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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 56 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 56 Part 2

Lin Chuyan spoke to Xiang Nuan as he went downstairs to the piano room. All of his attention was on Xiang Nuan and he didn’t notice that his father was looking at him as he passed by the living room.

Lin Xueyuan was watching TV in the living room. After seeing his son go into the piano room, he got up immediately to go upstairs to find his wife.

“Guess what I discovered.” Lin Xueyuan called out to his wife once he entered the bedroom.

Yue Yingying’s face was covered with a facial mask. Upon seeing Lin Xueyuan, she immediately said: “Come here, let me put one on your face.”

Lin Xueyuan felt his scalp tightening, he was in the living room earlier to avoid his wife from putting a facial mask on him. But when he noticed his son’s unusual behavior, he was too excited that he forgot what his wife was doing upstairs.

Lin Xueyuan laid in bed with a facial mask on his face and said to his wife: “Guess what I just discovered.”

“What?” Yue Yingying rubbed Lin Xueyuan’s tummy.

Lin Xueyuan: “What are you doing?”

“I’m just checking to see if you have tummy fat.”

“I don’t!”

“En.” Yue Yingying was satisfied. She couldn’t stand to see her husband with a beer belly, she would probably abandon her husband if he did.

Yue Yinging retracted her head: “Tell me, what have you discovered?”

“I saw Chuyan go into the piano room, talking with someone on the phone very mysteriously.”

“That’s strange. It’s already bedtime and he’s going to play the piano?”

“Isn’t it strange. Besides, I suspect that he set off some fireworks last night. There’s less fireworks in the basement now.”

“He did it by himself?”

“I’m not sure.”

Husband and wife gave each other a look, each could read from the other’s eyes that they were thinking about the same thing-- --

Spring was finally here.


Lin Chuyan put his cell phone on an adjustable stand. The screen of his phone directly faced his face.

Then he and Xiang Nuan turned on video chat.

Lin Chuyan’s delicate face occupied the whole screen on Xiang Nuan’s cell phone. This was the first time Xiang Nuan had seen such a close-up angle of him.

It made it feel like they were physically very close, so close that it looked as if they were about to kiss.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t help remembering the night they pulled an all nighter study session. She closed her eyes and raised her head up to wait for him to paint her face; it was such a suggestive position. She felt so silly, why did she do that……

She noticed that her mind had wandered off again……

Xiang Nuan pulled her thoughts back and looked at Lin Chuyan again.

The condition of his skin was great as always.

“Lin Chuyan, did you turn on the beauty camera?” Xiang Nuan asked.

“No.” Lin Chuyan cast his eyes down and smiled, his lips slightly curved up.

Xiang Nuan watched his smile and felt ripples in her mind, as if a small carp jumped out of the placid surface of a lake with a splash, leaving ripples in its wake.

The first song Lin Chuyan played was called <A Comme Amour>. Notes flowed out like the moonlight in a quiet night. Xiang Nuan listened with her eyes closed, but couldn’t keep them shut for long, opening them to watch Lin Chuyan’s face.

Xiang Nuan leaned on the bed, watching him.

As he played, Lin Chuyan looked down with a peaceful expression, reminding her of many tranquil and gentle late nights.

The song was peaceful, gentle, and affectionate. Xiang Nuan was captured by the song.

Lin Chuyan suddenly looked up while playing and gave the camera a glance.

His bright eyes and shallow smile were as tender as the spring, but they were like a dagger pierced into her heart, catching her completely unprepared.

Xiang Nuan felt tingly and numb, as if she had been shocked. She felt like she was floating up in a trance.

At that very moment, she could hear her own heart thumping.

It was clear and powerful, like the beating of the drums.

She was so very familiar with this feeling.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 68 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 68 Part 3

Tong Yao sat in the rest area, listening with her left ear to Ming god and Lu Yue’s discussion about which of Red Arrow’s mid’s champions to ban. Her right ear was listening to the commentator’s conversation. From time to time, she would interject her own opinion about Red Arrow’s mid-- --

“Their mid’s a jack of all trades. Even though Red Arrow isn’t doing so well, he’s one of the top five mids in the professional league. He can use any champion. It’ll be rough for Lu Yue. You two better ponder how to ban his favorite champions: Leblanc and Twisted Fate; he probably won’t take Annie……”

Then she saw on the big screen some fangirls were holding signs flashing with her id when the camera panned over the area where ZGDX fans were sitting……

Tong Yao abruptly stopped talking in the middle of her sentence.

She paused for a while then suddenly stood up, surprising Ming god and Lu Yue. Lu Yue asked: “What are you doing?” Tong Yao said: “Going to the bathroom.” Then she hastily left the room-- --She went to the bathroom to wash her face, then sneaked to the front near the stage pretending to be one of the staff. She stretched out her head to look at the audience. There truly were a few people carrying signs with her name on it.

-- --But it was impossible they didn’t know that Tong Yao had been suspended for this match.

She felt her stomach acid surging up, the overwhelming feeling yesterday came back again.

She returned to the rest area despondently, but she forced herself to act calm as if nothing had happened…...By now, her teammates had started to move from the rest area to go on stage for the match. Tong Yao stayed with the staff in the room for a little while longer. When the match was about to begin, she went into the adjacent room to watch the game-- --She was the only one in the room. She sat in a wide, soft swirling chair looking up at the screen. The ban & pick phase was focused on each team’s mid, just as they had expected-- --

Red Arrow immediately banned Ekko and Azir.

Commentator A: [Ekko and Azir! These are the champions which Lu’s good at. Looks like yesterday Red Arrow, after learning Smiling has been banned from this match, had done their research!]

Commentator B: [ZGDX has banned Viktor and Leblanc. Haha, today they are truly going head to head in the mid lane. The champions they’ve banned have rarely appeared in previous matches-- --To tell the truth, I’m looking forward to this one. Lu is known for his maneuvering and steadiness. But his champion pool has always been criticized…...I’m really curious what champion he’ll use without Azir and Ekko!]

Commentator A: [Yes, this is an important match for ZGDX. If they win this one, they will keep their no loss record in their group…...To tell the truth, I thought there wouldn’t be any problems for them to keep their winning record, but since the incident happened yesterday……]

Commentator B: [Right, right. During the past few weeks, ZGDX has been in very good condition. Even their captain, Lu Sicheng, who rarely makes any promises, would praise their mid and say she has made the team even more confident for winning this season.]

Commentator A: [Hahahahaha, now it looks more like a flag……]

Tong Yao frowned and muted the sound.

As the ban and pick phase was winding down, Lu Sicheng chose Ashe as his champion. Tong Yao almost choked on her own saliva as if she was witnessing her own death…...Probably to counter Red Arrow’s mid, Lu Yue chose Twisted Fate-- --Tong Yao could hear the commotion outside and the high-pitched voices of the commentators. None of them had ever seen Lu using Twisted Fate before.

Not even Tong Yao had seen him play this champion. She started to worry whether Lu Yue was out of his mind. After the game began, Lu Yue played smoothly with Twisted Fate in every aspect. He was even accurate at calculating his attack damage at each level-- --

It didn’t look like he was forced to pick Twisted Fate in order to counter the opposite’s mid. It seemed as if he had always played this champion!

At level 4, he killed Red Arrow’s mid and got his first blood.

At level 6, he used his ultimate to help Lu Sicheng get a double kill, giving the team an upper hand.

At the twentieth minute into the match, he had ganked effectively 4 times, assisted 6 times, and his cs number was on par with Red Arrow’s mid……

Tong Yao logged on to Tieba and found everyone marveling at what they were seeing on the front page-- --

[Damn, when did Lu become so strong! Where’s that useless guy who couldn’t play if Azir got banned?]

[He’s hiding the fact he can play Twisted Fate? !]

[They have someone like that as their mid substitute? Isn’t ZGDX a little bit too extravagant?]

[................................Why do I feel like Smiling is going to go away? Lu’s performance here is as good as Tong Yao.]

[I decided to watch two more rounds with full attention.]

[Lu Sicheng boasted how great their new mid before, now it looks like even their substitute is very good too. It’s certainly made the match even more interesting-- --]

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 56 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 56 Part 1

Xiang Nuan, Lin Chuyan, and Oblivion played ranked matches that night. Lin Chuyan kept playing with Lu Bu the entire time.

Lu Bu’s attacking distance was farther than most other champions and could usually deal a sizable amount of true damage to the enemy. With good equipment, Lu Bu can cut down most of the champions with ease. Sometimes, Lu Bu can be played as archer.

Oblivion noticed that Lin Chuyan was cutting down everyone in sight with his halberd like a mad dog, in a complete blood rage.

This wasn’t the Lin Chuyan he had known.

How could he change so much when he changed positions from his usual mage position?

Lin Chuyan fought fiercely for a while, but the result was 0 kills and 5 deaths. Xiang Nuan and Oblivion were both stunned.

Oblivion asked Lin Chuyan: “What’s wrong with you?”

“I wanted to.” Lin Chuyan answered.

Xiang Nuan had a good habit while playing games-- --She never complained about her teammates. She thought it was quite normal for Lin Chuyan to behave this way since it was the first time that he had played Lu Bu. What she should do as a good teammate was to protect him.

Xiang Nuan was playing as Guan Yu, riding on top of a big horse. She kept a close watch of Lu Bu’s movement. Whenever she found Lu Bu in danger, she would hurry over to save him.

Sometimes, she would die trying to save Lu Bu.

“Run away, hurry.” Xiang Nuan said to Lin Chuyan before her champion died without regret

Lin Chuyan had mixed emotions about it, he didn’t really want to admit that he was moved by her gesture.


After the game, Oblivion messaged Lin Chuyan: Brother, are you being cucked?

Lin Chuyan: ……

Lin Chuyan: Why do you say so?

Oblivion: Green Bu.[1]

In this game, Lu Bu was sometimes playfully nicknamed as “Green Bu” by the players. According to the story of the game, Diaochan pretended to fall in love with Lu Bu while still caring for Zhao Yu. She even helped Zhao Yu set a trap for Lu Bu, almost killing him.

Seeing no response from Lin Chuyan, Oblivion thought he had hit the bullseye and comforted him: Let it go.

