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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 15 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 15 Part 2

Xiang Nuan was about to flip open the menu when she heard someone
calling her name in surprise, “Xiang Nuan?”

She looked up and saw Yao Jiamu walking over…...with Shen Zemu
and Waiwai.

When they entered the restaurant, Yao Jiamu was walking behind
Shen Zemu. she quickened her footsteps after she saw Xiang Nuan
and went ahead of Shen Zemu, sitting next to Xiang Nuan. “Didn’t
expect to see you here. Let’s eat together?”

Xiang Nuan lost the chance to sit with her god, but there was nothing
she could do. Her heart ached. TAT

But she had to pretend to be happy to see them. “Yeah, sure, sure.”

After Yao Jiamu sat down at the table, Xiang Nuan moved in a bit to
give them space. Shen Zemu sat next to Yao Jiamu quite naturally.

Xiang Nuan’s heart ached again.

Waiwai had no choice but to sit next to Lin Chuyan.

After they all sat down, Shen Zemu nodded to Xiang Nuan. Xiang Nuan
politely said, “Xuezhang, xuejie, this is-- --”

“Lin Chuyan.”

The three of them spoke in unison.

“So you all know each other?”

“No, we don’t.”


Xiang Nuan looked at Lin Chuyan and saw a confused face. It was
obvious that he didn’t know these three people.

Waiwai explained, “I’ve seen you before. Last year, at the campus
Youth League office, you helped me get some documents there and
we talked a bit.”

Shen Zemu: “A friend of mine at the school orchestra mentioned
you before.”

Yao Jiamu: “I heard about you from people at the Student Association.
Your picture went viral on the association’s WeChat group. You probably
don’t know?”

Xiang Nuan discovered that Lin Chuyan was quite active at school.

“How many clubs have you joined?” Xiang Nuan asked him.

“None as of now.”


“They’re boring.”

All right……

In any case, it was really something that wherever he was he could
become a legend, continuously being mentioned by other people.

Though Xiang Nuan seriously believed that his fame came solely
from his face.

Xiang Nuan gave the menu to Yao Jiamu, she passed it to Shen Zemu.

Shen Zemu flipped the menu and saw Xiang Nuan playing with the
chopsticks in her hand through the corners of his eyes. He was
reminded Xiang Nuan’s childish taste and asked the waitress, “Do
you have creamy custard buns?”

Xiang Nuan: “..................”

She saw Lin Chuyan, sitting across from her, lower his head and his
shoulders were trembling ever so slightly. She knew he was laughing
at her, she annoyingly raised her chopsticks to knock on his hand
again. “Don’t laugh, you!”

Lin Chuyan looked up. His right elbow rested at the edge of the table,
using a loose fist to cover his mouth. His eyes were curved into two
crescents, smiling at her.

Shen Zemu didn’t know what was going on between the two and took
a look at both of them. “So you don’t want creamy custard buns?” He
asking Xiang Nuan.

“No, I don’t want it!” Xiang Nuan hurriedly replied.

He lightly acknowledged with an “en.”

The waitress brought three new sets of tableware. Shen Zemu asked
for an additional pair of chopsticks and passed it to Xiang Nuan directly.

Xiang Nuan said, “Xuezhang, I have chopsticks.”

“They aren’t clean.”

Not clean, because she had just hit Lin Chuyan’s hand with chopsticks?

They probably weren’t clean, Xiang Nuan stuck out her tongue.

Lin Chuyan slightly raised his eyebrows.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Secret Room Book 4 - Chapter 37

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 4: The Return of the King
Chapter 37

In the light blue water, red blood began to spread.
Dt had just been shot.
The moment he shot Xiaomi, a bullet had gone through his leg.
He had lost the ability to move quickly, he had to end the fight quickly by
killing Solo team’s field control-- --Appledog to have a chance.

Ai Qing pulled out the short knife.
Her heart was pounding.  She didn’t expect after ten years, when she
back to this arena, that she would have to fight Dt in close combat.  This
was different from being a commentator. She silently opened full keyboard
The water resistance slowed them down by about 40% movement speed.  
The only way for her to fight was in close combat.
Without hesitation, she approached him

She couldn’t hear the cheer of the audience through her soundproof
Another death notification appeared.
One more death notification appeared.
She didn’t know who those two were.
The crowd was cheering, “Gun god! Gun god!”  Gun was once the
strongest fighter, he had gotten rid of Buff without any effort, but All had
been shot by Taotao.

