even allow them to twist open a bottle cap……”

Xaio Rui gave an appreciative glance to Tong Yao and hurriedly added: “Right, right, right. It’s true. Who’s responsible here? Let’s do a different game. This particular game is truly unsuitable for them and bad for our public image-- --”

Several showgirls chimed in.

“We have all the props ready for the game and the timing is perfect. It’s quite inconvenient to do any changes? Actually it’s just for a little while, you don’t need to carry them for long. Bear with it  and it’ll be over soon……” The host hesitatingly said, obviously he wasn’t the one who could make the decision.

Tong Yao frowned and walked over to Old Cat. She pulled up his sleeve and exposed the brace on his wrist: “My teammates can’t bear with it just for a second. We have a competition tomorrow. Now if he sprains his wrist, where can we come up with a substitute?”

She put down Old Cat’s arm and stood there like a mother hen who was spreading her wings in front of her injured teammates.

The host uneasily tittered. He was taken aback by this audacious, petite young woman. However, he still tried to persuade them, stammering all the while. A voice came from one of the corners in the room: “Hey, girl, are you looking for a chance to find a fault from the very beginning? Haven’t they told you that they have had everything ready and can’t change it?”

It was that girl who had been making trouble with Tong Yao since the morning. Now she was sitting there with a bottle of water in her hand-- --

“We all are paid to be here. You think you’re better than us? If you don’t want to do this, then don’t come. You’ve taken the money from them and then turn around to make trouble for the organizer. Aren’t you esports players rather difficult to please…...Just carrying these featherweight girls back and forth on stage, is it this difficult for you big, strong men-- --”

Before she could complete her sentence, Tong Yao’s anger level had reached 100%. Before anyone could react, Tong Yao dashed forward and kicked the chair that girl was sitting on-- --The plastic chair tipped over and threw the girl onto the ground with an accompanied scream!

Tong Yao stepped forward, kicked the chair up with the tip of her foot, and was about to crush the chair onto the girl on the ground, when she was lifted up by someone from behind. The back of her head hit a solid chest, she was turned around before she had realized what had happened-- --

“Put me down!”

Tong Yao shouted.

At the same time, the girl got up from the ground, and hurled the water bottle at Tong Yao with a scream. The bottle was open, but it didn’t touch Tong Yao. The water splashed onto Lu Sicheng’s back as he held Tong Yao down in his arms.

The lounge was in total chaos!

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 52 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 52 Part 1

Lin Chuyan parked his car and tried to wake up Xiang Nuan: “Xiang Nuan, wake up, we’ve arrived at your house.”

“Oh.” She didn’t want to wake up.

“Sleep after you go home. Wake up…...Xiang Nuan, our turret has already been taken down, the Nexus is next. Get up quick and take care of the minions. You have to protect our Nexus well.”

“Ah!” Xiang Nuan jumped up, wide awake, as Lin Chuyan had expected.

Lin Chuyan didn’t know what to say about Xiang Nuan’s addiction to games.

He unbuckled her seat belt, then got out of the car to go around to the passenger side. He opened the door, it was quite windy outside and cold. Worrying Xiang Nuan might catch cold, he tugged her clothes tighter, zipped her down jacket all the way up, and pulled the hood over her head. Xiang Nuan was all bundled up.

Lin Chuyan didn’t feel it was enough and wrapped his own scarf around her. Now only Xiang Nuan’s eyes were showing.

Despite having too much to drink, Xiang Nuan was still able to walk by herself, though she staggered like a child who had just learned to walk. Lin Chuyan held one of her arms to prevent her from falling.

The night was very quiet and the starless sky was dark blue.

Lin Chuyan sent Xiang Nuan back to her home. Ren Danyan was quite displeased at how drunk Xiang Nuan had gotten. She knew her daughter liked to drink, but to getting so drunk outside was dangerous.

Ren Danyan kept her displeasure to herself and didn’t say anything. She didn’t want Lin Chuyan to get any wrong ideas

After Lin Chuyan had successfully delivered Xiang Nuan back home, Ren Danyan invited him to sit down and relax for a while. Lin Chuyan shook his head: “Auntie, I have to go back now. I’ll come visit again in the future.”

“Are you going to drive back to Nanshan City now?”


Ren Danyan frowned: “It’s almost ten o’clock now. It’ll be midnight by the time you get home. It’s too late and all of you must be very tired by now……”

“Don’t worry, auntie. I’m a reliable driver.”

Ren Danyan shook her head: “No, that won’t do. I don’t feel comfortable letting you drive at this hour.”

In her eyes, no matter how mature Lin Chuyan was, he was still a young man. Besides, Xiang Nuan had invited them all the way from another city. It simply didn’t feel right to let them drive the long distance back again, especially so late at night.

Ren Danyan then said: “Leave tomorrow morning, all of you. Stay for the night here, we have a guest room.”