Lin Chuyan didn’t know how to respond: En.

-- --

Lin Chuyan continued cutting people down the whole night and finally the pent-up frustration he had throughout the day dissipated. After they finished, Xiang Nuan asked him: “Lin Chuyan, I had protected you all night, how are you going to thank me for that?”

Lin Chuyan asked in a low voice: “How do you want me to thank you?”

“En……” Xiang Nuan gave it some thought: “I don’t know either. Maybe sing for me?”

“Aren’t you tired of it?”

“No, I’m not.”

Lin Chuyan smiled and paused before saying: “How about I play the piano for you.”

“Playing piano this late at night, won’t you disturb the neighbors?”

“No, I won’t. There’s a piano room here, it’s soundproof.”

“Then play it for me. Play something that will help me to go sleep.”


[1]: This is a play on words: In Chinese, Lu Bu's Lu/吕 and the character for green Lu/绿 have the same pronunciation, but with different tones. In Chinese we say a man that’s being cheated by his wife/girlfriend is wearing a green hat/带绿帽

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 43 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 43 Part 1

When Zhou Tingsheng woke up, the other half of the bed was already empty, though some body heat lingered. He could smell the fragrance from her hair on the other pillow, mixed with the smell of alcohol and her body scent. The smell felt like it had flowed out from his most passionate dream.

Ye Qiao had already washed off the smell of alcohol from last night. She walked into the room while drying her hair with the mild fragrance of shower gel: “You’re awake?”
Zhou Tingsheng leaned against the headboard, chest bare, and looked at her.
Ye Qiao sat down along the edge of the bed and set her damp hair on his chest as if she didn’t notice he wasn’t wearing a shirt: “Who arranged the birthday party last night?”
“Shen Ting.” Zhou Tingsheng took the towel to wipe her hair dry as he explained: “The agency had her arrange it and she told me to keep it a secret.”

Ye Qiao wasn’t surprised about that but: “And she also came up with the idea of the rain and lights?”
“She came to ask me for any creative ideas for the party. I told her about that.” Zhou Tingsheng rubbed her hair with the towel: “Didn’t you want to see it?”
“En.” She was surprised that a person who didn’t seem to take anything seriously would remember an art exhibit which she had mentioned off handedly. Ye Qiao was quite moved by the thought and felt sorry that he didn’t even have a bite of cake last night: “Why didn’t you eat the cake with us last night? There were so many people there, the film crew and fans, no one would’ve noticed you.”
“What’s so good about cake?” He stopped moving the towel and smiled meaningfully: “What I can have, no one else can.”

Zhou Tingsheng’s hand slipped into Ye Qiao’s bathrobe. Ye Qiao grabbed his wrist: “I’m having a serious conversation.” Zhou Tingsheng whispered in her ear with a light chuckle: “What about this is serious?”
Ye Qiao tried to push him away, but her waist was held tightly between his two arms. They rolled together onto the bed just as the doorbell rang.
-- -- “Good morning, room service.”
Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t believe what he just heard, but Ye Qiao giggled, pushed him away, and went to the door, pulling her bathrobe back together.

She had ordered some breakfast earlier in the morning.
After breakfast, she planned to go to the theater to watch the <The Watcher> and measure the audience’s response during the first day showing. This had become a habit of hers for all the movies she’d been in. Since Zhou Tingsheng was here, she took him with her to the theatre. Ye Qiao had turned a date into a research project. In addition, because of her popularity lately, she had to disguise herself whenever she went out publicly. Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t too excited about the arrangement.

When Ye Qiao walked into the showroom and discovered there wasn’t anyone there, she didn’t voice any complaints.
Zhou Tingsheng, however, could tell that she wasn’t quite happy about it: “To support my woman, I just bought a few more tickets. What’s the big deal?”
“This is a few more tickets?” He had actually bought the entire showroom. Ye Qiao wanted to watch the movie in a theatre to experience the effects of the movie in person and secondly to get the bona fide real time reaction from the audience. Now with only the two of them in the audience, she couldn’t achieve her second purpose of being in the theatre.
Zhou Tingsheng, on the other hand, had an unpleasant memory of watching movies with her in the theatre and wasn’t going to compromise on the arrangement.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 42 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 42 Part 3

The sound of falling rain intensified, lights came on; light and shadow interweaved to form a curtain of rain in the empty room. Ye Qiao gingerly walked forward a couple of steps. The floor under her feet had been modified. Under the dim light, it looked like waves of glimmering water flowing on the ground with glowing black metallic roses resting on the surface.
The rain filled the enclosed room and look almost like the real thing. Yet from another angle it looked like a meteor shower crossing the sky, which made the light curtain feel less authentic. Ye Qiao was walking between reality and a mirage, as if she was a ballerina in a music box.

The rain continued and followed her every move, by the numerous 3D projectors inside the room.
Ye Qiao recognized the light show was similar to the ecological art installation displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The rain seemed to be alive, responding to the slightest movement. The visual impact of the lights against the darkness was stunning, a person could take a picture at any moment and produce a work of art with lights and shadows woven together. Ye Qiao had thought about visiting the exhibit, but couldn’t because of her busy schedule. She would never expect that a similar installation could be created here.

A Happy Birthday song began to play, it was being sung by Zheng Xishuo. The wall to the front suddenly lit up with projection images; it was a birthday wish recorded by her fan club. The wall next to her had well wishes from various people that scrolled down one after the other. Even Lu Qing, who was recovering from his surgery, made a brief video wishing Ye Qiao a happy 33rd birthday and a healthy life.

Suddenly, the doors on both sides opened. The rain stopped and the projectors shone all focused at her feet. Shen Ting led members from her fan club into the room. Some of her friends in the entertainment business were also present. Zheng Xishuo opened a bottle of champagne, the bubbles overflowing. Her agent and other actors from the film slowly pushed a cart with a cake on it into the room. People from her fan club called out: “One-- -- two-- -- three! Happy Birthday!”

It was a perfect surprise birthday party. However, Ye Qiao looked all around but couldn’t find the person who should’ve been there the most.
She searched the entire room and discovered at a discreet corner where Zhou Tingsheng was quietly looking at her from afar.

He stood outside the crowd, not participating in the excitement and had both of his hands casually in his pockets.  He noticed Ye Qiao was looking at his direction and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He used his finger to draw a circle around his temple and gave her a look. Ye Qiao touched her hair at the place where he had indicated. Indeed, there was a loose hairpin and a strand of hair was out of place from her perfect hairdo. By the time she tidied her hair, Shen Ting was already calling her to go over and blow out the candles.
She closed her eyes, not knowing where he was standing but was certain that a pair of eyes was quietly watching her.

Ye Qiao made a wish, the simplest but the greediest one at the same time-- --
If it’s possible, I wish to live a long life, I wish to live forever.
I hope I can always meet your eyes in each reincarnation.
I hope I can continue to live.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard and not so perfect life.
As long as you’re at my side, I’ll keep you company till the end of all emotions and then we’ll come back to meet again.
I’m willing to use up all of my luck in this life……

That night, Ye Qiao made an exception and drank a lot of liquor. Zhou Tingsheng had to help the staggering Ye Qiao back to the hotel room.
She slurred while leaning against his body: “Have you read <Dream of the Red Chamber> before?”
When she was drunk, she would always talk about the most random topics. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t know what the question was leading to. He kicked open the door and answered as he set her down on the bed: “I’ve read the four classics when I was little, but not this one.”
“That’s too bad……” She giggled as she let him try to take the complicatedly structured gown off her. Her arms waved in the air: “I remembered that there’s a chapter in the book where Daiyu was having fun chatting with girl friends and Baoyu was so attentive that he gave Daiyu a look. Daiyu went back to her room to look in the mirror and found that the edge of her hair at her temple was loose…...Hu Lancheng mentioned the incident in his commentary of the book and said ‘it’s because they each treat each other as one of their own.’”

Zhou Tingsheng had to commend her memory to be able to clearly remember parts of the book while drunk. He turned her around. By now he had successfully peeled the dress off one of her shoulders.
Ye Qiao was still mumbling: “Do you know Hu Lancheng?”
“......The man whom Chang Ailing loved?” Zhou Tingsheng took the dress off her other shoulder and was already exhausted. He leaned against her to rest. She’d tested him on a wide range of topics, from astrology, geography, and botany all the way to literature and famous authors. He probably wouldn’t be questioned this hard from the imperial examinations in ancient times.

Ye Qiao said very seriously: “En. He’s a traitor.”
Zhou Tingsheng chuckled.

Ye Qiao circled around his neck and turned around to lay on top of him. She looked into his eyes and smiled: “The book he wrote is called <All Throughout This Life>, it’s quite famous.”
Zhou Tingsheng asked her: “What’s wrong?”
Ye Qiao bent down and hugged him tightly in her arms like he was a teddy bear and murmured: “......All throughout this life.”
The voice was so low at the end that it was hard to discern what she was saying. Zhou Tingsheng didn’t hear another sound for a while after and looked down at her.  There was a sweet smile plastered on her red face. Her body was hot and smelled of alcohol. She was also fast asleep.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 68 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 68 Part 2

Tong Yao turned off her phone screen, held it against her chest, and fell into silence. She looked up again at the closed door on the second floor, lifted up her heels, and silently mouthed “to hell with that tsundere” at the door then pouted.

She felt that she had been on edge all night.

She sat back at her desk and touched the almost forgotten takeout box on her desk-- --

Forty minutes later, when the rest of the team returned to base, they saw their mid sitting cross legged on her chair, quietly eating porridge. At this point only a quarter of the porridge was left.

Little Fatty: “Tsk, that’s enough for three people. Didn’t you say you weren’t hungry? !”

“......I became hungry later.” Tong Yao raised her eyes from the bowl to glance at everyone. “Where did you all go after eating? Coming back at such a late hour.”

“We didn’t go anywhere. We headed right back after we finished eating.”

“......” Tong Yao stopped eating and pointed her spoon upstairs: “Then why did Cheng Ge-- --”

“He came back right after the takeout porridge was ready. He said the fish smell would get too strong once the porridge turned cold.” Little Fatty looked at the trash can that was now full of crab, shrimp, and clam shells right next to Tong Yao. “Now it looks like he’s probably also afraid that you would die from hunger?”

