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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 42 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 42 Part 2

Still in shock, Tong Yao pulled out her cell phone-- --

[ZGDX/Smiling: …………………..Oh, no. Cheng Ge is actually gay!]

[ZGDX/Smiling: Or he really dislikes people!]

After a few seconds, Jinyang sent her reply, a very calm reply-- --

[Ah Mao’s mom: How so?]

[ZGDX/Smiling: He said he’ll find a person who plays games better than
him to fall in love!]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ……]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Does Miracle Nikki count?]

[ZGDX/Smiling: ……]

[Ah Mao’s mom: He didn’t say better in which game.]

Speechless, Tong Yao put away her phone and sat down on the sofa waiting
for the porridge to cook. Once she was idle, her tummy started to hurt again-- --
She changed positions at least ten times within ten minutes on the sofa, sitting,
lying, on top of her stomach and couldn’t get into a comfortable position no matter
what she did. In the end, she gave up trying and collapsed on the sofa and started
to watch streams on her phone……

As a faithful fan, Tong Yao was watching the retired ADC Smiling’s stream.
Though he had retired for 3 years, he still played like a professional, rarely
missed any minion…...Oh, right, she had heard that this Smiling was an esports
pager before; he would constantly page his support during competition-- --

It was a totally different style from Lu Sicheng.

After playing a competition match with Lu Sicheng, Tong Yao discovered that
he really didn’t talk much during the game. Aside from giving out some commands,
he usually just quietly conducted his own business and listened to the constant
chatter among other teammates……

Or he might have blocked the chat channel and wasn’t listening at all.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao’s mind drifted away as she watched the stream.

It wasn’t until the Smiling in the phone cried out because he had missed a siege
minion that Tong Yao was startled out of her daydreaming. Her hand jerked and
the cell phone fell from her hand on top of her nose. Tong Yao screeched with
pain and covered her face. At the same time, a door upstairs opened-- --

Lu Sicheng walked out of his room frowning, with a sleepy face and messed
up hair…...He stood on the second floor looking down and asked in a cold
voice: “What’s wrong?”

Tong Yao wiped away the tears of pain and raised her head: “What? What’s
going on? Why are you up? You’re not sleeping anymore? The porridge isn’t
ready yet……”

“What was that screaming about?”

“......I was watching a stream.”

Lu Sicheng’s expression became icier. Tong Yao bent down to pick up her
phone: “Am I bothering you? I’m sorry, I’ll turn down the volume even lower.
You go back sleep.” In reality, the volume was very low to begin with, she
couldn’t understand how Lu Sicheng could have such sharp ears……

“Never mind.”

With Lu Sicheng’s cold voice, Tong Yao muted her phone after a bit of
hesitation. Lu Sicheng walked down from the second floor and passed by
Tong Yao. He noticed her messed up hair and pale, bluish face.

He paused and suddenly said: “I thought you had burned yourself from
the porridge.”

“What?” Tong Yao was stunned and raised her head with a smile: “How can
it be possible? I’m not that-- --”

When Lu Sicheng turned to look at her with his expressionless dark brown
pupils, Tong Yao swallowed what she was about to say: I’m not that clumsy.
She fell silent and embarrassingly rubbed her nose tip……

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 28 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 28 Part 1

Xiang Nuan wasn’t good at pulling pranks on other people, unlike Lin Chuyan
who seemed to have nothing but tricks that seemed to gush out of an
uncontrollable geyser.

Ever since she met Lin Chuyan, she had complained everyday: How can
anybody be so nasty……

So she wouldn’t act rashly when Lin Chuyan could change the ringtone on
his phone.

For example, she had refused to be the cheerleader for Lin Chuyan on Sunday.
Yet, after one phone call from him, she obediently went downstairs.

“Lin Chuyan, I hate you.”

“Don’t hate me.”

They kept bickering, with neither intending to back down.

Lin Chuyan had a Mahjong competition in the morning and Rhythm Master in
the afternoon. To Xiang Nuan, playing Mahjong was a game of luck. But to
Lin Chuyan, it was a game of one’s IQ.

