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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 23 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 23 Part 3

Zhou Tingsheng extinguished the cigarette right away and followed her off the car
to drag her back. He used both of his arms to block her way: “Where can you go
looking like this?”

“You were just wondering if I’m too tired to walk. I just showed you that I’m capable
of walking.”

Zhou Tingsheng was originally quite nervous seeing Ye Qiao’s crossed face, but
her answer amused him: “Alright, I know you can walk.” He moved closer but was
slapped on the face. The slap was quite brutal, making a crisp and loud sound.
Zhou Tingsheng didn’t even blink his eyes, instead he caught her hand and rubbed
it in his palm: “Don’t get angry. In this isolated place, I won’t even know where to
send you if anything happens to you.”

Hearing those words actually made Ye Qiao feel much better.

But she still didn’t want to talk to him. She didn’t even know why she was so
emotional but just felt like acting out in the moment.

Zhou Tingsheng thought she was only having a hard time getting over Gu Jin.
He was feeling a bit jealous but since he was the cause of her anger, he had
no choice but to humour her out of it. He wasn’t good at this sort of thing and
couldn’t come up the right words to do the trick. In the end, his throat was so
dry that he had to cough to clear his throat.

Ye Qiao suddenly calmed down and quietly asked: “Am I a particularly high
maintenance person?”

Zhou Tingsheng hadn’t gotten over his cough and was taken back by her sudden
change of mood. He subconsciously patted her head: “It’s alright. Just don’t hurt

Ye Qiao felt somewhat guilty but didn’t want to admit it. Frowning, she asked with
a straight face: “What’s wrong with you?”

He became silent again.

Ye Qiao leaned back in the seat and ordered him: “Get in the car first.”
Zhou Tingsheng then circled back to the driver’s seat. Ye Qiao’s head leaned
backwards and her eyeballs slowly rolled from side to side, haughtily. They were
sitting right next to each other, about half an arm’s length apart, but if felt as if there
was an icy wall standing between them. They weren’t looking at each other. Ophelia
slowly moved to the front and got onto Zhou Tingsheng’s lap. He put him aside only
for the cat to crawl back to him, as if he knew that Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t keep refusing.

Zhou Tingsheng picked up the furry ball on his lap and mentally agreed that no one
should be spoiled by overindulgence, otherwise he or she would be relentless.

After a long while, Ye Qiao suddenly spoke, her eyes still looking forward: “The seat
is too hard, it’s not comfortable.”

Zhou Tingsheng indifferently asked: “Then what are you going to do about it?”

Ye Qiao wagged her finger. He moved closer to hear what she was going to say.
But, without saying a word, Ye Qiao simply rested her head on his shoulder and
comfortably closed her eyes. “I’m tired.”

Zhou Tingsheng felt the weight on his shoulder and lost his train of thought. He turned
his face sideways to kiss her temple and gently asked: “You got tired from earlier?”

“Be serious.” Ye Qiao mumbled and sounded quite weary. “Do you know how tiring it
is to be here? I have to watch out for other people’s opinion of me everyday. It’s even
more tiring when I’m not filming. If I don’t act gentle and kind enough, won’t I become
the evil ex-girlfriend.”

He gently asked: “You aren’t?”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 53 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 53 Part 1

The girl who was going to have the blind date with Lu Sicheng was called Su Luo.

She was the same age as Lu Sicheng and had just come back from abroad after
earning a master’s degree in finance.

When her mom told her about the blind date, she wasn’t happy about it either.
Especially when her mom couldn’t really give her a clear answer about who the
guy is. Her mom only told her that the guy was from the family of an important
business partner with her dad. This guy seemed to make a living by playing games
and sometimes worked for his family on the sideline. She was told that he was tall
and very handsome. The most important thing was that the two families were well matched.

So they were well matched.

Su Luo turned to ask her friend what exactly making a living by playing games meant.
Her friend thought about it then earnestly replied: “Doesn’t that mean he’s an otaku?”

Su Luo rolled her eyes and went online to check for herself. Then she found out that
there is a profession called professional esports player-----

Her future blind date was an esports player, which sounded rather trendy…...
Curious about this profession, she went online to search for pictures of professional
esports players. After she saw the pictures, she wasn’t feeling well at all: Didn’t they
said he’s tall and handsome? Why did all the ones she see look like internet addicted
teenagers who were either overweight or too skinny, with pimples all over their faces!

Knowing the blind date would be a disaster, she mindlessly put on light makeup and
went out of the door rolling her eyes. She deliberately wore a pair of high heels. She
was 172 cm tall. When a girl at her height was wearing high heels, she was either
trying to show off her height or to embarrass the man she was about to meet.

Su Luo’s intention was the latter.

She sat down at the coffee shop and looked at her watch, waiting for the chance she
could make a fuss about the man being late and then use it as an excuse to end the
blind date…...She got excited when she reached the last 15 seconds till their agreed
time, imagining that her freedom was already right at the corner------

14, 13, 12-----

At the 10th second, the door to the coffee shop opened.