Tong Yao, with spoon still held in the air, blinked, completely baffled : “What did you say? Say that again.”

Little Fatty: “You aren’t talking to each other yet?”

Tong Yao: “No.”

Little Fatty: “Oh. One is too proud, the other is too tsundere. You two should just stay this way for the rest of your lives. I have faith in you two.”

Tong Yao: “......”


The next day was the game against Red Arrow.

Tong Yao idly got up and packed her equipment bag, then listlessly waited till the last minute to get on the bus. Before she could climb onto the bus, someone pulled the strap of her backpack back. Tong Yao turned with eyebrows raised. Lu Yue returned with a bright smile: “Are you going to watch me play?”

“I’m going in case something unexpected happens to you and you can’t play.” Tong Yao expressionlessly tried to pull the strap out of his hand. “I’m being optimistic. What if your hand suddenly breaks?”

“Even if it has to break, it will break after I finish playing the match.” Lu Yue increased the strength in his hand. “Even if half of my foot is in the coffin, I’ll make sure you stay put in the substitute seat before I close my eyes.”

Tong Yao bit her lower lip: “You’re dreaming.”

Lu Yue’s smile became even brighter until a cold, low male voice came from behind the bickering two: “Have you two said enough?”

The facial expression on the bickering two were all froze. Lu Yue grabbed Tong Yao’s backpack and walked into the bus…...Tong Yao mumbled at him to return her bag and followed him on. After they sat down, they behaved like obedient grade schoolers. Tong Yao shrunk in the corner of the seat until the bus arrived at the arena. When she sat down in the makeup room, she suddenly felt that something seemed to be missing. She turned to check and found her backpack was still in Lu Yue’s hand.

Lu Yue walked in and threw the bag at her, then sat down before the mirror waiting for the makeup artist.

It didn’t take long for the team to get their makeup done. They then went into the rest area waiting for today’s match to begin. Before long, the large screen in the room started to show the audience in the arena. The two commentators also started to talk-- --Tong Yao thought they probably would discuss her suspension today, yet all they mentioned was: “Today, ZGDX’s Lu will be playing. This player……”

Tong Yao thought about it then figured that the club must’ve negotiated with the two commentators beforehand not to elaborate on the issue.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 55 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 55 Part 3

Lin Chuyan kept setting off fireworks with the camera on, one after another .

Xiang Nuan was so scared for him, afraid that a uniformed policeman would suddenly appear in front of the camera.

“This is the last one.” Lin Chuyan said.

Xiang Nuan quietly blew out a sigh of relief.

The last firework was different from all the previous ones. Though the outside looked the same, the inside was quite different.

Lin Chuyan took a deep breath, bent down, and lit it.

Three fireworks burst in the night sky; the golden letters  “I” and “U” were separated by the red heart shape in the middle.

From the moment he lit the fuse, Lin Chuyan’s heartbeat quickened; when the three symbols appeared in the sky, his heart was beating out of control.

This was his daring attempt to find out Xiang Nuan’s feelings for him. He waited for her response.

It only took a few seconds for the fireworks to blossom and extinguish. After the sparkles disappeared, the sky returned to peaceful blackness.

But she hadn’t said a thing.

Lin Chuyan waited for a little while. All he could hear was the whizzing wind. The wind carried the noise of the crowd in other parts of the resort to his ears, making him feel especially lonely and cold.

He couldn’t let it go without hearing from her and asked: “Do you like it?”

There was still no answer from her.

Lin Chuyan looked at his phone screen and saw Xiang Nuan’s face with knotted eyebrows, frozen in place.

“Xiang Nuan?” He called out to her.

Suddenly, there was a notification on his cell phone: the video chat had disconnected.

Lin Chuyan couldn’t believe it.

Xiang Nuan called in right afterwards.

“Lin Chuyan, you’re so silly, go back in quick. You’ve been firing fireworks for so long, the police must already be on their way!” Xiang Nuan said.

“Xiang Nuan, did you like the last firework?” Lin Chuyan insisted on getting to the bottom of it.

“I like it, like it. I really like it! Go back, in a hurry.”

Lin Chuyan gave a frustrated laugher and asked her: “You didn’t see the last one, did you?”

“That’s not my fault. You have bad signal and the connection got cut off.”

For a brief moment, Lin Chuyan really wanted to go and blow up his phone carrier’s office.

Xiang Nuan was rushing him to go back in again. Lin Chuyan had no choice but to go back inside. He heard Xiang Nuan yawning and told her to go sleep.

His parents had gone to sleep earlier. After he went back into the villa, he sat in the brightly lit living room for a while, spacing out. Then he went to sleep as well.

-- --

The next day was New Year’s day. Xiang Nuan went to visit relatives and friends to wish them a happy new year during the day and only played games at night.

There was no training today. She just logged on to have some fun and formed a team with Lin Chuyan and Oblivion.

The three of them had their mics on. Xiang Nuan remembered Shen Zemu’s phone call last night and suddenly became contemplative about her life.

“Have I told you that I started playing this game because of Shen Zemu.” Xiang Nuan said to Lin Chuyan.

“I know.” Lin Chuyan replied.

Xiang Nuan: “But I found out that I actually don’t like him anymore since a while ago. I’ve already found my true love.”

Lin Chuyan’s heart skipped a beat. He purposely spoke as calmly as possible: “Then your true love now is……”

“Kings of Glory.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 68 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 68 Part 1

Tong Yao put down her cell phone, cleared her throat, and mustered enough courage to make the following statement.

“Everything I just said was just a joke. I’m going to stand in the corner and reflect on all my misdeeds. Next Monday, at the Club’s regular meeting, I’ll present my ten thousand words self-criticism…...En, I’m going to write it now. Getting off stream now, bye.”

Then she watched the bullet comments turn into-- --

[Cheng Ge’s here again?]

[Alright, we know now. Tell us, where’s Cheng Ge?]

[Wait a minute, five minutes ago I saw someone called “superchessman” enter the stream. Could it be……]

[Five minutes ago? Hhhhhhhh, then host, it’s too late.]

[Best wishes on your road to hell.]

Tong Yao: “......”

Freaking out inside, Tong Yao turned off her stream. She looked up at the closed door upstairs with a blank face…… A few seconds later, as if she had finally made a decision, she puffed up her cheeks, pushed her keyboard away, put her cell phone in her pocket, and ran upstairs in one breath. She stopped in front of the door, lifted her hand up to knock but stopped right before her knuckle touched the door.

She could hear her own heartbeat.

She paused for a second-- --

The courage she had finally mustered suddenly evaporated.

Tong Yao retracted her hand and stood in front of the door like a statue for about 5 minutes until she heard the faint sound of footsteps and running water-- --Lu Sicheng was probably taking a shower and getting ready to go to sleep…...The feeling of emptiness she had earlier returned. Her head drooped down like a defeated rooster. She turned around and despondently staggered back downstairs……

When she passed her own seat, she saw the take out box still sitting on her desk. Tong Yao stopped, rubbing her empty stomach. She had been hungry for a while now. Refusing to go with Little Fatty for midnight meal wasn’t something she had planned; she couldn’t even understand what was wrong with herself-- --

When she saw Lu Yue help the team win the training match in her place, she found that she didn’t know what to say to Lu Sicheng.

Tong Yao: “......”

[ZGDX, smiling: You’re right, I’m annoyed that Lu Yue won.]

[ZGDX, smiling: Will I be replaced by Lu Yue because of that and become a substitute for the rest of my life? Then I’ll become the transparent member of the team. My teammates will remember me when they want to order take out: Ah, she’s not busy, she can order take out for us.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ? ? ? Your teammates are all so chatty that they would even talk to the air. They wouldn’t ignore a substitute.]

[ZGDX, smiling: Hey.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: I figure you’re just hungry. Didn’t your captain bring some food for you? Go eat, then go sleep. The suspension is only for one match, it’ll be over soon. Your position is still yours and your captain won’t stop talking to you for the rest of your life.]

[ZGDX, smiling: Really?]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ? ? ? Hasn’t your club issued a notice saying you’re suspended only for tomorrow’s match? How can it be false.]

[ZGDX, smiling: …...I’m not asking about that.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ………………………………. Oh.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: It’s true, really.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Tsk, tsk, if he decided to give you the silent treatment for the rest of your life, why would he bring back porridge for you worrying you might be hungry. He probably only wants to stuff your head into the toilet.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: All you care about is the fact that your captain isn’t talking to you. Why do you have to drag the whole team into it, really…...Does every girl in love so jumpy and anxious like you?]

Tong Yao: “......”

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 55 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 55 Part 2

Xiang Nuan actually missed the time Lin Chuyan visited her house. Though Lin Chuyan could be somewhat erratic, he was quite amenable while at her house. He would do whatever she had asked him to do. When her mom was cooking and told her to peel the garlic, which she didn’t want to, she’d just give it to Lin Chuyan. Lin Chuyan peeled all of them without a word. She supervised him while eating cherries. She enjoyed looking at Lin Chuyan’s fingers, they were so pleasant to her eyes that even peeling garlic was enjoyable to watch…...In addition, Lin Chuyan had brought the big, dark red, juicy cherries she was eating.

When Xiang Nuan’s mom found out what she had done, she blamed Xiang Nuan for bullying Lin Chuyan. Xiang Nuan wished at the time that her mom saw all those times when Lin Chuyan bullied her……

“Xiang Nuan? Xiang Nuan?” Lin Chuyan called over the phone.

Xiang Nuan didn’t know why her mind was wandering off so easily today. She figured she needed more calcium supplements.

“En?” She answered.

Lin Chuyan laughed. “Guess what I’m doing right now?”

His laughter was very gentle and echoed through the sound of the piercing wind, like a tiny flame swaying in the wind.

Infected by his high spirits, Xiang Nuan smiled as she replied: “You’re standing guard.”


“You’re walking the dog.”


“You’re peeing on the snow? …...Lin Chuyan, you better watch how you behave in public.”


Xiang Nuan couldn’t figure it out.

Lin Chuyan was preparing to set off fireworks.