“It’s alright, auntie. It’ll be too much trouble.”

Just then, Ren Daying pretended to pass by and chimed in: “Our guest room is too messy. Why don’t we take them to the hotel? I’ll make the arrangement.”

Ren Danyan: “You shut up.”

Ren Daying quietly walked away, but he gave a glance to Lin Chuyan before moving away. The look was a warning.

Lin Chuyan felt Xiang Nuan’s dad was too vigilant; what could he do to Xiang Nuan in her own house?

Ren Danyan continued and said to Lin Chuyan with a smile: “Listen to me, stay here tonight. Chuyan, go ask the others to come in.”

The others, well, couldn’t come in just by asking……

It wasn’t until Lin Chuyan carried the other three over that Ren Danyan realized that her daughter actually had quite the self-control.

At least, Xiang Nuan could still walk by herself……

Ren Danyan thought to herself: Lin Chuyan’s quite strong, despite being so slender……

Then she thought: The other four are all drunk, but Lin Chuyan can abstain from drinking because he’s the driver. It’s not easy to see that sort of quality in a young man.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 39 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 39 Part 1

Ye Qiao started her work day after the vacation early in the morning with a feeling of delight and ease.
Shen Ting, however, yawned in the chilly morning as she started working. She was surprised to see Ye Qiao in such a good condition: “Qiao Jie, you’re really a workaholic. Aren’t you sleepy at all?” The makeup artist also came in late. She used her hands to check Ye Qiao’s face and a smile beamed on her face: “Your complexion is much better than before. I can use less concealer around your eyes now.”
Ye Qiao looked at them and couldn’t believe what they were saying: “Aren’t you guys exaggerating a bit.”

Lu Qing and Cheng Jiang who were both in the scene arrived at the filming location. There was an eight year old child actress named Jiang Yu that was also present who played the daughter of the lead actress. She happily ran around the set. Ye Qiao was the first one to get her makeup done. She hugged the little actress and took a picture with her. After taking the picture, Shen Ting showed it to Ye Qiao: “Look at it, you look like real sisters. Look at the eyes, they’re exactly the same.”

Ye Qiao zoomed into the photo and carefully checked. Indeed, they looked roughly 60 to 70% similar. Ye Qiao felt like she was seeing pictures of her own childhood. Jiang Yu excitedly asked Shen Ting for the picture so she could share it on Weibo. Shen Ting teased her: “You have your own Weibo at such a young age?” Jiang Yu stiffened her neck and said: “I have lots of fans on Weibo. My dad posts everything! I want to post something myself!”
Everyone around them was amused by the little girl. Ye Qiao looked at the picture and was lost in her own thoughts. Some of the things that she had been too scared to think were now coming to mind. What if she could have an offspring like this girl… seemed to be a fantasy far from her reach.

The filming location was at a deserted factory warehouse at Qingjiang Road. Now it was lined with metal drums and combustible material.
Jiang Yu ran to the pyrotechnician and watched curiously at his work. She smiled and asked: “Sir, will these really create a fire later on?”
“That’s right.” The pyrotechnician waved at all the props on the ground and assured her: “Your escape routes are all well planned. We’ll guarantee your safety, don’t worry.”
The little girl bowed to him with a smile: “Please make sure it’s safe!”

For this scene, the child and three adults had to run out of the burning warehouse. The supervisor of the scene showed the different escape routes to each of the four actors on the spot. The actors also exchanged their ideas on how to coordinate their acts. While Ye Qiao was rehearsing with Lu Qing, Gu Jin called Cheng Jiang to the side and the two started quarreling at the corner of the set.

The sound of their argument could be heard on the set. Ye Qiao couldn’t pretend that she hadn’t heard it. She turned to look at Lu Qing. The latter frustratedly smiled and let Ye Qiao on some information: “It seems that Cheng Jiang isn’t willing to shoot this scene.”
Ye Qiao nodded to show her understanding: “Even though everything is carefully arranged and we’ve gone through the drills, there’s always the possibility of things going wrong. She’s just being cautious.”
Lu Qing was surprised that Ye Qiao would be on Cheng Jiang’s side: “Then how about you? I heard that you’re rather physically weak. Though the fire won’t be a threat to you, inhaling smoke can hurt your body.”
Ye Qiao smiled and looked at the little girl Jiang Yu: “Look at the little girl, she’s so brave. Us adults are the ones who are worrying about this and that, we should be ashamed.”

But she did have some concerns.
It was because this morning Ye Qiao finished opening all the packages she had received the night before. One of the packages contained a doll with a bloody face. Zhou Tingsheng was unusually serious about it. He even used this as an excuse to move most of Ye Qiao’s belongings to his apartment.
At first Ye Qiao wasn’t concerned: “It’s alright, there’s no real damage done. I’m not afraid of these things.” She even pulled on the red cotton strips in the doll’s mouth without feeling disgusted or frightened. She added: “I just finished a horror game in the past few days. This looks like one of the characters.”

