Saturday, May 28, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 7

So I forgot that it was Saturday. My bad guys :<.

Solo kept smiling while she walked over.  “What event?”
“Need for Speed.”
He’s amused. “Good event.”
Ai Qing chuckled.  “And what brings you here?”

“I heard there are several strong teams in this tournament.” Solo drank some coke. “I saw the video of your game, do you plan to sign on with any team?”
Suddenly she realized that it wasn’t a casual talk when he had asked Slide about her current situation.  Slide, who had witnessed the on-again-off-again relationship between her and Solo, was obviously leaning more on her side.  She shook her head. “Not at the moment.”

Saturday, May 21, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 6

Alright guys. I've graduated (though I'm going to be attending school, again, in the fall). So now that it's summer we'll be updating weekly! Also sorry for the late posting again (I'm pretty bad at this). We just got home and the flight was delayed. Things are heating up from what I can tell in the story. Enjoy.

She still remembered that night.
They had just finished training, sitting in the room with the lights off.  He was leaning back on the chair wearing headphones.  She knew the music he was listening to must have been Within Temptation’s “Jillian”. That’s his favorite band.

That year, all the forums and gaming websites liked to comment on her “sense of smell.”  Solo on the other hand always said that it was her women’s sixth sense.  She could foresee enemy positions or an incoming ambush.
But what she really wanted to know was that if she had a sixth sense, then she should be able to sense his feelings.

That day, the two of them sat across from each other.  She hesitated for quite some time, finally she entered few words on computer: “Love, takes two people.”
Solo’s face reflected the light from the computer screen.
At first, he just smoked quietly.  After a full 4 or 5 minutes, he slowly typed on the keyboard and punched the enter key:  “So, Solo is not suitable for love.”

Saturday, May 7, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 5

Sorry for being late. I pulled an all night for my art project and just slept so we're a little late today >.<. Upside, though school's over. We're hopefully going to be able to increase the number of releases we can make over summer. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Their midnight conversation wasn’t a very pleasant memory.
Dt was usually quiet and Ai Qing couldn’t quite figure out what he was thinking like his teammates could…...therefore, she had to carry the conversation herself for a length at times.  Finally, she couldn’t keep it going anymore and used thirst as an excuse to go back to her room.

She didn’t wake up till noon the next day.  She was woken up by a phone call, reminding her to attend the Asian Tournament opening ceremony that afternoon.
She hung up the phone and hid her head inside the blanket to keep the glaring sunlight out.  She struggled another 20 minutes before finally getting out of the bed.  She truly did not want to go to any opening ceremony; speeches from the sponsors, promotions by young girls cosplaying, and routine interviews by the media from different countries…...the one thing she hated the most was that some of the foreign media would ask very discriminatory questions.  Questions like: We heard that you are from China; compared to other more advanced countries, China is somewhat behind in its computer fields.  What kind of efforts have you put in to compete in the world level competitions?

Everytime this happened, she felt like smashing a keyboard into their faces and say:
Behind!?  Like hell we are!  The world’s first returning WCG champion is Chinese!