Nanshan City is the provincial capital, densely populated. The citizens of the city were forbidden to set off fireworks privately. There were designated areas throughout the city where fireworks were allowed.

Lin Xueyuan had bought a piece of land and built it into a resort. Then with his connections, he had the resort listed as one of the designated areas for fireworks.

Every New Year, the resort attracted crowds that come to do or watch fire fireworks.

Lin Chuyan was at the private area of the resort. There was a villa there; he was standing in front of the villa right now with a pile of fireworks on the ground.

“I’m firing fireworks.” He said.

“Oh? Where are you?”

“I’m still at Nanshan.”

“Haha, you’re setting off fireworks in Nanshan City? Even Lingxi banned fireworks…...Why don’t you fly up to the sky with your fireworks!”

“I am, really.” Lin Chuyan said: “I’m in the suburb.”

“It’s not allowed even in the suburbs.”

“I’m at a designated area. This place belongs to my family.”

“Hahahahaha…...Lin Chuyan you can really make up a story, I’ll give you that.”

Xiang Nuan wouldn’t believe him no matter how hard he tried to convince her. Lin Chuyan turned on video from his side.

In the video, Xiang Nuan saw Lin Chuyan outdoors. His nose tip had turned red from the freezing cold, but his eyes were still bright as usual.

Xiang Nuan found it even more difficult to believe Lin Chuyan now that the video was on-- --Though she had never been to any of the designated areas for fireworks, she was sure there must’ve been a crowd there to watch the fireworks. In the video she was seeing now, Lin Chuyan was by himself, without another living creature in sight.

Lin Chuyan insisted on setting off fireworks. Xiang Nuan was worried. She saw him light the fireworks, then the camera shook for a while. The picture turned black, it seemed that he was now pointing the camera at the sky.

A burst of fireworks went up in the sky on screen.

The camerawork was rather amateurish, but the fireworks were rather spectacular. A bright red flash shot up, then burst open, and lit up the night sky. It made an amazing picture.

Xiang Nuan heard Lin Chuyan’s laughter as he asked her: “Was it beautiful?”

“It is.” Xiang Nuan warrily said: “Lin Chuyan, you better leave quick. The police will come get you soon.”

Lin Chuyan wouldn’t leave.

That made Xiang Nuan rather worried.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 42 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 42 Part 2

Ye Qiao, wearing a black gown, walked up on stage. The slender contour of the dress, decorated with elegant laces, made her look like a goddess coming out of the darkness. Gu Jin was already sitting on stage, waiting to be interviewed. His face, despite having some light makeup, still looked somewhat haggard. The host’s voice was brimming with enthusiasm: “Let’s welcome Ye Qiao!”

The host chatted with Ye Qiao about random topics for the first few minutes, then the focus switched to the accident. The host asked what the media was most concerned with: “After the accident, how do you feel about going back to shooting <The Watcher> again?”
Ye Qiao’s response was quite flat: “Nothing special, it’s just filming and trying to do the best for my role. I probably now cherish more of the opportunity to act and am more careful than I was before.”
“There’s video online showing you saving the child actor Jiang Yu at the moment of the accident. Did you realize what you were doing at the time?”
Ye Qiao: “......It happened so quickly, many things occurred in a couple of seconds. It’s more of a reflex at the time.”

Gu Jin held up his mic to interrupt the interview: “I hope the conversation could focus more on the movie itself.”
His face was calm, his suit meticulous, but his voice was slightly hoarse. Only those who knew him well could tell the exhaustion in his voice. Ye Qiao took a glance at him before looking away.

After the interview, Gu Jin suddenly called out to Ye Qiao while they were both backstage.
To match her elegant gown, she was wearing 14 mm high heels. When she turned around, she was almost at eye level with him: “Yes?”
Gu Jin’s eyes cast downwards and a simple word finally came out of his mouth: “......Thanks, Qiaoqiao.”
He had taken off the makeup and looked like he had aged ten years. He no longer looked high-spirit and vigorous as he once did. Ye Qiao looked at him quietly. The once annoying way he addressed her didn’t bother her anymore. It seemed that she could finally make peace with him.
“No need to thank me. I’m not doing it for you.”

Her cell phone rang. Ye Qiao said sorry, picked up her cell phone, and made her way to the lobby.
The building was heated, but wearing a sleeveless, lacy gown was still rather conspicuous.
Zhou Tingsheng caught sight of her as soon as she walked into the lobby. He put the coat he had brought over her: “You came outside only wearing that?”
Ever since she got hurt in the accident, people around her had become more strict with her. She couldn’t go out when it was too windy or raining heavily. Ye Qiao felt like she had turned into a fragile flower in a greenhouse.

“I ran out when I got your call.” They walked side by side with his arm around her waist. Ye Qiao got another phone call. She apologized to Zhou Tingsheng after the phone call: “Shen Ting said there’s one more exclusive interview to do afterwards. It’ll probably end after midnight. Maybe you can go back to the hotel first?”
“I’ll wait for you here.” Zhou Tingsheng whispered in her ear: “Isn’t your birthday after midnight?”

They hadn’t had much time together lately. Ye Qiao certainly knew the reason why he made the trip here to be with her: “Can’t be lazy even if it’s my birthday……” The hallway was empty, but Ye Qiao looked around to make sure before standing on her tippy toes to get close to his chest. Her fingers held him tight from behind and she told him with glittering eyes: “I’ll keep you company tonight?”
Zhou Tingsheng lowered his head to take a glance at the red lipstick mark on his shirt. He couldn’t help himself from stroking her lean shoulder blades.
He knew every bony place on her body, they were like bones growing in his heart.
But in the end he quietly sighed and released her. He smiled: “Go on, don’t let them wait.”

It was rather rare for Zhou Tingsheng to let her off the hook so easily. When Ye Qiao turned to leave, she saw his finger with the thin ring tapping every so slightly. The metal band had a lustrous shine. The tapping was something he unconsciously did when he was happy and expectant.
There wasn’t any reluctance on his part.
Ye Qiao began to think as she pushed open the door to the interview room. She figured that it was true that once lovers were together for a while, all the passion would be diluted. But as she walked in the room, she discovered that the room was dark.

The door closed behind her. Out of instinct, she tried to open the door, but couldn’t. The room was supposed to be filled with lights and cameras, but now it was dark and empty. It was very quiet, only the muffled sound of rain could be heard.
-- --Tick, tick.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 42 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 42 Part 1

Life inside the hospital was peaceful and quiet, however, the news of the accident was growing bigger and bigger.
Cheng Jiang and Lu Qing were near the point of the explosion and suffered the brunt of the blaze. Both of them had burns over 30% of their bodies. The movie production now faced the immense burden of compensating for the damages. At the same time, the movie itself was having trouble wrapping up. Related news about the movie <The Watcher> occupied the hot search list for over a whole week. Among all the news, the fact that Ye Qiao had shielded Jiang Yu from the fire received the most coverage. The attention she received from the incident was even more than the premier of any of her movies; some of the lesser known films she had acted in were dug up and began to trend.

After Ye Qiao left the hospital, her agent arranged for her to appear in several highly rated talk shows and variety shows. With those appearances, the name “Ye Qiao” became well known. When Director Wang Qingming announced the actors he’d chosen for his movie, <Innocent City>, Ye Qiao was the most well received.

In three months after she had been released from the hospital, Ye Qiao was busy with appearances and filming. She was hardly at home and kept contact with Zhou Tingsheng only with an occasional phone call.

Three months later, at the premiere for <The Watcher>, Zheng Xishuo performed the theme song of the movie and went down the stage to sit next to Ye Qiao at the special guest area.
Zheng Xishuo had makeup for the stage performance, with glitter at the corners of his eyes. His smile glistened in the light and he began to chat with Ye Qiao: “You’ve recovered well!”
Ye Qiao smiled back and listened to his rambling: “While you were in the hospital, I went to visit you several times. Does your cousin have some kind of grudge against me? Everytime I went, she said you were asleep!”
Ye Qiao knew instantly who had instructed Qianxi to do so, she secretly laughed at the Zhou Tingsheng’s childishness but still replied: “I was sleeping a lot back then.”

Zhen Xishuo had no interest in getting to the bottom of the issue. Instead, he sulkily asked: “I heard that you had gone to reshoot some scenes for <The Watcher>?”
Zhen Xishuo couldn’t believe it: “It can’t be, Qiaoqiao. Are you really this generous? Gu Jin is in a pitiable plight now. The compensation is one thing; if he couldn’t get the film released, not only would all the production cost go down the drain, the pressure from all the investors would also crush him. Even if he can survive the blow this time around, any of his future projects will have difficulty finding any investors. If <The Watcher> doesn’t release, he’d be totally destroyed.”

Finally Ye Qiao opened her mouth: “So you think I should kick him while he’s down?”
“I don’t mean that.” Zheng Xishuo exasperated that Ye Qiao missing his point: “I mean, you’re already kind enough not asking for any compensation nor terminating your contract with him. Why do you keep shooting scenes for him so that he can complete the film?”
“If I don’t, then I’m kicking him while he’s down, right?” Ye Qiao pretended to be kind hearted: “If I tell you that he had given me a sum of money for the breakup earlier and I had returned it after the accident, would you feel like not having me as a friend?”
Zheng Xishuo really wanted to nod: “......”
Ye Qiao chuckled: “Am I that stupid?”

She took her time to explain: “I agreed to reshoot certain scenes not because I wanted to help. It’s because if the film can’t be completed then all my effort for the last four months would be wasted. My attitude won’t have much effect on what’s already happened, but it’s very important to me. There’s no need to hurt myself just to get even with him.”

The accident had been a huge impact on Gu Jin’s finances and reputation. Even if he could make a lot of money with the release of <The Watcher>, it would still be hard to make up for the huge shortfall. But for Ye Qiao, this film had become a milestone in her acting career. Not only would she do any reshoots, she would do them as well as she could.

Zheng Xishuo dejectedly said: “Then how about the breakup fee?”
Ye Qiao replied with a smile: “Just because I don’t want to owe him anything.”

