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Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 4

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 4

Ai Qing was silent for three seconds, then she gave out a list of names:  
701, Xiaoxiao, Following…...and her own alternate id Appledog.
She was choosing the last player.
She hesitated for a long time.  Finally, instead of choosing Solo,  she looked at the person next to her.  “Boss, play with us.”

“Me?”  Baona was shocked.  “Why do I need to play?  Has SP already withered to such an extent that I have to play?”
“It’s alright, boss.”  Ai Qing casually mentioned.  “I am also just a commentator.”
“Are you joking?  Ten years ago, at the height of CS, you were the sniper of the best team……”  Though Baona complained, he sat down in high spirits, rolling up his sleeves.  “Come on.  Can somebody explain to me how to play DotA2 first?”

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 19

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 19: Showstopper!

Yu Luocheng had added onto Yang Qian Qian’s QQ and game’s friend list last night.

He was still using his alternate id, at level 13, to play.

The thousand RMB they won last night, half of it was spent on their late night feast and the other half, 500RMB, was evenly split among the five teammates.

Yu Luocheng exchanged his share of 100 RMB into Q coins[1] and purchased the “The Chain Warden - Thresh.”

“Invite me.” Yang Qian Qian sent a QQ message with a naughty smiling face.

“Ok, let me purchase a champion.” He bought “Thresh” with his Q coins.

Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 3

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 3

Ai Qing quietly constructed a list of players.  Meanwhile, Baona had someone ask the opponent to show their names and told them that they would pick out five players shortly.
The opponent responded with a team very quickly: Pinzhongsha, Budaobuloudao, 00, Huigui, and Momomo.
“Budaobuloudao and 00?”
Someone recognized these two alternate ids, they belonged to SP players who had been poached by K&K…...
It was inevitable that they would fight their former teammates.
“And Grunt and 97.”  Baona added.  “Pinzhongsha is Grunt’s alternate id on China’s which is openly known.  Huigui is 97’s alternate id.  He signed on with K&K together with Grunt this year.”
As the China regional manager, he was always paying close attention to newcomers who had potential.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tea of Summer - Chapter 23: Autumn Tale 6.2

Chapter 23
Autumn 6.2

Song Qiyan went to the restroom also after Xia Liang went back to her seat.  The food had not been served after he came back; they silently sat at opposite sides of the table.
Xia Liang discovered that Song Qiyan was a very quiet man most of the time.  He rarely started a conversation.  Whenever the other person started the conversation, he would be very polite and stared right at the other’s eyes.  He wouldn’t let others feel that he was rude even though he only occasionally responded.
But when neither of the two had anything to say, then the silence would be quite awkward.  They could only look at each other silently.

Xia Liang thought, would it be too rude if she took out her cell to surf the Weibo?  Ah, right, Weibo.
All of a sudden her eyes were brightened up like two light bulbs, “Shixiong, I just read your private message on Weibo……Umm……I don’t quite get it .”
Song Qiyan looked at her earnestly as usual.  He prudently organized the words then spoke, “I saw your Weibo post looking for a master or CP?”

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Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 2

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 2

“Not just Grunt, the players hiding behind these alternate ids should all be K&K’s professional players.” Baona added. “Additionally…...maybe not just K&K, there are probably some spectators from other clubs watching.”
“So this is a joint challenge to our SP by the other big clubs?” Someone followed.
Both Baona and Solo had not made any comment before Ai Qing arrived. With that explanation, everyone understood why their two bosses were watching so attentively.
“K&K is really menacing.”
Everyone prepared to trounce them.

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Announcement about Secret Room

It's come to our attention that some users are unable to access our new site due to Sophos firewall which appears to be blocking any site from our hosting service.

As such we'll be posting Secret Room on this blog as well, until we update Endeta and resolve the issue.

Secret Room Chapter 1 can be found here.

Thanks for everyone's continual support!

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Transition to Endeta

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Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 1

All Secret Room chapters are posted over at Endeta.