Since Xiang Nuan had a roommate who was very much into the gossip on
campus, she also learned all the talk about Lin Chuyan. He was considered
as an outstanding person in his department, outstanding in a peculiar way.
Others might be famous because they were especially good in their field.
Lin Chuyan was famous because he had created a lot of issues around him
like an obscure actor pulling publicity stunts; good looking, genius, lazy, hardly
studies, skips classes, pretends to be poor in front of girls, vulgar, very graceful,
good temper, bad temper…...People used many different terms to describe him,
like someone with split personalities.

If she had only read all these comments about him, Xiang Nuan would think it
was inconceivable. Yet since she knew him in person, she thought that all the
comments were quite on point and reasonable. Lin Chuyan was exactly the
kind of person who could warm anyone’s heart when he was kind and considerate.
Yet, when he decided to be mean, everyone would want to pack him up and send
him to the psychiatric ward for the rest of his life.

He was such an embodiment of contradictions.

To be a friend of Lin Chuyan, one had to prepare to be a dough. Whether he
kneaded the dough into a round or flat shape, one should turn into that shape.

Xiang Nuan sent a WeChat message to Dayu to complaint: How can you all
stand him?

Dayu wasn’t surprise to see her message at all; he pulled her into a small
chat group.

There were originally only 3 in the group, now there were 4 including her.

The group name was: Lin Chuyan’s Slaves.

Xiang Nuan: ……

She felt that she wasn’t that desperate and didn’t want to give in yet, so
she backed out of the group without saying anything.

Then she looked next to her at Lin Chuyan. He was already on his second
match, eyes fixed at the computer screen.

Xiang Nuan quietly reached over to his cell phone on the desk. She had
peeked and memorized the password for his phone. As long as she could
get the phone, she could delete the voice recording without him noticing it.

Just as her fingertips were about to touch the cell phone, Lin Chuyan
spoke: “I already made a copy.”

Dismayed, Xian Nuan depressedly gave him a hard look.

Lin Chuyan was still focused on the screen, playing mahjong.

Yet his slightly curled lips exposed his satisfaction with himself.

Xiang Nuan sneered: “Don’t be cocky, Lin Chuyan. Sooner or later I’ll
turn you into my slave.”

“Well, you’re a bit too hardcore.”

Xiang Nuan was baffled at how she would be hardcore. She was curious
but decided against asking him.

She searched the term on the internet and saw a whole bunch of sexual
related hits.

“Lin Chuyan, you pervert!” Xiang Nuan was mad and raised her backpack
to whack him.

Lin Chuyan giggled as he moved his body sideways to avoid the hit, while
still playing mahjong.

“Don’t be angry. If I get first place, I’ll give you all the prize money.”


“Really, all the money from Rhythm Master is yours too.”

“How do you know you can win Rhythm Master?”

“Ha, I have the hand speed of a man that has been single for 20 years
after all.”

Xiang Nuan: = =

She quietly logged onto the campus forum and followed the forum “Go
to hell Lin Chuyan.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 42 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 42 Part 1

Lu Sicheng had only gone up a few steps and heard footsteps behind him.
He stopped and turned around-- --startling the person who was closely
following him.

Standing higher up, Lu Sicheng lowered his head to glance at the innocent face
that seemed surprised that he turned around. Lu Sicheng raised his eyebrows:
“Why are you following me?”


Tong Yao was dumbfounded.

She opened her mouth, but couldn’t come up with an explanation for following
him…...It wasn’t that she refused to tell him, it was because she didn’t even
know why she was following him. However, if she replied that she didn’t know
why, it probably wouldn’t be enough to convince Lu Sicheng to drop the question.
Tong Yao tried to come up with some plausible reason. She pricked her brain
trying to find a good excuse-- --

“Cheng Ge, do you have a girlfriend already?”



There were a few seconds of dead silence.

ZGDX base had never before resembled so much like a graveyard, solemn
and quiet.

Not only Lu Sicheng but even Tong Yao herself was taken back by her question…...
She felt that the air around them had frozen-- --Under the strict eyes of Lu Sicheng,
Tong Yao could feel her ears starting to burn. She became tongue-tied: “No, no,
actually I’m not that curious, just asking. If you don’t want to say……”

“No, I don’t.”