The host of the premiere happened to call on the main actors of the film to go on stage. Because of the reshoot, Ye Qiao’s part in the film became more prominent. She was indeed the first female lead in the film. Xu Yingshan had become the supporting actress and was so annoyed by the change of circumstances that she refused to attend the premiere.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 67 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 67 Part 4

When Lu Sicheng walked in, Tong Yao cleared her throat, trying her best to act normal, and turned to her stream: “I was in the wrong. I should’ve gently negotiated with the host at the time about our situation. It’s just that several of my teammates have gone to physical therapy and truly couldn’t do those kind of strenuous activities…...Once I explained clearly, they would have agreed to make some changes, right? We’re all civilized people-- --Right, right, moderator, give ‘A passerby’ a red flower. He’s right to criticize me; I also think I was too impetuous. Yeah, yeah, yeah, just like a bitch, really! I really shouldn’t have done it! Really, really shouldn’t-- --Oh, there’s no such thing as a red flower here? Then forget about it.”

While Tong Yao was acting sincere and criticizing her mistakes to the bullet comments-- --

Lu Sicheng walked behind Tong Yao and set a take out box on her desk. Tong Yao took a glance at it, it seemed to be seafood porridge. She quietly said thanks. Lu Sicheng didn’t say anything and turned around to go upstairs……

Tong Yao: “.............................”

Tong Yao was the only one left in the first floor of the base once again.

She minimized the game screen and returned to the bullet comment screen and discovered that the screen was covered with another wave of “66666”-- --

[Host, your eyes almost fell out onto his back……]



[Were you acting? You changed your tone faster than a flipping page.]


[Damn, idiot.]

[Stop looking. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, so funny, the way you looked at him-- --Has Cheng Ge whipped you? You’re this scared of him?]

[If you don’t play professional games later on, you can go into acting. You’d probably shine in that profession as well!]

[Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I could laugh at the look on your face just now for a whole day. Did anyone save a clip of it? Send it to my Weibo, thanks!]

Hundreds of people witnessed her wimpy reaction to Cheng Ge’s presence, then laughed at her.

Tong Yao pulled on her hair in frustration. She couldn’t say anything and decided to open notepad and began typing-- --

[Dammit you guys, don’t start kicking up a fuss.]

[Lu Sicheng-- --]

She thought about it and calling him by name didn’t feel right. She deleted Lu Sicheng and changed it to “captain”-- --

[Captain hasn’t talk to me for a whole day.]

[I’m living in a frozen hell.]

[For the time being, I haven’t found a way to salvage it. I’m still deep inside hell.]

[Try to pet him? You think he’s a three years old kid? No way.]

[Right, right, right, 233333333, he’s very good at playing Ashe. Makes me shiver miles away.]

[The one who said he’s going to captain’s stream to report me, moderator, do your job, block him, block him-- --Is the moderator for captain’s stream here? Do your job, do your job. We have to eliminate this kind of bad influence to our team’s harmony.]

Tong Yao kept typing on her keyboard.

As she was happily typing, her cell phone vibrated. She took a look at it and it was a new text message from “Ah Mao’s mom”-- --

[Ah Mao’s mom: Stop typing you silly kid. Five minutes ago, Lu Sicheng’s id entered the chat and you’re still grumbling. Are you looking for trouble?]

Tong Yao: “.......................................”

Her body froze, still staring at her cell phone.

She felt like her body had emptied itself.

At that moment, Tong Yao wanted to scream and blow up her own computer.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 55 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 55  Part 1

If Shen Zemu’s hadn’t asked, Xiang Nuan would have forgotten that she started playing the game to get closer to him.

She had also almost forgotten that she had developed a crush on him at first sight.

After she first met him, she wanted to see him everyday but when she actually got to see him, she became so nervous that she would blush the moment she opened her mouth.

It seemed to her that it had happened a long time ago.

In reality, it was only a few months ago.

“Xiang Nuan?” Shen Zemu’s voice pulled her back out of her own thoughts.

“En, Xuezhang……” Xiang Nuan gathered her thoughts and answered: “It’s true that I started playing the game after I heard Waiwai Xuezhang and you talking about it. Do you still remember? It was after our club’s weekly meeting and I heard your conversation outside the student union. I even asked Waiwai Xuezhang what he meant by ‘up for a round’.” She made it sound quite innocent and didn’t mention anything about her secret intentions at the time.

She was so ashamed that she hoped Shen Zemu never found out.

How could Shen Zemu not know. Actually, he already knew everything because Xiang Nuan wasn’t that complex of a person. All of her emotions and thoughts could be read clearly from her eyes. How could he not know.

He was always a bystander, sitting on the sidelines, watching the girls admire him.

Sometimes, a person sees more clearly when they’re indifferent to such things.

But when he started to care about her feelings, he began to get confused and could no longer see the bigger picture.

Shen Zemu now somewhat regretted his indifference towards Xiang Nuan’s feelings at the time.

If he had changed his mind earlier, there wouldn’t be a Lin Chuyan to worry about now.

Regardless, it was a bit late to think about all these things. Shen Zemu didn’t want to create unnecessary worries for himself and dispersed his messy thoughts. He said to Xiang Nuan: “En. I know now.”

What did he know……

Xiang Nuan was uncomfortable hearing those words. She tried to dig more into it: “Is it that Xuezhang heard some nonsense from other people?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Anyway, Xuezhang, don’t misunderstand me.”



It was a strange call from Shen Zemu. After hanging up, Xiang Nuan was still confused by it all, but couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Right after Shen Zemu’s call, another came in.

Xiang Nuan felt like she was even busier than a CEO.

This time it was from Lin Chuyan.

“Hello, Lin Chuyan, what’s up?” Xiang Nuan answered.

Lin Chuyan seemed to have called from outside. Xiang Nuan could hear the wind blowing, it felt rather cold on the other side of the phone. She heard Lin Chuyan ask her: “Who were you talking to earlier?”

Xiang Nuan faltered a bit: “A friend.”

“What friend?”

“Just a friend.”

Lin Chuyan became quiet.

Xiang Nuan felt a bit uneasy, though wasn’t sure why, and tried to change the topic. “Then what are you calling me for?”

Lin Chuyan said: “To wish you a happy new year.”

Xiang Nuan joked: “You’re so insincere just calling to say happy new year. You should come with gifts and say it.”

“Then I’ll go over with gifts tomorrow?”

“Don’t, don’t. I’m just joking”

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “I’m just joking too. Aren’t you silly?”

Xiang Nuan harrumphed.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 67 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 67 Part 3

Before Tong Yao had the chance to figure out why she felt depressed all of a sudden, her cell phone on the desk lit up-- --

[Ah Mao’s mom: My man just told me that his team had a super long match with your team and you weren’t there. It was the substitute who played?]

[ZGDX, smiling: He’s going to play tomorrow, of course he’s playing the practice match.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: In the end, he was the one who carried the time.]

[ZGDX, smiling: Uh huh.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Are you alright?]

[ZGDX, smiling: …… It’s only a practice match; it’s good that we won. How can I not be alright? Lu Yue has improved a lot, with me as his teacher. Now he plays Syndra pretty well and can even handle Fizz. It’s quite nice.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ………………. Oh, you’re even putting on an act with me.]

Tong Yao: “......”

After staring at the cell phone for a while, she simply replied “get lost” and then threw her phone down. She looked at the frowning silhouette of herself reflected on the computer screen. After a while, she began streaming with mixed emotions-- --Her stream was bustling with most of the bullet comments discussing what had happened today.

Tong Yao grew more dejected as she read the comments, regardless of whether they were supporting her or dissing her. She greeted the audience and started to play a ranked match without saying any more. She was very quiet as she played and didn’t respond to any bullet comments……

After she had finished two matches, she switched the screen to check on the comments. Among all the discussion about the games she just played and random chats, she noticed one particular comment-- --

[A passerby: Don’t know what all these fangirls are cheering about. Smiling hit someone, so what if she hit the person to protect her teammates? All these players earn several hundreds of thousands or even millions a year, is it too much to have them play some interactive games? Pretentious and finicky.]

Tong Yao: “......A Passerby, ur, wait, moderator, don’t block him, let him talk-- --A player earns several hundreds of thousands or millions, are you providing for them? Professional players earn money by playing games not doing monkey shows. We can’t call it off even if the players aren’t feeling well physically?”

[A passerby: Just a bunch of internet addicted juveniles. Earns so much money just by playing a few matches and have the gall to be so finicky!]

Tong Yao: “If it’s so easy to earn this much money, then you come and do it. Hurry, come right away! All the major clubs are recruiting youth trainees. What’s stopping you from becoming one?”

[A passerby: What’s the big deal of doing an activity like that? Others have all done it?]

Tong Yao: “If you have a heart problem, would your PE teacher let you run the 1500 meter race? Others can run it, why can’t you?”

[A passerby: I saw Little Fatty and the other two do the event quite happily, holding those showgirls in their arms and laughing?]

Tong Yao: “So you expect them to cry?”

[ A passerby: Where’s the club’s staff? They let a player fight for it? You’ve been used by them as a tool without realizing it. Aren’t you happy that you stole the limelight but got punished for it?]

“I’m happy, super happy.” Tong Yao said without any facial expression. “To tell the truth, I don’t regret it all that I insisted on not letting my teammates do the event. It wasn’t appropriate, it’s just not appropriate, what about it? We only received the notice after we arrived there. It has nothing to do with Rui Ge. He’s in no position to speak out. The only thing I regret is that the incident create trouble for my teammates and the club, making them take the blame together with me. It’s true that I shouldn’t have kicked that girl’s chair, with so many people watching. If I wanted to hit her, why didn’t I-- --”

Before she finished her sentence, the front door of the base suddenly opened.

She turned to take a look in surprise and found her captain had returned within 2 hours…...She turned back to look at her screen and saw comments a stream of “2333333333” “Well done” “I respect you courage” “I also agree that a misbehaving mouth should be taught a lesson”. In shock, she clicked open the game to cover the rest of the screen-- --

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 54 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 54 Part 3

That night they all went to a restaurant for the New Year’s Eve dinner. The entire family circled around the table. Chen Yinghu’s mother and Shen Zemu’s mother were sisters. They sat next to each other and soon the focus of their conversation turned to their children

Chen’s mother said: “Our Yinghu only knows how to play games all day. Finally, he has a girlfriend now and promises to take her home to meet us this New Year. Then he told us that the girl had some family emergency and had to go back home. Now his dad and I are doubting whether he really has a girlfriend or not.”

