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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 26 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 26 Part 1

The awkward staring match between the two Li Bais didn’t last very long.
Teammates on each side saw the stand off on the mini map and all came to help.

A melee thus started. During the scuffling, Xiang Nuan became someone’s first

First blood was the first kill of the match, which was worth extra gold.

She had seen Hu Ge’s stream from many days. This was the first day she had the
chance to play Li Bai; though she knew Li Bai’s abilities well enough, she still lacked

Lin Chuyan didn’t fare much better; he lost a good chunk of health and ran away.

But unlike her, he could recover his health back at base. It was much better than

Lin Chuyan talked to her on the public channel after he returned to his base.

Chuyan: You’re up early.

It’s Nuannuan: Hehe, you too.

Chuyan: Is Li Bai handsome?

It’s Nuannuan: That’s for sure.

Chuyan: It’ll be enough just to have me play him.

It’s Nuannuan: Haha, forget about it. You can’t even play Zhuge Liang well. Just
do better with your little foxy Daji.

Lin Chuyan’s authority was being challenged. He found every chance to fight with
Xiang Nuan without any concern for strategy or positioning.

Xiang Nuan refused to admit that he was quite skilled with Li Bai.

But she had to admit that she was very lousy at playing Li Bai…...Well, it was the
first time for her.

It was very common to have the same champion on opposing teams in a match.
Usually, the less skilled one would be embarrassed compared with the better one.
Xiang Nuan checked the stats and was so embarrassed that she wished she could
disappear on the spot.

She was at a disadvantage and couldn’t farm well, falling even further behind…...
It was a vicious cycle. She had become an ATM machine for Lin Chuyan.

Lin Chuyan didn’t even appreciate her for it. Chuyan: You’re worth less and less.

It’s Nuannuan: You just wait!

The other players finally started talking.

One-eyed Monster: I somehow smell boy love all of a sudden. It must be that I’m
thinking too much.

Zhaojun Is Me: Wait, it’s the first time I’ve seen two Li Bais get into boy love. So
exciting, I don’t even want to play the game.

Burn Angela: I thought I was the only one who’s thinking this way……

It’s Nuannuan: Don’t talk. If you continue, I’ll be AFK. QAQ

Zhaojun Is Me: Don’t AFK. Let’s chat some more.


In the end, the match was a mess. Lin Chuyan chased after Xiang Nuan. The others
players half heartedly played the game while teasing the two at the same time. They
even went so far as to discuss the issues of seme and uke.

Lin Chuyan asked: What is seme and uke.

After someone explained, Lin Chuyan: Oh, then I’m the seme.

The other players got so excited that Xiang Nuan blocked the chat channel.

After the match was over, she didn’t want to play anymore. She logged off and
prepared to go to sleep.

Lin Chuyan sent her a WeChat message: So you only learned to trash talk after
watching streams day after day.

Xiang Nuan deleted the message without a second thought.

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  1. Hahaha, another very fun encounter between LC and XN. Translator, thank you so much for my laugh of the day. So very much looking forward to your next update!

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  3. Lol if they said XN was the seme it would be very funny. Thank you!