The moment Ai Qing and Dt had physical body contact, she switched her
short knife to the long one and hammered down on his injured leg with the
back of the blade.  Dt knelt down and escaped from her strike. He kicked
the swimming pool wall and, with the help of the force, held her waist and
pushed her down. He shoved her to the bottom of the swimming pool.
He raised the short knife in his hand and Ai Qing broke off her own long
He twisted to the right and piercing her arm with his knife.  In the same
moment, the broken long knife in her left hand had lodged into his left leg.
Red blood gushed forth.
The spreading blood reddened their vision.
Since she was playing a woman, she had less physical strength than him.  
He had a gunshot injury, so his strength was weakened. They were
equally matched, it was impossible to determine the end result within
the short one minute.
Time was passing.
One pair of legs suppressed another pair legs.  A body wrestled with the
other body.
53, 54, 55 seconds…...
Ai Qing was getting desperate.  Were they both going to drown?

Two people jumped into the water at the same time.  Gun took Ai Qing’s
right arm and Grunt pulled Dt’s left arm, then the two pairs swam in
different directions.
60, 61, 62 seconds…...
Gun threw Ai Qing out of the water to land on the side of swimming pool.

Taotao, at the other side of the pool, fired a shot; the bullet hit the tile
behind Ai Qing.  At the same time, a red dot appeared right between Taotao’s
two eyebrows. Dt who had just climbed out of the pool kicked Taotao aside.  
The would be fatal bullet flew through the air and hit the cabin glass right
behind Taotao…...

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Secret Room Book 4 - Chapter 36

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 4: The Return of the King
Chapter 36

Words began to appear on the large screen: Counter Terrorist Night Mission
The mission rules were as follows:
1. The first team to find and kill 100 patrolling enemy units, win.
2. The first team to kill all five opposing players, win.

It was…...magical.
For almost every important match, the game system always chose
Counter Terrorist Night Mission.
Ai Qing pursed up her mouth and laughed.  “I have more than a hundred
strategies in my head for this mission, but it’s my first time actually playing it.”
“Gou Gou is in charge of sniping and field control. Gun and I for offense and
defense respectively.”  Solo said, “All and Xiaomi are in charge of blasting.”
Three snipers and two grenadiers, an extremely offensive setup.

The map showed a ship deck on the ocean.
Ai Qing looked around,  “A cruise ship?”
What a strange place for a mission, it would be too difficult to destroy 100
enemy soldiers.
She expected that Dt and his people would think the same way when they
landed here. They would rather try and win the other way, it was easier to
kill five opponents.  So…...a disguised game of CS began.
The ocean waves are rather rough, rocking the cruise ship.  There was an
outdoor swimming pool about three footsteps away from Ai Qing.
She looked down.  There were four layers of swimming pools, each one
larger than the other
Before she could get a good look, seven to eight grenades flew up at her.
Grenades? !
Amid the series of loud explosions, five people rolled off the rooftop. Their
actions were coordinated, like they had practiced together hundreds and
thousands times before.
They still had the same mutual understanding, even the position and the
order had not changed.
After landing on the ground, Ai Qing raised the sniper rifle, looking through
the scope.  Solo and Gun were on either side of her, slightly up front.
All and Xiaomi landed on the third level, they then rolled again.  They
jumped down simultaneously and rushed at the two shadows on the second
level.  Seconds before they came into contact, the two switched to knives,
Xiaomi had already thrown an incendiary grenade at them.  It instantly
became blindly white------.
Xiaomi and All simultaneously slashed at an opponent's throat.
A death notification appeared.

It was only less than 30 seconds after the match started!  One person
was already out!
Before the audience could react, two gunshots rang out.
Another death notification appeared.
At 45 seconds, two people were already out!
The match became 4 v 4 in a very short time.

Xiao Mai stood up from his chair abruptly.  “Dt cooked the incendiary grenade
just enough that it exploded in Xiaomi’s face.  Xiaomi from Solo’s team and Inin
from Dt’s team, the teams respective grenadier, have been eliminated!”
Nobody had taken the advantage.  Both grenadiers were impaired.
It became quiet again.
This rhythm was the same as CS competitions in the past.  If the map wasn’t
so large, it would be as fast as finishing a match in one minute and 20 seconds
like before.
Withdrawing immediately right after the attack, it was always alternating
between hiding and attacking.
Ai Qing leaned her back against the wall.
“I shot one person.”  She locked one shadow also when Dt shot.  “It’s on the
leg.” She said. She estimated how Secret Room registered damage.  “They
have one person with only 70% health left.”
She just didn’t know where this person was hiding.
Solo’s team had landed in the open.  After the exchange of fire, Dt led his
team into hiding again.
Since Solo’s team had been exposed from the beginning, they had no choice
but to stay on the offensive.