Chen Yinghu quietly said: “I really do……”

“Your Zemu is much better, he’s smart and mature. What if I can have a son like him…...Nevermind, I don’t have the luck to have such a nice son.”

Shen’s mother sighed: “Yinghu is a kind person who hasn’t been through tough times. Our Zemu hasn’t been as lucky; during his first year in junior high I wasn’t able to take care of him most of the time……”

The other relatives jumped to comfort her: “It’s alright, it’s all in the past. Don’t think about that during New Years.”

Shen Zemu, the topic of their conversation, remained very calm. Every child grew up to be an adult; for him, it’s just the process came earlier to him than the other children.

He wasn’t surprised that his peers found him to be boring, since at the same time, he found them to be just as boring.

But now, he had met an interesting person.

Shen Zemu was quite amazed himself. Xiang Nuan was somewhat childish in his eyes, yet he was attracted by that childishness.

Shen Zemu stayed up till midnight that night. He received a New Year message from Xiang Nuan.

He immediately called her on the phone.

Xiang Nuan answered: “Hello Xuezhang, haven’t gone to sleep yet?”


“Happy New Year, ha, Xuezhang.”

“Thank you. You too. Happy New Year.”

Xiang Nuan didn’t know what else to say. She didn’t even know why Shen Zemu called her on the phone. Didn’t everyone send their well wishes on WeChat nowadays? Who would use a phone to say happy New Year……

Shen Zumu suddenly said: “Xiang Nuan.”


“Why did you start playing Kings of Glory in the first place?”


“Was it because of me?”

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 41 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 41 Part 3

Zhou Tingsheng checked the wound on Ye Qiao’s arm. “Burns normally leave scars. If you eat darker sauce now, won’t you regret it later?”[1]
When Ye Qiao jumped to protect Jiang Yu, her left arm was closer to the flames and suffered some burns. The skin around the burned area was still swollen and reddish. Reminded by Zhou Tingsheng, Ye Qiao dejectly said: “How can you stick to a vegetarian diet for so many years? Don’t you feel your intestines turning green when all you eat are green things everyday?”
“Meat doesn’t taste good to me and don’t feel bad not eating it.”
Ye Qiao was curious: “You didn’t like to eat meat since you’re little?”
Zhou Tingsheng hesitated, some unknown emotion flickered in his eyes, but he told the truth: “I liked it when I was little, but not later on.”
Ye Qiao couldn’t understand how a man’s taste of food could drastically change like that. Zhou Tingsheng, however, tried to quickly end the topic. His phone rang and he went out to the balcony to answer it.

The phone call was from Wuzi. Zhou Tingsheng lit a cigarette and quietly listened to Wuzi’s complaints: “What’s going on? That Ruan girl wants to come to my place to work and asked me to take her in. If she needs money, why hasn’t she asked you? Why is she coming to me for help?”
Zhou Tingsheng took a deep puff and asked: “When?”
“A couple of days ago. I’ve heard your girlfriend had an accident and I didn’t want to bother you then. Oh, right, how’s she now?”
“Pretty good.”
“That’s good, then……” Wuzi suddenly remembered something and shouted: “Oh, Yeah! I heard from my buddies in G City a few days ago that Ruan Feiyan seems to have gotten involved with some gang members. Think about it, she’s so young and even came to my place to find work. Who knows why she needs money so badly?”
“Ok, I got it.” Zhou Tingsheng hung up the phone and quietly finished smoking the cigarette before going back into the room.

Ye Qiao had just taken her medicine and had fallen asleep. Her long eyelashes quivered ever slightly from the breeze when Zhou Tingsheng opened the door. Zhou Tingsheng sat next to the bed, watching her. It was the first time in his life that he felt that a mistake in the past could produce something good.

The memories that he had long buried began to resurface; the vicious gangster, the bloody red dagger, the sound of liquid oozing out when the blade pierced the man’s body, the scream from Aunty Ruan who couldn’t stop it in time……
If he didn’t fly into a rage in the fight and cut that horrid man to pieces, then it would have prevented everything that happened afterwards. Aunty Ruan, though in poor health, would’ve still lived for a few more years if she didn’t take the blame in his place. Then the consent form to be an organ donor she had signed would have just been a useless paper and wouldn’t have saved the person lying in bed right in front of him.
Zhou Tingsheng felt that destiny was still treating him too kindly. He thought he would never come out of the nightmare, but in the end, the nightmare eventually became a blessing.

Ye Qiao seemed to sense the change of light in front of her eyes and began to wake up. She asked in a sleepy voice: “You’re done with your phone call?”
“En.” Zhou Tingsheng replied especially quiet.

The blank expression when he was blanking out earlier remained on his face. Ye Qiao felt like he was back to the person when she first met him. She couldn’t tell whether he was scared or sad; there was only loneliness. It was like he had been through death and came back.
This man would direct all his compassion at her, but wouldn’t let her in his nightmares.

Ye Qiao suddenly felt hollow in her heart and needed a hug to fill it. She raised her arms and Zhou Tingsheng immediately know what she wanted and bent over. Ye Qiao circled around his neck and  rubbed her cheek against the warm skin on the back of his neck. She whispered in his ear: “I just dreamt about you……”
Zhou Tingsheng smiled: “What did you dream?”
Ye Qiao quietly told him: “I dreamt I died. My soul floated up and quietly watched you…...You were sitting next to my bed. I could only see your back and couldn’t see your face no matter how hard I tried. I wanted to open my eyes to see you and then I woke up.”
“What a messed-up dream.” Zhou Tingsheng’s eyebrows gathered together.
Ye Qiao turned to face him and touched her nose tip to his.. She asked in a small voice: “Are you afraid?”

[1]: Chinese folk medicine believes that dark sauces will cause wounds to heal with dark scars (due to eating darker sauces)

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 41 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 41 Part 2

Zhou Tingshen kicked the rest of Gu Jin’s sentence under the chair along with his body, plopping right on top of the flowers. Zhou Tingsheng knelt down and knocked on the chair with his fingers a couple of times: “I’m asking you, whether you know?”
Each crisp knock echoed down the empty hallway.
There was a disheartened look in Gu Jin’s eyes on his disheveled face. His mouth faintly moved a couple times: “......I know.”

This was the first time Zhou Tingsheng had hit someone ever since that incident. At this point, all jealousy, hatred, and urge to break Gu Jin into pieces had become meaningless. With a calm demeanor, every curse in his mind became one sentence as it came out of his throat: “Ye Qiao was blind falling for you in the past.”

Zhou Tingsheng stood up and coldly said: “Don’t talk about compensation, you’re not qualified.”
Zhou Tingsheng straightened his back and walked back into the room.
The thin door shut in front of Gu Jin. He sat up with a dull pain in his ribs. His assistant happened to arrive at the time and was shocked: “What happened Director? Ouch, your forehead, let’s go downstairs and take care of that first……”

Zhou Tingsheng walked over to the bed. It was now quite outside.
Ye Qiao was deep asleep, looking quite carefree and innocently sweet. Zhou Tingsheng focused on her eyelashes and became lost in his own thoughts. After a long while, he smiled as if he had just survived a disaster.

Ye Qiao didn’t wake up until noon time. She opened her eyes and saw Zhou Tingsheng awkwardly putting flowers into the vase. The flowers were from her agency. Ye Qiao couldn’t help but chuckle seeing Zhou Tingsheng handle the flowers as if they were daggers.

Zhou Tingsheng turned around after hearing a light chuckle: “You’re wake?”
“En.” Ye Qiao noticed that he seemed to be preoccupied with something and asked, puzzled: “Why the face?”
Something flashed by in his eyes, but he deflected: “Nothing. Are you hungry?”
Ye Qiao was very experienced at staying in the hospital: “How can I eat food now. And a liquid diet tastes so bad, I’ll just have an infusion.”
Zhou Tingsheng frowned but with a smile: “You’ve just woken up and somehow become a picky eater right away. Can’t you be more like a patient?”
“This is no big deal. This has been opened up before.” Ye Qiao pointed at her heart and gestured up and down, telling him a horror story as if it was nothing.
Zhou Tingsheng pushed her hand down: “You’re feeling good?”
“En…...much better.”
Zhou Tingsheng touched her palm, it had gone back to her normal temperature. He lightly kissed her lips: “Not bad, you recovered pretty quick.”

Qianxi happened to come in the room just then with a nurse to change Ye Qiao’s dressings. She covered her eyes and yelled: “Ahhh, see no evil!” Ye Qiao buried her face in the white pillow. Given that she was imperious most of the time, it was rare to see Ye Qiao so embarrassed. Zhou Tingsheng even took the chance to pinch her red earlobe and whispered in her ear: “Are you shy?” Ye Qiao reached out to pinch him too.

After encountering a similar situation a few times afterwards, Qianxi could totally ignore their public display of affection. She happily came to her cousin’s room every day, to have good food and soup. Since Ye Qiao was on a liquid diet in the beginning, Zhou Tingsheng cooked soup for her every day. All the solid ingredients in the soup, such as the chicken and goji in chicken soup or the corn, carrot, and spare ribs in spare rib soup all went into Qianxi’s bowl. Qianxi came to work every day in high spirits; Ye Qiao’s hospital room had turned into Qianxi’s private dining room.

Qianxi knew she had to appreciate the person cooking all the food and repeatedly confessed to Ye Qiao: “It was I who was too ignorant to recognize such a good man. I was too snobbish to have looked down upon him. I didn’t know what I was talking about before……” She deeply regretted the fact that she had tried to prevent Zhou Tingsheng from getting closer to Ye Qiao.
Ye Qiao laughed at how shameless Qianxi had become: “He feeds you dog food for a couple days and you start to wag your tail at him?”

That was exactly what Qianxi was doing! Zheng Xishuo came to the hospital everyday, his intent hidden from everyone. Qianxi would always bring him into the room while Ye Qiao was asleep! Qianxi proudly said: “A dog is lucky to be fed this kind of dog food!”