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 1

Behind her, a new member explained the situation in a low voice, “Solo’s apprentice used an alternate id to play ranked games. He got into a minor dispute with someone and they agreed to solve it with a grievance round. In the beginning, it seemed like a joke, but we unexpectedly lost the first game. Since everyone happened to be bored here, we’re taking turns playing one by one. We have some wins and losses up to now, 3 to 7.”
“3 to 7? And we’re the 7?”
“Yeah, we’re 7. If we lost more than we won, then we better simply stop and commit suicide right now as an apology.” Xiaoduo made a face, but seemed quite relaxed.

So, it was a grievance round between SP players and someone?
“Whose turn is it now?” She asked.
“The whole ME team already had their turns, and the IG team is almost done. If we continue to play, probably the bosses will give it a try too.”
ME and IG had already played?
Both these teams had won the Asian Tournament championship and were in the top three of various international competitions…...In other words, these two were considered the best even in the SP club.

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 18

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 18: Invite Him/Her Home for Dinner Sometime.


As they talked, time quickly flew by. By the time he noticed, they had crossed the bridge.

“Just here is fine. I can get back home myself.” Yang Qian Qian stopped at the next crossroad and said to Yu Luocheng.

“I better see you to the door,” Yu was being a gentleman.

Certainly, in his head, he had a different script; he walked her to her door and found that there was no one at home, he therefore walked in with her, then…...then…...they played League of Legends the whole night.

Well, it’s probably better to just go their separate ways.

“It’s not necessary. My dad usually waits for me nearby. If he sees me walk back with a handsome guy, he’ll grill you about your family background……” Yang Qian Qian said.

Yu Luocheng was happy to hear the first part of what she said, hum, she said he was handsome, but the latter part didn’t sound that great.

“Then, maybe we can chat some more here?” Yu wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet.

“No more chatting. Bye ~” Yang Qian Qian gave him a sultry look, turned, and slowly walked into an alley…..

Yu Luocheng made a note of the location and went home after she left. It was still early enough to play a few ranked games. Tomorrow he had to play with Yang Qian Qian; he figured that her level wouldn’t be too high and it would give him a chance to practice the new champion “The Chain Warden - Thresh.”


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Tea of Summer - Chapter 22: Autumn Tale 6.1

Chapter 22
Autumn Tale 6.1

Song Qiyan waited for her to pack her stuff.  Then he slung his backpack over his left shoulder and took Xia Liang’s small bag on his right arm.  He walked away at a slower pace than usual.

Xia Liang felt a little uneasy.  “Uhm, shixiong, I can carry it myself.  Your backpack is heavier.”

Song Qiyan shook his head earnestly.  “I am a man.”
All right, one sentence sealed her mouth.  Xia Liang could not argue back.  But she felt very guilty for walking with Song Qiyan empty handed……

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We're Moving to Endeta

Hello everyone!

After a little bit of technical difficulties, we're moving to Endeta.  All future posts will be there.  To make the transition smoother, we'll still post the Prelude to Secret Room and the next chapter of Tea of Summer here on this blog and on Endeta.  The site isn't optimized for mobile view yet, we hope to have it working by the end of the week.

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Secret Room - Prelude

Hello all! This is the Prelude to Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room. We wanted to post this here as well so people wouldn't be too confused.

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Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 17

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 17: Better Practice Support Well!


Along the banks of the Qing River, at the street food stalls.

Since they were just students, there’s no reason to go to a fancy restaurant. Besides, it’s quite an enjoyment at this time of the year to sit near the river, eating good food and having some drinks.

“Ah, the beautiful Yang Qian Qian’s here too,” Zhong Xiaoyun surprisingly looked at the beauty sitting with them.

“Can’t I?” Yang Qian Qian asked in reply.

“You can, sure you can! !” Before Zhong Xiaoyun could say a thing, a bunch of excited boys shouted. They all wished that they could be the one who sat next to her.

Fang Xiaomei stared at those perverts and kept Yang Qian Qian next to her. Though Yang wasn’t from room 8, she knew Fang well and all the boys came to know her through Fang.

Certainly, Yu Luocheng was an exception. He had never talked with this famous girl.

“Come, let’s all have a drink together! !”


With the help of good food and alcohol, everyone was getting even more lively and talking about the game that just finished.