At the 5th second mark, a tall figure stood before Su Luo casting a shadow over her…...
Stunned, she lifted her head to meet a pair of dark brown eyes. He seemed quite calm:
“Ms. Su?”

Su Luo: “......”

Su Luo: “You are……”

“Lu Sicheng. Someone asked me to see you home.” The man flatly said.

The man standing before her was tall, with wide shoulders, a straight nose, and a
handsome face. The mark of the car key in his hand was obviously the logo of Maserati.
The watch on his wrist…...She never knew that a constellation watch could look so good
on a man’s wrist.

Most importantly, the hair on the man in front of her was clean and neat. It was a total
contrast to the oily hairs from the esports players which Su Luo had seen on Weibo-----
This man was in a totally different category. She couldn’t believe that nowadays even
the internet would fool her? !

Why didn’t anyone tell her the name of her blind date so she could search for the right
person! !

Couldn’t the matchmaker be more devoted! ! !

What did he mean by seeing her home? She had just come from her home! ! !

Su Luo went through all the emotions in her heart but kept a calm face. She smiled and
said: “I see. But can you please wait for me for a while? I want to go the restroom first.”

Lu Sicheng pulled a chair out and sat down: “Go ahead.”

Su Luo gracefully stood up, turned around, and went into the restroom. She redid her
face as quickly as possible until she was satisfied with her look in the mirror. She
smiled to herself and sent a text message to her mom. It was a short one: Thanks mom.
I’m very satisfied.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 38 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 38 Part 3

Lin Chuyan instantly sobered up: “Where are you?”

“I’m still at my room. Lili has a stomach ache and keeps throwing up.”

Lin Chuyan didn’t trust the campus doctor. He flagged down a taxi to get to campus.
The taxis could only park on the main road, some distance away from Xiang Nuan’s
dorm. Lin Chuyan walked to Xiang Nuan’s dorm room and carried Min Lili on his back
into the taxi. They went to the nearest private hospital.

Public hospitals were usually quite busy at this time of the year, the private ones were
much quieter.

The doctor asked Min Lili what she had to eat today, then checked her and gave her
some medicine. The nurse led her into a room to receive IV drips.

Min Lili leaned on the bed with a pale face, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Xiang Nuan asked her: “Lili, are you not feeling well anywhere? I’ll go find the doctor.”

“No, I just miss my family.”

Xiang Nuan stroked Min Lili’s head. A person would miss her family the most at her
weakest moment.

Min Lili said: “You two go out, don’t watch me cry.”

“Then don’t cry now.”

“I can’t help myself.”

Xiang Naun and Lin Chuyan left the room and sat on the bench out on the hallway.

Xiang Nuan then discovered the strong smell of alcohol on Lin Chuyan. She asked:
“Did you drink?”

“A little.” Lin Chuyan leaned against the back of the bench, his head tilted back to
rest on the white wall behind. He noticed the sweat on Xiang Nuan’s forehead.

Lin Chuyan took out a pack of tissues and handed it over to Xiang Nuan: “Wipe the
sweat. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Thanks.” Xiang Nuan took the tissues and turned to look at him. She noticed the
misty look in his eyes. It looked like he had quite a lot to drink. She complimented
him: “You drank this much and could still carry Lili.”

Lin Chuyan twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled: “I’m not drunk.” No matter
how you look at him now, he didn’t seem like a decent person.

The nurse came to check on the patient. Then she said to them: “She’s asleep now.
If you two are busy, you can leave now. We’ll take care of her.”

Xiang Nuan wiped her face: “We aren’t busy.”

Lin Chuyan got up: “Come on, let’s go get some food.”

After he mentioned it, Xiang Nuan started to feel hungry as well.

---- ----

They went to get rice noodle soup. It was more comforting to have hot food in a
winter night.

As they were waiting for the food, Xiang Nuan said to Lin Chuyan: “Thanks for
everything today.”

“You’re welcome.”

Xiang Nuan sensed that Lin Chuyan had been unusually quiet on their way here.
His eyes were misty from drinking too much. Sometimes he would glance at her,
but she couldn’t tell what mood he was in.

Soon the rice noodle soups arrived, the steam from the boiling hot soup was as
misty as fog. Xiang Nuan asked him from the other side of the fog: “Lin Chuyan,
has anything happened to you?”

Lin Chuyan shook his head, casting his eyes downward, and quietly denied:

“Then, are you in a bad mood?”

“No, I’m fine. Let’s eat.”

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 52 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 52 Part 3

Tong Yao and Ming god were in a heated discussion.

On the other side of the base, Little Fatty stretched out his neck: “Tsk, tsk, our team
suddenly has one more data analyst.”

Xiang Rui smiled quite happily: “It’s good, especially since we don’t need to pay her-----
If everyone of you were as diligent as Tong Yao, I’d be so grateful.”

Little Fatty: “It takes time to develop laziness, you can’t rush it.”