Then Qianxi began to complain: “My dad is so stingy. He won’t even give me spending money. I have to make a harsh living with my meager intern wage. I even have to count my money before I can have a bite of meat! All my classmates say that they have never seen such a miserable member of the second generation of a rich family!”

Zhou Tingsheng walked in the room after washing all the dishes and heard the ending part of Qianxi’s complains: “What are you talking about?”
Ye Qiao shook her head to say it was nothing. Qianxi turned her head around, using both of her hands to make ears on top of her head, and moved her hands: “Woof-- --”

In a few days, Ye Qiao was allowed to have light, solid food. Qianxi still came over to share her food. Zhou Tingsheng would even cook some dishes with a stronger taste for her. But, he then found out that Ye Qiao would sometimes sneak a few bites from Qianxi’s dishes. Since she was the patient, no one was willing to be too strict with her. Some of the dishes ended up in Ye Qiao’s stomach. After a while, Zhou Tingsheng stopped making extra meals for Qianxi.
Qianxi was saddened but didn’t complain. Ye Qiao however was not happy about the change and depressingly laid in bed.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 67 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 67 Part 2

It was a painful practice match for ZGDX. With the addition of Pope, YQCB had drastically changed-- --the new lineup made the team stand on equal footing as ZGDX on all three lanes…...The match was basically a stalemate for 50 minutes and drove everyone nuts.

“Steady, steady. Ow, Old K, brother, don’t give yourself to them like that.” It was the 53rd minute of the game and Little Fatty was about to cry: “I’m famished. Damn, can we finish the game already?”

In the last team fight, it was Lu Yue who came to save everyone-- --Despite the fact that in the early game, Lu Yue missed a lot of minions and was harassed by Ai Jia, by the late game everyone had reached roughly the same power and the enemy’s advantage had disappeared by then…...Lu Yue was in complete control of his champion. He jumped about during the team fight and was the deciding factor in their victory.

Little Fatty happily pushed the enemy’s base and turned around to look at Lu Yue as if he wanted to reach over and kiss him.

Tong Yao patted Lu Yue’s back: “Not bad, your Fizz!”

She sounded like a parent finally seeing her son grow up.

Lu Yue hmphed.

Ming god finished taking notes on his clipboard and calmly said: “The first time we smashed them, the second time we won easily, the third time we encountered a little difficulty, and the fourth time, it took a lot of work to win-- --Now for the fifth time, we’re pretty much even. You guys better get your heads straight. If we meet the team next door in the competition next time, we very well might not win.”

Old Cat: “Say something nice.”

Ming god: “Something nice? Sure, from now on, except holidays, if anyone plays connect the dots, watches manga or anime during training hours, his wages will be deducted.”

Old Cat: “......”

Old K: “What about mahjong?”

Ming god: “Can’t play mahjong either.”

Old K: “It’s the quintessence of our country!”

Ming god: “It won’t do.”

Old K looked at Tong Yao. Tong Yao made a face: “When I’m in queue, I usually watch competition videos and only occasionally play Minesweeper.”

Old K: “You aren’t a qualified mid.”

While Old K and Ming god were trying to make a deal, Little Fatty said he was hungry and yelled for everyone to go with him to grab a late night meal. They had only eaten airplane food as they flew back; at this point, they were all famished. They all stood up, threw down their mouses and walked out with Little Fatty…...When Lu Sicheng stood up to walk out, Tong Yao walked to her seat next to his and bent down to turn on her computer.

“Tong Yao, what are you doing?” Little Fatty asked.

Lu Sicheng seemed to stop in mid air as he was bending down to put on his shoes.

Tong Yao wasn’t sure whether Lu Sicheng had taken a glance at her direction-- --She felt he did. But, when she looked over, Lu Sicheng had already lowered his head to put on his shoes.

“You all go. I’m not going. Not hungry.” Tong Yao mumbled and waved her hand: “I’ll stream for a while. My wage has been deducted, so I can’t afford it……”

Lu Sicheng had stood up straight after putting his shoes on.

“See, was it worth losing 100k for kicking a chair over? With that kind of money, you could buy a few bags and dresses and be happy, wouldn’t that be good? Alright, go stream. We’ll bring some food back for you.” Little Fatty added: “Watch what you say when you stream.”

Tong Yao mumbled: “I know, I know.” Then the noisy base suddenly became quiet…...Tong Yao sat in front of her computer and spaced out. Then as if she had suddenly remembered something, she turned to look at Lu Yue’s seat.

She fixed her eyes on Lu Yue’s chair and her mind wandered off again. She didn’t know why but it felt like her heart was empty. Something didn’t feel right.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 54 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 54 Part 2

Xiang Nuan made a wrong move and was afraid that she would be criticized by Yang Yin as well.

“Sorry, so sorry……” Xiang Nuan hurriedly apologized.

“It’s alright, just do you best.” Yang Yin said indifferently.

Shen Zemu was a little annoyed, not because he was being called a noob but out of concern  about the obvious differential treatment he and Xiang Nuan had received from Yang Yin.

After the match was over, Shen Zemu sent a message to Yang Yin: Do you like her?

Yang Yin: ? ?

Shen Zemu: Xiang Nuan.

Yang Yin: Sure, who wouldn’t like such a lovely girl?

Shen Zemu: I mean, that kind of like.

Yang Yin: ……

Youngsters had quite the imagination these days.

Yang Yin was shocked by Shen Zemu’s question. She looked at his messages, though they were only a dozen words, it was obvious that he was questioning her. Yang Yin suddenly understood.

Yang Yin: You guys… aren’t involved in a love triangle, are you?

Shen Zemu thought to himself. Who knew how many angles there were now.

He replied to Yang Yin: May I ask something personal, what’s your sexual orientation?

Yang Yin: I like men.

She was startled by her own quick response. As the coach of the team, why did she have to be questioned by a member of her team? And she had responded so swiftly. = =

Shen Zemu only replied with an “en.”

Yang Yin found the entire situation rather interesting and asked him: How old are you?

Shen Zemu: 21. Why?

Yang Yin: It’s nothing. I just feel you’re like an old man.

“You’re like an old man.”......This wasn’t the first time that someone had said this to Shen Zemu.

From the outside, Shen Zemu didn’t look like an old man at all. He looked like a 20 year old with a handsome face. He was the kind of young man that had young women come up to him while he was walking on the street. That wasn’t the treatment any old man would have.

But when anyone who had more contact with him, they would say that Shen Zemu had the personality of an old man. He was prudent, mature, and had strong self-control; he wouldn’t indulge in anything or be capricious, there was hardly ever any emotional moment from him……

To put it in a good way, his personality was lacking some youthful vigour; to put in a not so good way, he was…...just boring.

-- --

It was New Year’s Eve and Shen Zemu had played for the entire day. When Chen Yinghu came to Shen Zemu’s house, he saw his uncle was busy pasting spring couplets.

Chen Yinghu felt that his cousin’s parents would surely scold or at least nag at him for “only plays games and not helping with the housework,” or “we’ll throw away your cell phone if you keep playing games,” or “do you plan to spend the rest of your life with your cell phone.” “you don’t want to keep your eyesight do you”......

That would be how his parents would treat him when he played games at home.

He really wanted to see his cousin be scolded by his parents……

However, Chen Yinhu discovered that his aunt and uncle didn’t seem to be bothered by their son’s addiction to games.

He thought it must be because they had visitors in the house and didn’t want to scold their son in front of their guests.

Chen Yinghu asked his cousin: “My aunt won’t nag you?”


Chen Yinghu wouldn’t drop the topic and kept asking: “She didn’t say anything about how you’ve played a game all day?”

“She won’t.”

“Why not?”

Shen Zemu confusedly glanced at him: “Why would she nag me?”

“Nag you about not doing serious work.”

“My serious work is doing fine. I was first again in the whole department this semester.”

Chen Yinghu was deeply hurt.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 67 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 67 Part 1

They didn’t return to the base till 7 o’clock at night. At 8:30, they had a prearranged practice match with YQCB, the team next door. After putting their bags back in their rooms, washing their faces, and resting a bit, the team sat down at their computers, getting ready for the match-- --Since Lu Yue would be playing the competition against Red Arrow team tomorrow, he would be playing in the practice match tonight…...Tong Yao and Ming god watched from behind him…...and at the same time critique him.

Tong Yao: “Either Ekko or Azir, can’t you use some other champions, brother? Let me see you play Orianna or Lux or Fizz before I die……”

Ming god: “He only knows those two champions.”

Lu Yue: “The suspended mid and the retired old man don’t talk.”

Before he finished his sentence, Ming god brought his clipboard onto Lu Yue’s head. Lu Yue raised his hand to block it: “I mean, those champions that Tong Yao just mentioned weren’t used in any of these matches. What’s the use in practicing them……”

“The fact that no one uses them doesn’t mean that you can’t either. Sometimes they can be very useful.” Tong Yao leaned forwards against Lu Yue’s chair and took a look at the opponent, Ai Jia, who had picked Syndra. She raised her eyebrows: “Haven’t you being practicing Syndra lately? Think about what champion you dislike the most when you play with Syndra?”

“Fizz.” Lu Yue answered.

“Then pick Fizz!” Ming god pushed Lu Yue’s head from behind. “Are you an idiot. Even if you’re a substitute, you’re a professional player who’s played two seasons last year. Why do you still need Tong Yao to teach you which champion to pick. Useless.”

Lu Yue mumbled and quieted down.

He gave Tong Yao a look, then reluctantly asked Lu Sicheng to take Fizz for him…...By now the ban & pick phase was almost over. When Lu Yue called out to Lu Sicheng, Tong Yao also turned to take a look at him. From Lu Yue’s seat, she could only see Lu Sicheng’s back, unable to see the expression on his face-- --

Tong Yao scratched her head and messed up her hair.

After the match started, Tong Yao and Ming god chatted as they leaned on Lu Yue’s chair. Ming god asked: “Is our captain still ignoring you?”


“He’s worried about you.” Ming god said: “Don’t think that he’s cold and merciless. Today, when I sat next to him on the airplane, I saw with my own eyes that he was deleting the picture of that program sheet from his cell phone. He even told me not to tell anyone……”

“......Ah? Oh?”  Tong Yao straightened up from Lu Yue’s chair and turned to look at Ming god, blinking: “What do you mean?”