Yu Luocheng was a transfer student and only knew his deskmate Wang Qin well. But this game and late night feast had pulled him closer to his other classmates.

Yu Luocheng couldn’t help thinking back to his earlier days, when he had a group of good buddies who spent long hours at an internet cafe together, eating instant noodles and flirting with girls. It’s too bad that they all left one by one without anyone noticing and he had turned into a senior, no longer able to be as carefree as before.

But, it was quite nice knowing new friends and new girls.

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 39 [FINAL]

And that's a wrap people! We're done with God's Left Hand and moving onto Secret Room. (Coming on Monday, 16th.)

Ai Qing didn’t expect that her suggestion would bring in such a large crowd.  The second floor of the computer city was packed.  They were as popular as movie stars.
They were handsome, skilled players, the top three in China and in one month, they could be ranked amongst the world’s top ten.
Who hadn’t played Warcraft before?  Even if one hadn’t actually played it, at least one had heard about it.
Boys bought the game for themselves, girls bought it for their boyfriends or someone she secretly admired in the past or in the future.  In any case, Slide had a blooming business.

Ai Qing ran to the other side of the floor to make room in the store.  She looked at the shop across the atrium and saw three handsome men standing in a row, one had a cute, bashful smile, one smiled once in awhile, and the third never smiled.  The crowd could pick and choose as they like.
The event lasted a little past six o’clock, when Slide decided to close the shop early since he felt guilty of making money this way.

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Tea of Summer - Chapter 21: Autumn Tale 5.3

Chapter 21
Autumn Tale 5.3

Finally it was her turn to order, she put her cell into the pocket.  She quickly ordered two black teas and left.
She stood there hesitantly for a couple of seconds, then strode towards the direction of Song Qiyan.  Song Qiyan looked up at her when she was only several steps away from their desk, watching her getting closer and closer.

Xia Liang stopped next to their desk.  She passed the black tea from her right hand to him and  paused a bit then asked,  “Shixiong, my black tea in the afternoon…...Uhm, did you buy it?”
Song Qiyan did not deny it, he merely curled his lips up.  It was an obvious admission.

Xia Liang smiled.  “Thank you shixiong.”
Song Qiyan lightly shook his head.  “You are welcome.”  Then he lifted his hand holding the black tea.  “We are even now.”

Xia Liang,  “Not yet.  I still owe you for dinner from several weeks ago.”

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Move to a New Site and Ads

Hello all!

Happy New Year!
It's been a little over (ninja edit) under a year since we've started and we have to say we've come quite a long way.  We've finished quite a few short stories and we're almost done with God's Left Hand (only one more chapter to go!).

We just wanted to announce two things:

First, we'll be moving our operations to another site that somesingman built to host our translated novels.  All future stories will be posted there starting next week (Saturday 14th, 2017), though we'll post the last chapter of God's Left Hand here as well.  This blog will also remain, though no new stories will be posted once we move over.

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God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 38

We're almost done with God's Left Hand people. Just one more chapter and then we'll move onto the Secret Room.

“One, two, three, four, five…...eleven, twelve.” 97 stretched out his two hands, laughing excitedly. “Twelve Chinese characters plus five English letters. That is the longest sentence from Dt today. This must be a really special place.”
Ai Qing’s cheeks was slowing turning red again as usual.
She wanted to stand up, but she was in an awkward position. As she staggered, she leaned backwards and almost pushed the counter over. Fortunately, Dt extended his hand in time to catch her arm and forcefully pulled her up.

After she had a full view of the store, she realized why they would suddenly show up here.
A group of people looked at her smiling. The culprit, her sister Ai Jing, leaned against Grunt and said to her, “Mom and dad said you keep coming to this computer city all summer. We searched all over, luckily we saw Slide, otherwise we really wouldn’t have found you.” Ai Jing turned to Slide. “I remember, we met before.”
Slide smiled. “We met when you were still a teenager.” after saying that, he squinted his eyes and sized up Grunt with great interest. “Today must be a good day. The second and third place of WCG Warcraft are all in my store.”

