Saturday, June 25, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 11

Someone ran down the platform right away and asked Dt what was the problem.
Dt simply explained the question they had about the matching.  The staff member was somewhat surprised and lower the voice to make sure that Dt wasn’t a contestant of the Need for Speed event.  Dt gave his name tag to the staff.  “We have only one contestant in this event, it’s a girl.  In China, when under this kind of situation, a man will come before her.”

Ai Qing was somewhat stunned.  But Dt spoke matter-of-factly.
Slide couldn’t help smiling and took down his name tag also to hand it over to the staff.  “I’m the captain of the Chinese Team.  We have objections about the way grouping is arranged.  We hope the organizer can hold an open drawing to show fairness.”
Ai Qing naturally handed out her name tag, too.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 10

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The final result didn’t surprise Ai Qing.
The moment that Solo had lightheartedly said that it was just for fun, she knew that he had at least 70% certainty of winning.  He had always been a qualified captain, having never made an uncertain decision.

After the game, Slide thoughtfully ordered a case of local beer.
The average age of everyone was about 18 or 19.  Even though many of them carried the aura of professional players, but when they raised the 330ml beer bottles, they were still just a bunch of youngsters.  Dt even smiled somewhat bashfully when the others pushed him to drink.  He only symbolically touched his bottle with Solo’s and took a sip.

Solo left the next day.  It was the day of the final competition of Ai Qing’s Need for Speed event.
She was the only one who had an event on the first day of the tournament.  Most of her teammates stayed in the cabin room for some high intensity training.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 9

Here's today's update! Enjoy.

Solo was the first one to look back at Dt.  “What’s the matter?”
Dt also turned his head back to stare at the computer screen.  “Just remembered that someone  had told me that if I chose Warcraft as my event, you would be the opponent whom I don’t want to face the most.”
It was last night when they sat on the stairs in the middle of the night and had casually carried the conversation.
Solo smiled lightly and took a look at Ai Qing.  “Likewise, likewise.”

There were no live broadcast on the big screen, no on-site play by play by international commentators, but this was truly a platinum-level battle.
Thanks to Solo, those Koreans didn’t mind being watched by onlookers.
Or one could say that for these gamers, once they are into the game, how many onlookers were there was no longer their concern.  To these ace players, opportunities to come across other matching opponents were rare.  Naturally, they were utterly focused…...Ai Qing walked over behind Solo.  His fingers on the left hand hadn’t paused even for a second; a perfect keyboard operation.
Ultimate talent on keyboard operation, that’s the praise he received most often in recent years.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 8

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So a game fought by heavyweights was played at the night before the official tournament started.
Solo lived in the village, too.  With the courtesy of the organizer, his room was larger than the contestants’ and came with a living room.  When those Korean gamers arrived at his room, they used English to greet each other warmly.  When Solo introduced Dt to them, they seemed to have heard his name before. They carried conversations in low voices for quite a while.
Ai Qing was somewhat surprised.

When they were all busy preparing their computers, Ai Qing asked Slide quietly, “do you understand Korean?”  Slide shook his head smilingly.  “Can’t even deal with English, not to mention Korean.”  Ai Qing gave it a thought, asked again, “this Dt, has he played other events before?”
“Don’t know.” Slide shook his head. “He shouldn’t have.  Based on his age, he should have just started competing.”
Ai Qing didn’t ask any more.  She sat on the sofa on one side of the room and watched those 5 chat away happily.  Sometimes, they would use broken Chinese mixed with English to chat with Solo.  Korea and China are the two strongest countries in the Warcraft III.  Many top players from both countries are good friends.  This is probably the so-called like-minds cherish each other.