Saturday, August 26, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 22

Playing Fish Trapped in the Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 22

She continued to rest her head on her arm.  She looked at him, the first time she’d ever sized him up as a man.  “Do you know…...what we were talking about just now?”  His eyes were clear and still unusually interested at the nothing out the window.  “What is it?”
The window glass reflected her image very clearly.
“We said that we definitely will win.”  She said.
“Oh,” He could tell that she was in a good mood and felt better as a result,  “Why are you so confident?”
Perhaps she wasn’t as confident as she sounded, but she thought it was worth trying.
It had been a long time since she felt so strongly to challenge someone.  There was something flowing out from her heart and spreading through her body.  It was a sudden fervent want to eagerly challenge or surpass somebody.

He sensed that something was different and finally turned his eyes back.
The moment their eyes met, for a moment Dt felt as if she was looking straight through him.

Inin opened the night snacks Dt had brought.  He exclaimed that he loved this or that was his favorite.  He could not help turning his head and looking at them pitifully.  “There is only one order of my most favorite……”  Ai Qing waved her hand helplessly.  “You eat, you eat it, because you are the youngest.”  The young guy tore it open instantly and began stuffing his mouth full.

That night, Dt left right after he ate the night snacks.
There were three days of competition in the week.  From the round of sixteen to the finals, it seemed to pass quickly.  But at each match, it was top players facing each other.  Ai Qing was already mentally preparing herself for the exhaustion to come.
Though she was only a manager.

The first day of competition started after the day of rest, the competition was moved to a larger indoor arena.
The eight pairs of games began. Only the matches between seed players and last year’s regional champions would be broadcasted live.
This included Dt and Inin.
Because it was the final competition, each match was a best of three.
The first game broadcasted live was Dt’s.
After the first game finished, Gun, Grunt and Ai Qing, who sat together, found a problem with this arena.  They didn’t properly prepare the stadium for an esports game.  The cheers from the audience prematurely exposed Dt’s sneak attacks, twice.  He lost the initiative.
“Do you think you are watching the bullfighting?”  Grunt complained unhappily.  “Several offline competitions in America were all like this. Couldn’t they let players concentrate on their game?”  Gun wrapped his arms around him without saying anything.
Ai Qing looked over and found Gun had fell asleep.

He really did trust Dt unconditionally?


  1. are they really so dumb to expose Dts moves 😕

    1. Hey there nino!

      Not sure if I'm misunderstanding your comment, but just for some extra info. Normally the pro players are in sound proof rooms + wear sound proof headphones during competition. So that they can't hear the commentators + audience's reactions. But at times in real competitions the audience is loud enough (like cheering when someone is about to spring a trap) that the players can hear the crowd. Though they don't know what they're cheering about, many times the player will suddenly become defensive because they suspect something.

      Hope that extra info helps!