Monday, August 21, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 20

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 20

She gave one of the two fast food takeouts to Inin, then walked over to open the door and let Grunt in.
They didn’t talk to each other the entire time.

After the door closed, the man behind her took off his glasses wearily, “Tell me.  Where did your sister go?”
“Are you so confident that I’d tell you the truth?”  Ai Qing threw the takeout onto the table.
“Ai Qing.”  He looked at her face.  “Tell me.”
This man……
She remembered that it was at the Guangzhou airport when she first saw him.  She had commented that he was a boy born with a girl’s face.  Especially after taking off his glasses, he looked so much like a beautiful girl either from the front or the side.  Then at KTV, he inexplicably revealed that she used to be an esports player.  A week after that, he and her sister became entangled for years.
“She went back home.”  Now she looked back at all that had happened, perhaps, everything had happened too rapidly at the time.  It was too fast, just like when she fell in love with Solo at first sight when she was younger.  “If you want to talk to her, you can contact her after you go back home.”
So her sister was right.
Nobody had the right to intervene in another’s relationship.
Since only the ones involved and God would know all the ups and downs in that relationship.

Grunt carried his glasses and left without saying anything.
He truly was a no nonsense person.

She sat on the windowsill and watched the entire city in the night. Later, she dialed the conference phone number that Solo had sent her ten minutes ago.  Soon, she heard the talking of several men from the other end of the phone.  They were the manager of the DotA team for European competitions, the manager of the LOL offline competition in Nanjing, and coaches of several other games.
“Here.  Ai Qing.”  She continued to eat French fries.  “Sorry, I accidentally became the person who’s at a different time zone.”
Everybody laughed.
Somebody asked:  “I heard that you were pulled by Baona on a short notice.  Are you in America for StarCraft?”
“Yes, poor me.”  Ai Qing complained.  “We all applied for visas together two months ago.  He said it was just a precaution.  Who knew our boss is playing more and more tricks now.”
They complained and chatted for a while, then the conference formally started.
SP was leading far ahead on every game since K&K hadn’t entered into many games yet.  They only focused on StarCraft and Secret Room, but Secret Room wasn’t officially listed as an event at the preliminary of Chinese Regional tournaments.  Therefore, the person who really had seen K&K’s performance this spring was Ai Qing.  The information from her was important, so she became the last person to report.
“Over here, the preliminary competitions just finished today.  K&K has two players.  One was the champion of the European Regional tournament last year.  He was already given a spot in the round of sixteen.  The other one was last year’s champion from the Chinese Regional tournament.  He was kicked out in the preliminary competition.”
Solo was a little surprised,  “Who did Grunt play in the match?”
“He had bad luck.”  Solo’s voice had a hint of a regrettable smile,  “He’s the most stable player. He has been at the top three for years.”  “Right…...Bad luck.”  She answered.
Even if her sister hadn’t been here, Grunt still would lose based on his ranking.
They finished the routine business talk.  Everybody started to drop out of the phone conference.  She stayed on the line and asked after a while, “Solo?”
“En.”  He was still there.  He was always the last one to leave in every phone conference.
“Yesterday……”  She hesitated, unsure if she should ask or not.
“Yesterday, you drank too much.”  Of course he understood what she wanted to ask.  “You were not very coherent when I dialed in.  So I didn’t continue with the conference.”
She said,  “Oh, then…...did you call room service?”

There was a short silence at the other end of the phone.
Her heart started slowly, thumping slowly, guessing what his answer would be.
“I didn’t realize that you were so drunk.”  Solo didn’t give her a straight answer.  “Don’t you remember anything?”
“Yeah.”  She seemed to understand.  “Ok.  That’s it.  Bye bye.  I hope you’re too busy to have dinner today.”

“All right.”  He laughed.


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