Zhou Tingsheng was fed up with the doll and threw it away. “This had nothing to do with whether it has caused any real damage or not. This is a threat and it’s not the first time.”
Ye Qiao was confused: “I just received it once.”
“No.” Zhou Tingsheng’s tone of voice was firm and seemed rather regretful: “Last month, when you were drunk and I took you home, there was one exactly like this outside your door. I wasn’t paying attention at the time. I thought it was some toy you had discarded outside. So I didn’t mention it to you.”

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 38 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 38 Part 3

They were near their apartment. Zhou Tingsheng asked: “Are you hungry? What do want to eat tonight?”
“I don’t feel like eating out tonight.” Ye Qiao had been in the car for most of the day and was rather exhausted. “Isn’t there a supermarket at the front? Buy some groceries there and go back and cook for me…...I’ve known you for so long and have only had one meal of dog food at your place.”
Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t stop laughing. He boasted that the dog food he made couldn’t be found anywhere else and she was the only person who had tasted it. Ye Qiao slapped him.
Even though there wasn’t any force behind the slap, Zhou Tingsheng still got off the car in frustration: “Can’t you change this habit?”
Ye Qiao held her head up, her way of saying no, and complained about his inconsistency: “Didn’t you say you don’t care.”
Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t argue since he had made the promise.

After they walked into the supermarket, Ye Qiao suddenly thought about something and asked him: “You’ve been out of town for so long, where are Desa and Ophelia?”
“Rest assured, they won’t go hungry.” Zhou Tingsheng looked down to pick out a fish. “When I was in Yang City, I let Wuzi help take care of them. This time, I left in a hurry and I put them at a friend’s place in G City.”
“What friend?” She found it difficult to believe that Zhou Tingsheng had friends in this city. He always seemed to be by himself.
Zhou Tingsheng hesitated for a moment before answering: “It’s a student sponsored by the Zhou family. She happens to live here and likes to keep pets very much. So I left them with her.”

Ye Qiao picked out a bream and let the fishmonger weigh it: “It’s quite a lot of trouble to keep two pets. Did her parents agree to it?”
Zhou Tingsheng took the wrapped fish, now with a price tag, and put it into the shopping cart: “Both of her parents have passed away. She lives by herself.”
Ye Qiao paused a moment: “That’s a pity.”
“En.” Zhou Tingsheng perfunctorily answered as if he didn’t want to continue the topic: “What else do you want to eat?”

Ye Qiao looked around: “Buy some vegetables. No point buying meat since you can’t eat it.”
“It’s alright. I’ll watch you eat.” A smile began to spread across his face. Both of them were trying to accommodate the other. In the end, the only meat they brought back was all seafood. After the supermarket, she also went to the neighboring mall to buy a new cell phone and a new wallet. Then they went to get a sim card from the telecom center for the new phone before they returned home with a handful of bags.

When they were back at their floor, Ye Qiao changed the security password on her door back to  the same one as Zhou Tingsheng’s. Afterwards, she found it to be rather unnecessary and pretentiously announced: “Why don’t I just move in with you. We can spare one apartment.”
Zhou Tingsheng certainly had no objection to it. But Ye Qiao quickly changed her mind.
But to make dinner, she still had to go to his place since Ye Qiao only used her kitchen to cook frozen food. Zhou Tingsheng brought all the groceries to his apartment and storing them in his refrigerator. Ye Qiao on the other hand picked up a bunch of packages from the doorman. She sat in his living room, opening the packages one by one. In the middle of it, she went to take her new phone out of the box and inserted the sim card. As soon as she got on WeChat, several hundreds of messages jumped out.

The most recent one was from Wen Shaoqian. After the incident on the ship, she was surprised he could still calmly apologize to her and express his sincerity to continue being friends with her. Ye Qiao brushed it aside, not responding to it.
What followed were well wishes for the Autumn Festival from Zheng Xishuo and other friends. She selectively sent a few of them responses. Finally, she clicked open Shen Ting’s message. It was about things she had to be careful of the ending scene of <The Watcher> and that she had to go to film the next day in G City. It was a scene with fire, Ye Qiao mindfully paid extra attention to the details and reread the message before replying: “Got it.”

It was because of this scene that she had come back to G City. She couldn’t keep her promise to go to Zhou Tingsheng’s family gathering.
Ye Qiao felt sorry about it and turned to look at the man who was busy in the open kitchen. He had casually rolled up his shirt sleeves and was cutting the potato into perfectly sized strips. As if he had sensed her gaze, he turned all of a sudden and smiled at her.
His eyes were sparkling like the bright and tranquil Milky Way; she felt like turning herself into a star and placing herself in that Milky Way forever.

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