Ming god shrugged and indicated that it was just like what she had heard.

Tong Yao recalled that Lu Sicheng had insisted letting Little Fatty and some of the others play the game according to the program in the afternoon. It was because of that decision that the fans could take all those videos and upload them online……

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao cleared her throat, lifted her hand up to pinch her ear, and at the same time heard Ming god say to her: “No matter what you think, Lu Sicheng, first of all, is the captain of this team. He has an obligation to take good care of every one of you and make sure nothing happens to the team-- --Last year, when this guy (he points at Lu Yue’s head) got in trouble, it was Lu Sicheng who tried everything possible to minimize the severity of the incident and Lu Yue got banned only for one season. Otherwise, it was likely that he could’ve been banned for life.”

Tong Yao: “Mhm mhm.”

Ming god: “But there are certain things that he can’t help you guys or teach you. Don’t rely too much on him. You have to truly understand it yourself.”

Ming god: “A bunch of kids that needs to be fretted over constantly.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao blushed a little, embarrassed. As she was about to say something, Lu Yue started to yell: “Will you two stop nagging behind me. Haven’t you seen me miss a bunch of minions. Ahhhhhh, my cannon minion.” Tong Yao and Ming god both rolled their eyes and backed away from Lu Yue’s chair.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 54 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 54 Part 1

Xiang Nuan practiced playing top for a few days and grew more and more curious about Yang Yin.

She searched online for Yang Yin and found mostly bad reviews about her. Some said Yang Yin had slept with the boss of the club to become the leading player of the team; some said she acted out of line too often because she was the only girl and her teammates had to let her have her way; some said she was rude, cursed at fans, and bad mouthed others……

There were even many pictures that came with the comments online, as if those were definite evidence. Xiang Nuan felt that if she didn’t know Yang Yin in person, like most of the audience, she would more than likely believe what had been posted online.

However, based on her contact with Yang Yin in the past few days-- --though she could be quite arrogant when playing games, and said Xiang Nuan and her teammates were noobies…...Xiang Nuan chose to believe in Yang Yin’s character.

“Yin Jiejie, why are there people bad mouthing you like that?” Xiang Nuan asked Yang Yin. She thought those people must’ve been Yin Jiejie’s enemies, otherwise why would they make up so much gossip.

Yang Yin wasn’t surprised that Xiang Nuan had seen the messy rumors; what was curious to her, however, was why Xiang Nuan concluded that everything had been lies created by someone?

“How do you know that I didn’t do the things that they said?” Yang Yin half jokingly said.

“I trust you. I know what I see.”

Yang Yin remained quiet for a while. Xiang Nuan thought Yang Yin was annoyed because she had brought up old wounds and said in a low voice: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“Don’t take it the wrong way. It was a long time ago and I don’t really care about it now. I just regret it happened that way.” Yang Yin spoke after a light chuckle, with a tint of frustration in her voice: “You and I have only known each other for half a month. You’re willing to totally trust me, but my boyfriend for two years couldn’t.”

“Ah? Then he now-- --”

Xiang Nuan was going to ask whether her boyfriend trusted her now but was interrupted. “He’s now my ex-boyfriend.”

Xiang Nuan was a bit saddened. Some of the gossip did mention her boyfriend. He was on the same team as her and seemed to be a tough player who had a lot of fangirls.

Yang Yin could sense Xiang Nuan’s change of emotions and turned around to comfort her: “Don’t be sad. In my world, men are far less important than games.”

Xiang Nuan was impressed by her confidence.

-- --

In addition to Laofuzi, Xiang Nuan also practiced other more popular top champions such as Cao Cao, Yang Jian, and Hua Mulan. To maximize the teams’ flexibility, she also practiced some less played top champions such as Na Zha, Liu Bang, and Guan Yu. Yang Yin asked Xiang Nuan which one champion she found was the most difficult to play. She thought Xiang Nuan would pick Hua Mulan, but she responded that Guan Yu was the most difficult one.

“Because Guan Yu has to keep running, even when he’s hiding in the bushes he has to keep turning in circles. My fingertips are almost abraded away.”

Lin Chuyan said: “Your fingertips are too tender.”

Yang Yin found Lin Chuyuan’s conclusion rather unique. It had nothing to do with whether someone’s fingertips were tender or not, it was simply because Xiang Nuan used too much force when clicking.

Fortunately, Xiang Nuan didn’t have much occasion to use Guan Yu. There was limited time for her to practice and she focused her time on Laofuzi and Cao Cao. Hua Mulan was a strong top, but because of her strength, it was rare for her to not be banned in a competition.

Aside from Diaochan, Lin Chuyan also practiced other strong mage champions such as Shiranui Mai and Zhuge Liang.

The other three teammates also expanded their champion pool. Yang Yin would randomly divided them into two groups. Xiang Nuan sometimes teamed up with Lin Chuyan, sometimes with Shen Zemu. However, Yang Yin would put herself in the same group as Xiang Nuan most of the time. She needed to teach Xiang Nuan to learn her new position and champions from scratch.

Xiang Nuan had heard Yang Yin scold Shen Zemu as “nooby.” Yang Yin didn’t have much patience when it came to playing games.

Shen Zemu, a Challenger player, was only a noob in Yang Yin’s eyes.

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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 41 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 41 Part 1

Ye Qiao was still in the ICU and couldn’t receive visitors. Zhou Tingsheng could only watch doctors and nurses come in and out of the ward, sometimes catching a glance of her from afar. It wasn’t until the next day that Ye Qiao was transferred to the general ward and Zhou Tingsheng could finally keep her company by her bedside.

Ye Zhiliang, his wife, and Ye Qiao’s grandmother visited Ye Qiao together before returning to the hotel. Ye Qiao was still quite weak and fell asleep right after the visit. As she slept, waves of people came to visit, including her company’s upper management and crew members from the movie. Qianxi turned all of them down, giving them the excuse that a patient needs rest in peace and quiet. Zheng Xishuo also came to the hospital, dragging the media after him when he came.

Zheng Xishuo thought he was rather close to Ye Qiao and should’ve been allowed to see her. He got rid of the media, came back to the ward secretly, and grabbed Qianxi: “Now you can tell me, how’s Qiaoqiao doing now?”
Qianxi spread out her arms, blocking him from entering the room: “Don’t, don’t come in! My cousin’s sleeping, don’t wake her up!”
Zheng Xishuo couldn’t get past her and tried to sneak in from under Qianxi’s arm: “I’ll just take one glance of her! I promise. I won’t wake her up!” Qianxi knelt down to block the doorway: “No way!”
“Go away!” “I won’t!” “Have I offended you before……” “I won’t move!”

When Gu Jin came out of the elevator with a bouquet of lilies, he happened to see Zheng Xishuo and Qianxi struggling with each other. The two instantly straightened up when they saw Gu Jin. Zheng Xishuo flicked the dust on his sleeve and asked with a darkened face: “Why are you here?”
Qianxi could tell the unfriendliness in his tone and backed away a little, not wanting to get caught in between. Gu Jin, however, gave a good natured smile: “I’ve come to see Qiaoqiao.” Then he turned to ask Qianxi: “Is your cousin in this room?”
Qianxi was taken aback by his presence and attitude and nodded: “......En.”

Gu Jin went over to open the door. Irritated, Zheng Xishuo slapped Qianxi’s head: “Where’d your imposing demeanor go! You’re so scared of him that you let him in? Didn’t you say your cousin needs rest and won’t see anybody?”
With the smack, Qianxi shrank her head and hesitantly said: “He’s the one who’s responsible for all this; he has to see her……”

As they squabble, the door opened from the inside. Zhou Tingsheng blocked the doorway and forced Gu Jin from entering the room.
As the two men stood there facing each other, Zheng Xishuo gave Qianxi a stare: To hell with not seeing anyone! Who’s this inside the room?
Zhou Tingsheng turned his hand to close the door and glanced at Qianxi’s direction: “Send the guest off first.”

Qianxi paused for a second before she started to drag Zheng Xishuo away. Zheng Xishuo wouldn’t budge. Qianxi tugged and dragged: “Please, please! Let’s go, fast, come back next time!” Zheng Xishuo understood what had been going on the moment he saw Zhou Tingsheng come out of the room. He was unwillingly dragged away, cursing all the while. After they were some distance away, he suddenly shouted in the empty hallway: “You, the Zhou guy, if you have the guts, then don’t let him go in!”

As Zheng Xishuo’s voice echoed in the hallway, Zhou Tingsheng, leaning against the door with arms crossed over his chest, fixed his eyes on Gu Jin.
Gu Jin figured that it’s impossible for Zhou Tingsheng to let him inside. He handed over the bouquet and politely said: “Since Qiaoqiao is resting, please give this to her for me. I’ll come back some other day.”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t even look at the flowers. He took the bouquet and flung it away. The flowers fell on a row of chairs nearby and fell onto the floor.
Gu Jin frowned: “You……”
“She’s allergic to pollen.”
Gu Jin found the entire situation rather ridiculous and laughed: “I wouldn’t know whether she’s allergic to pollen or not?”

Zhou Tingsheng’s facial expression turned cold: “So you know?” He suddenly stepped forward and picked up Gu Jin’s collar with one hand and threw Gu Jin onto the chairs. Surprised, Gu Jin staggered and fell onto the metal chair with a thud. The tall man crushed the lilies into pieces.

A nurse pushing a cart happened to pass by. She gave a panicked cry as she pushed the cart to the side to avoid them. Gu Jin sat on the floor with his long legs spread out, in visible pain. Zhou Tingsheng picked him up to make way for the nurse. The nurse was about to say something but swallowed her her words when she saw the look in Zhou Tingsheng’s eyes.
The nurse pushed the cart past them, with the rattling sound of the cart in the background, Zhou Tingsheng clutched Gu Jin’s collar: “You know she isn’t allergic to pollen, then you must know that she has a heart problem?”

There was a streak of blood on Gu Jin’s forehead. He looked up and said: “I’ll take all the necessary responsibility for the accident, all the medical expenses, and compensate for any emotional distress……”
-- --Bang!

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