Solo looked through the scope of his gun and took a look around. He shortly
found a blood stain.
They were at the second level now.  The first level was below them and
further down was the cabins below the deck.  The layout of the cabins was
overly complex. It was difficult to defend and difficult to attack as well.  Dt
would never enter the cabins.
So, the fighting must all occur on the third and the fourth levels at the decks
with the pools.
Solo made a quick assessment.  “Ai Qing and All go down the ramp.  Gun
follow me to sweep the second level.”
Ai Qing pursed up her mouth.  “You’re asking me to go down a ramp again.”
Ramps are very dangerous in first person shooters.  An opponent with a
sharp eye and steady aim could shoot the instant they saw your head or foot.  
So it required skill to go up or down a ramp. There were many rookies that
just run down the ramp carelessly and die to a headshot.
Ai Qing switched to her pistol and moted towards the ramp.
This ramp had a square entrance.  It was a little narrow. She had to go down
at least 1/3 of it to be able to jump forward to roll onto the first level.

“I go first, you follow.” Ai Qing aimed her pistol at the horizon.
She walked close to the entrance, repeatedly squatted and aimed, slowly
moving down.  Her vision to the front opened wide gradually…….while she
was looking for opponents, she moved closer and closer to the 1/3 location.
Good.  Only a little bit more, only a little bit more------
She made sudden forward somersault.  A split second later, the place where
she just was now had two bullet holes.
Very accurate.
If she wasn’t a professional, she would have been out long time ago.

The minute Ai Qing touched the ground, she switched to her sniper rifle and
crouched to defend herself.  All jumped to the ground right after her. She took
two steps back. A dark shadow suddenly showed up in her scope.  As she was
pulling the trigger, the shadow had already reached her. He crashed into her.
The two rolled into the swimming pool that was two meters away.
Ai Qing didn’t have a chance to react before falling in.
She lost her balance.  She struggled out of the opponent’s embrace.  Her feet
touched the bottom of the swimming pool and turned around to see the person
who had shoved her into the swimming pool…...Dt.
There had never been any large swimming pool in any mission before.  Even
when there was the ocean, it was only in the background. Under several meters
of water, what would be the result of their fight as they could not use guns?
She didn’t know, even Dt couldn’t possibly know.
Under the water, their characters could only hold their breath for 65 seconds.

She had to kill Dt within a minute and take the last 5 seconds to get out of the
pool, or…...she would die by Dt’s hands.

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 33 Part 4

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 33 Part 4

Tong Yao was still checking her eyelashes as she answered. She
watched the makeup artist open the door and leave in the mirror. Tong Yao
put down her hand; she was actually too shy to change in front of people
she didn’t know that well…...Now that the room was empty, she hurried to
retrieve Xiao Rui’s bag. She rushed into the dressing room, took off her top
and pants, and opened the bag to pull out her own uniform. She was
dumbfounded to discover that there was only a pair of long pants, the top
wasn’t in there.

Did he put the top and pants in separate bags?

Tong Yao figured that she had probably missed another bag. Since there
was no one inside the makeup room, she opened the dressing room door
and dashed towards the sofa where the other bag was located-- --

Just that moment, someone opened the unlocked door.

“Shorty, the sun is setting. How long do you plan to-- --”

The man’s tall figure entered the makeup room along with the sound of
his voice. The voice abruptly stopped when his eyes met the eyes of the
person frozen mid-stride next to the sofa

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “...........”

Lu Sicheng: “.............”

Tong Yao: “...............................”

Lu Sicheng: “....................................”

Tong Yao took a glance at her bunny and carrot print underwear, then
raised her head to look at the man who was quietly standing still-- --Instead
of covering herself and screaming like in the movies, her reaction was to
widen her nostril, take a deep breath, and take a full step back.

That expression must be ugly and hideous.

Lu Sicheng simply turned around and calmly said, “hurry up,” then he went
out of the door and closed it.

Tong Yao stared at the closed door for a whole 5 seconds, her friend
Jinyang’s voice happened to come into her head-- --

[A qualified woman should be prepared for any possible incident with
her most sexy side.]

Tong Yao: “.....................................................”

She then came to a realization of what had just happened, holding the
side of the sofa and starting kicking, “Damn! Damn! Damn! ! ! ! !”


A few minutes later, the second person who was sent to check on her
since both Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao hadn’t shown up. He saw Lu Sicheng
as he was approaching the makeup room.

“Ge, what’s going on? The studio is rushing us-- --”

There was no sound in the hallway.

The one Lu Yue was looking for was now squatting down in front of the
makeup room, the door shut behind him. The man cover his eyes with
one hand; his slender neck seemed to be slightly pink under the white collar.
He remained quiet, his hairdo which the hairdresser had just set for him
was now messy.

Lu Yue: “?”

This was the first time that he had ever seen Lu Sicheng blush.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.