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 16

Book 1 : The Return of the Lost King
Chapter 16: A SOB Worse Than A Beast


The battles that followed were extremely lopsided.

Room 3 lost, lost completely!

There was jubilation on the room 8 side.

Last week, room 8 lost to room 3 miserably, but today they had achieved total victory and room 3 suffered an even worse defeat. They could finally raise their heads high.

“You lost!” Wang Qin couldn’t stop laughing.

There’s nothing better than looking at Lin Xu’s darkened face.

Lin Xu stood up, grumpily took out his wallet, and threw a thousand RMB on the table. “Hmph, a thousand, just enough for a week's worth of snacks.”

Wang Qin knew Lin Xu had money, but he also knew Lin Xu cared even more about keeping up appearances. Lin Xu would feel even worse when come Monday, the news about today’s defeat became the talk of school.

Certainly, the most important thing for Wang Qin was that he had successfully blocked any chance for Lin Xu to get closer to Yang Qian Qian!

Wang Qin swiftly took the money and turned to look at Yang Qian Qian.

Money or no money, that wasn’t the point. It’s the win that counted and the chance to get closer to the long legged goddess!

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 37

2010 WCG China Regional Finals.
To be held in July at Shanghai, which was not far from the city where Ai Qing lived.

She still had two months of holiday left.  After she went home, she would go to Slide’s store whenever she was free.  It might have been due to Slide’s smiling face or the many semi-professional esports players that went there. Slide’s business was doing very well.  Earning several hundred thousand RMB in revenue per month and the profit certainly was quite sizable.
Originally, she had felt sorry for Slide, but now it looked like Slide was one of the few retired esports players who had done quite well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tea of Summer - Chapter 19 & 20: Autumn Tale 5.1 & 5.2

Chapter 19
Autumn Tale 5.1

Xia Liang did not sleep long before she opened her eyes in a daze.  She softly patted her cheeks soon after she woke up——really, how could she fall asleep just like this. ╮(╯_╰)╭

She habitually picked up her cup of coffee to drink, but was surprised to discover that the cup was still steaming hot.  She carefully took a sip, it was black tea.
Xia Liang put down the black tea and looked around, but did not see anyone she knew.  It was strange and she frowned------who would be so kind-hearted?  It couldn’t be that the coffee shop offered automatic refill services?  She calmed down and shook her head, then continued to study.
She had no time to consider the favor of a cup of tea before the impending Psychology exam.

She stayed in the library, studying until 5:30PM.  Xia Liang, finally, was satisfied and closed her notebook.  Finally she finished studying……At least, she should have no problem for tomorrow’s exam.
She was a little bit thirsty and wanted to take another sip, only to find that her black tea, which had come from an unknown source, was already empty.  She took her purse and cell to the coffee shop to buy some drinks.  While walking she thought about the plan for tonight.  Cici was going to some party tonight------It’s really something that she could go to a party during midterm week------So there wouldn’t be anybody at home.  It would be better to study the complete script of <Ting Yin Gu> at the library.  She could read the original novel all over again as well.  Then after she went home, she could begin preliminary recordings and send the samples over.
That sounded like a good plan.

Monday, January 2, 2017

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 36

During the brief ten minute intermission, Grunt just stared at the computer screen with a very serious expression in deep thought. Solo on the other side also wasn’t paying attention to the noise in the arena. He took off his glasses, took out eye drops from his pocket, put in couple of drops into his eyes, and rested while lightly rubbing between his eyes.
Solo sat with his head raised up which made the SP logo on his left chest especially eye-catching.
His fans had always taken offense about his ranking on Grunt had entered the top ten list long ago while Solo’s name wasn’t even on the list.
But with this single round of battle, the excitement would keep his fans up for an entire night.

Ai Qing was thinking about turning around to check on her sister whose concerns were focused solely on Grunt. She didn’t expect that Ai Jing had already walked over to the side of the stage, calling softly out to Grunt. After a while, Grunt walked to the edge of the stage and knelt down to talk to Ai Jing.
Their eyes were looking at each other from beginning to end.
Grunt quickly laughed as Ai Jing spoke. He squeezed her hand and got up to walk back to his seat.