Xiao Rui rolled his eyes at Little Fatty, who responded with, “Look at Lu Yue, he was
very diligent in the beginning, now he’s just one of those losers who use other people’s
account to drop their rank.”

Lu Yue: “Damn Fatty, shut up.”

Lu Yue at the moment was using Tong Yao’s computer, playing on her account. The
champion he was using was his girlfriend, Diana, Scorn of the Moon. But he wasn’t
doing too well. Xiao Rui walked over to check his stats, then slapped the back of
Lu Yue’s head: “You dare say that Diana is your girlfriend with such lousy play. If I
were her, I would have dump you eight hundreds times.”

“Ouch, be quiet.” Lu Yue frowned. “Shorty, how do you do Diana’s R Q combo?
Come show me again……”

Tong Yao put down her notebook and jumped off the sofa, rushing to Lu Yue’s side.
She pushed him over: “How can you be this stupid?”

Lu Yue leaned to the side, as the two began to discuss techniques and item builds
for Diana.  It was then that Lu Sicheng exitted his room and walked down the stairs.
He walked in front of his computer and started to flip through the stuff on his desk,
looking for something. Finally, he pulled out his car key from behind the piggy bank.

“You going out?” Tong Yao didn’t even lift her head.

Lu Sicheng: “En. My mom has arranged a date with that girl. Mom just informed me
that she’s already on her way there.”

“R Q, see it, you have to pretend a little. Don’t let them know that you’re going to
release the combo. You know, bluff?” Tong Yao put down the mouse and keyboard,
raised her eyes to see her captain who had changed into a somewhat decent outfit.
“Which girl? Blind date?”

“What blind date…...You’re running around without shoes again. Next time when you
have your monthly cramp, no one will sympathize at you.”

Lu Sicheng frowned: “I’m going.” Then he patted Tong Yao’s head before walking
out the door.

Tong Yao watched him put on his shoes, open the door, and walk to the garage.

Dabing came over to rub against her ankle, Tong Yao bent down to pick up the cat-----

“Tong Yao, come see whether this is where Kun usually places his ward?”

“......Oh, coming.”

Tong Yao held tight the cat in her arms and quickly jumped back on the sofa.

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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 38 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 38 Part 2

The brooch only costed a little over 1000 RMB. It wasn’t made of any precious
material, but it was well designed. Two cherries made of glass beads hung on a
bronze branch. The cherries were a transparent yet subdued dark red; it was
modest, yet still lively.

His first impression when he saw the brooch was that Xiang Nuan would like it
very much.

He held the opened box in his palm and turned it around under the sunlight. He
watched the light glimmer as it reflected off the glass beads at different angles.
Watching it for a while, he became bored. He abruptly closed the box, turned
around, and walked away.

He passed by a snack bar and walked in: “Give me a pack of cigarettes.”

He was too nicely dressed and the salesperson thought he must be a sucker.
So he sold the most expensive brand to Lin Chuyan.

Lin Chuyan bought the cigarettes and a lighter. This was the first time he had ever
tried smoking. Lacking experience, he choked on his first puff, tears welled up in his
eyes. His lung suffered especially, like it was on fire.

He figured it wasn’t easy being dispirited. He put out the cigarette and threw it into the
nearby trash bin, then he gave the pack to the security guard at the gate.

He walked off campus and stood on the bustling street.

Highrises lined the busy street, the sky was blue, and sun shone brightly.

It was hustle and bustle around him, yet he felt somewhat lonely.

Lin Chuyan then went to a bar.

He found a quiet bar where he could listen to the music while drinking. But he grew
even more depressed after drinking.

Xiang Nuan sent him a message: Lin Chuyan! I met someone in the game who’s
super awesome! He plays Luna so well!

He could tell how excited she was from all the exclamation marks.

Lin Chuyan had never met anymore more carefree than her. She just had an argument
with her lover rival and right afterwards become excited by a skilled stranger in a game.

He didn’t want to reply to her now, so he continued drinking.

In the afternoon, the music at this bar was mostly folk songs. But the music changed to
pop songs mixed with rock after dinner. The singer screamed at the top of his lungs,
making Lin Chuyan feel as if his internal organs were about to jump out of his body.
He couldn’t take it anymore and had no choice but to leave the bar.

Once outside, with the cold wind blowing, he had a light headache.

His cell phone kept vibrating; a lot of people were sending out New Year wishes.
Lin Chuyan read the messages one by one and saw Xiang Nuan sent him one an
hour ago: Lin Chuyan, why are you suddenly missing? What’s going on?

Lin Chuyan gave Xiang Nuan a call.


“Xiang Nuan, I’m nearby.”


“I want to see you.”

“I can’t, Lin Chuyan, I don’t have time to meet you.”

Lin Chuyan suddenly grew irritated: “Are you avoiding me?”

“Lin Chuyan……”

“Are you avoiding me? Uhm?”

“Lin Chuyan.” Xiang Nuan sounded like she was going to cry: “Lili seems to have
food poisoning.”

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