“Since I lived at home when I was in school, my mom always directed me to do
this and that a few days each month-- --So I got the idea that: every woman has
the right to do whatever she wants at a certain period during each month.”

Lu Sicheng calmly spoke as if he was speaking of a very common subject.

“....................................Oh, really.” Tong Yao answered as if she had lost the
ability to think.  “That’s tough.”

“So later on I lived on campus. I wouldn’t go home even if blazing hot in the dorm
during summer.”


“So I wouldn’t easily get involved with a woman.”

“.........................Oh, right. You do look like you don’t like people.”

“What did you say?”

“......” Tong Yao almost wanted to bit off her own tongue.

“It’s not that I don’t like people, it’s that I like games. If I fall in love, I hope I can
find someone who plays better than me.”

After he finished talking, as if he had lost interest in continuing the conversation,
he pulled the jacket on his shoulder closer and turned to walk up the stairs without
showing much emotion on his face-- --He completely ignored the girl who was so
shocked to hear his answer that she had frozen in place.

Until he closed the door to his room.

The sound of the closing door brought Tong Yao back to her senses.

-- --Someone who played better than the Chessman?

…………………………………………………….Excuse me? !

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 27 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 27 Part 3

When the third match came around, the Little Fairies had given up fighting
but began chatting with their enemy.

Lin Chuyan My Hubby: Li Bai, are you also a fan of Lin Chuyan?

Chuyan: No.

Lin Chuyan My Hubby: Don’t be shy. You’re pretty good, are you interested
in joining our team?

Chuyan: No.

It’s Nuannuan: Can I join? I’m a little fairy as well.

Lin Chuyan My Hubby: Get lost ugly man.

It’s Nuannuan: QAQ

When the second round of the competition was over, Xiang Nuan felt a bit
tired and stood up to stretch.

Shen Zemu happened to pass by. When he saw her, he asked: “There’s a
gathering of our club tomorrow night, are you coming?”

“Ah? Yeah, sure.” Xiang Nuan replied and felt curious: “Why hasn’t Waiwai
xuezhang notified us?”

“You don’t want to see me?”

“No, no, no.” Xiang Nuan hurriedly shook her head. “That’s not what I

Shen Zemu smiled.

Just then a hand raised high in the sky: “Xuezhang, I want to go, too.”

It was Lin Chuyan.

Shen Zemu nodded and turned to walk away.

At noon time, the teammates of the Times ate lunch together at the cafeteria.
Then, Lin Chuyan and his roommates went back to the main campus.

After Lin Chuyan returned to his dorm, he sent a voice message to Xiang Nuan.

When Xiang Nuan listened to the message, she didn’t feel well at all.

The voice message was “Lin Chuyan My Hubby, Lin Chuyan My Hubby!

“Are you nuts!” Xiang Nuan was so annoyed that she called him on the phone:
“Why did you record that! Delete it, right now!”

“I recorded the whole match, so we can analyze our mistakes.”

“Nonsense, you can just record the video, why do you need to record the audio,
too? !”

“To record our thinking process at the time.”

“I don’t care, delete it, quick!”

Lin Chuyan kept giggling. Xiang Nuan felt like hitting him. He said: “You have to
listen to me from now on, otherwise, I’ll set that line as my cell phone ringtone.”

“You’re crazy! We aren’t friends any more!”

“Ok, I’m changing the ringtone now.”

“Wait……” Xiang Nuan backed down. “Then, let’s still be friends.”

Lin Chuyan laughed: “Are you going to listen to me?”

Xiang Nuan depressedly replied: “En.”

“You’re not being sincere at all.” Lin Chuyan wasn’t satisfied and asked again:
“Listen to me?”

“I will.”

“Then, don’t trash talk when playing the game from now on. Got it?”

“Got it.”

She sounded annoyed. Lin Chuyan could imagine her expression right now,
with puffy cheeks and a pouting lower lip that looked like a bubbling goldfish.

The little goldfish didn’t seem to like being bullied and said: “Lin Chuyan, you
wait and see.”

Lin Chuyan twitched his lips, with smile in his eyes: “Alright, I’ll wait.”

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