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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 11 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 11 Part 2

Qianxi made great effort to keep the chat more lively.  “You guys don’t have to be so formal.  Though I’m in the group, you can still chat as usual!”

In order to liven up the conversation, she specifically picked a dancing alpaca to show her goodwill.

Li Cang,  “......”

Cheng Yang,  “......”

Cherry,  “......”

The young and naive Wei Lai,  “Qianxi Jie, your alpaca is very similar to boss’.”

Qianxi,  “Ah?  Which one?”

Wai Lai sent one of the stickers he had saved from two days ago.

Li Cang and Cheng Yang talked privately.  “Do we need to buy medical insurance for Wei Lai……”

Qianxi silently glanced at Xu Jimo who kept a dignified appearance.  He naturally moved his eyes away with the same expressionless face.

Ah, this was the thief who stole the other’s stickers.

She angrily texted him in private chat.  “[System Prompt] Your boss Qianxi sama is outraged.  Please select your response. A. Go Die.  B. Ignore her. C. Appease her.”

Xu Jimo glanced at the private message as the others continued to chat.  He replied immediately.  “C.”

Qianxi glanced at him with a sneer and typed in.  “[System Prompt]  Please select Appeasement  Technique.  A. Give her a red envelop.  B. Dress like an alpaca.  C. Return to last prompt.”

“This system is very smart, you can even go back.”

“[Warning]  You have 10 seconds remaining…...9…...8…..”

A red envelop flew over before she finished the countdown.

Uhm, she was really expecting him to select B…...Qianxi reluctantly opened the red envelop.  She found only two RMB!

Did he have any dignity as a boss?  Her anger was only worthy of two RMB!  She fiercely stared at him.

Xu Jimo explained helplessly,  “My WeChat account is not connected to my bank card.  Can I pay you in cash?”

“I don’t believe it!”

“These two dollars is all the money I received from red envelopes during the New Year.”  Though it was also because he didn’t care to grab them.

“I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it!”


The irritated Qianxi angrily opened the team group.  She opened the red envelop she had just sent out to take a screen capture to slape his face, but then found the number next to Xu Jimo’s name was……0.48 RMB.

He only received 0.48 RMB out of two hundred… could this kind of person be the captain of a team.  Wouldn’t a gamer be more aggressive?

Qianxi silently swallowed back the blood she almost spit out.  She went back to their private chat.  “......I forgive you.”

A large smiling alpaca touching the head of a little alpaca appeared on screen, sent by Xu Jimo.

“......”  Qianxi felt that her head was being violated again.  She glanced in his direction.

Though he was fooling around with her, he still wasn’t showing any emotion. It seemed that he was in his own world where she couldn’t reach.

Even when he teased people, he still looked prim and proper…

Xu Jimo stood up to take care of the rest of the team. Qianxi also exited WeChat sulkily and opened KG’s official Weibo account.

She was the KG manager now, so she had full access to KG’s official account.  This was the first time she’d signed in and discovered that the guys were not very good at communicating with fans on Weibo.  The team’s official Weibo was full of weeds.  She found several famous national teams under the recommended list.  As she was browsing, a person from the recommendation list suddenly popped out ------ Xu Jimo.

Did he have a Weibo too?  Even their boss’ account wasn't being followed by the team account, the previous administrator must be really irresponsible!

Qianxi touched Follow and peaked at Xu Jimo’s Weibo while she was there.

Alright, she shouldn’t blame that administrator.  He had created the account four or five years ago when he just started to play professionally.  Except for some news articles from Sina and some reposts about commercial sponsorship, she could count the messages posted by him with only five fingers.  Most of the posts were competition news. Basically all the posts were composed of two sentences.  “Champion. Thank you all.” and “Lost.  Sorry to everybody.”

He was really such a boring person in the past!

…...though it seemed that he was still the same now?

She continued to read…  Did he even send a Weibo to congratulate others?

------ “Happy Birthday @Tundra”

Qianxi felt the name Tundra looked very familiar.  She then remembered after she opened the comments under it.  That was his past teammate who had won more than ten championship trophies together with him.

This was an old post from three years ago and there shouldn’t be that many people paying attention to it.  But it had the highest number of comments.  Some people had even replied recently.  But it had mostly devolved into a flame war.

------”It’s of no use to have good skill with poor personality.  If you didn’t stand Tundra up three years ago, Tundra would’ve kept winning the TI championship.”

------”Idiot, don’t bother K god with your existence if that’s all you came here to say.  If your Tundra was really sharp, he should be able to win the championship without K god.  But instead he changes to a new team each year and still isn’t in the top four?”

The following verbal brawl continued.  Some male fans used dirty words in said brawls.  Qianxi quickly skipped over the discussion.

In their description, Xu Jimo was conceited and insolent, a double-faced, selfish person who had betrayed his friend.