Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 11 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 11 Part 1

Wei Lai felt even more gloomy now.  He was sitting at the dining table eating bread, while Qianxi sat across the entire time.  She spoke like a nagging mother from a TV ad.  “When a kid is growing, you have to pay attention to your nutritional balance and must have a regular daily routine.  You must drink more milk!  Otherwise you will remain at 160cm forever!”

He really wanted to shout at her.  “I’m not a little kid!  I don’t like to drink milk!  I have half a million fans!  I am160cm because I haven’t reached puberty yet!”

But, the god of wealth could never be offended.  He could only turn to their boss with a plaintive look, begging for help

Amid his look of eager expectation, Xu Jimo turned around to open the refrigerator door…...then gave a box of fresh milk to Qianxi.

…...Was there still time for him to drop out of the team?

What was more scary for him was that he was far from waking up from this nightmare.  Qianxi had checked the admission information in a nearby international school last night.  Then she led Wei Lai through the transfer process right away. Wei Lai’s family situation was special.  He was left to his grandpa after his parents divorced.  The widowed old man heard that his grandson was transferring to a new school, an “International School”,  “Will study abroad in the future”,  “The tuition is eighty thousand dollars a year, but the club will pay for it.”  His only response was “Good, good, very good”.

Since it was still in the middle of the semester, he couldn’t transfer in yet.  He could only go to the new school as an auditing student.  But the attendance problem was finally solved formally.

Wei Lai ran around for a whole day, finally he was relieved: The problem that was bothering him so much was taken care of so easily!  It was even worth drinking that big box of milk this morning!

After going about the three places with the little kid, Qinaxi was so exhausted that she collapsed on the sofa at the base.  Xu Jimo quickly gave each a cup of water.  Wei Lai held the cup and went to find Li Cang and the others in their RPG game.  Only the two of them remained in the living room.  Xu Jimo asked her casually, “Is everything done?”

“En.  Finally it’s done.”  She gulped down more than half the cup, then bit the edge of the cup and whined,  “The new school and Wei Lai’s grandpa were easy to deal with.  But his original class teacher was very hard to deal with and the dean was so mean…...Ah, I was a good baby when I went to school.  I had never been picked on by any teacher, it’s so terrible to ask a favor from a teacher……”

Xu Jimo naturally sat down next to her.  “What did they say?”

“Just, all kinds of warnings.”  Qianxi repeated what they had said, trying to imitate their voice.  Xu Jimo laughed the entire time.  “You worked hard.”

“Not at all.  I should do something in order to repay you for your hospitality.”  She had no idea about her position as the boss of the team.  She had dived head first into running errands for the others and was very happily doing so, feeling a great sense of achievement from it all.

Then, with the cup still between her teeth, she stretched out her hand.  The tip of her finger tapped twice underneath his eyes.  “You have black circles.  Is it because I kept you from sleeping well last night?”

Xu Jimo stared at her like a statue.  Did she know what double entendre was?

Qianxi sensed that something was amiss by his silence. She embarrassedly withdrew her hand back silently while biting the cup……

“Don’t bite the cup.  It’s not a good habit.”  In order to relax the weird atmosphere, Xu Jimo reached out to take the cup away and tried to direct the conversation back to safe ground.

Her head followed the cup downwards putting his shoulder and collarbone right in front of her.  She thought she must be as tired as a dog, otherwise how could his bone looked so attractive……

Startled, she bit the cup in his hand even tighter…..making it impossible for him to take it out.  But he didn’t want to use more force and hurt her teeth.

Li Cang, who just finished one round of their RPG, came out to get some water and happened to see the scene: Damn, boss was feeding the young lady boss water?!  He turned his eyes away and silently opened up the WeChat group.

------ “My comrades.”

------ “I’ve smelled the sour and foul odor of love.”

Xu Jimo’s cell also sounded with a ding.

He released the cup and glanced at Li Cang’s message.  His expression was a little unnatural.

Qianxu reached over to look at it.  “What is that?”

“It’s the team’s group.  Do you want to join?”

She nodded fiercely.  “Sure, sure.”  She wouldn’t feel a part of the team unless she was in the groupchat.

Xu Jimo added her as a new member to the group.  Qianxi signed in and greeted everyone enthusiastically.  “Hello, everybody!”  In order to buy popularity, she sent out a two hundred RMB red envelop, causing a mad dash as everyone in KG tried to grab it.

“Damn.  young lady boss is rich and generous!”  “Please accept my confession!”  “Young lady boss, do you need another dog for your home!”

As for Xu Jimo, he stood silently on the sidelines after accepting the envelope.  He only came out to cool down after they were finished fooling around.  “From now on, talk to her for anything other than competition related things.”

The responses from all of them came immediately “Understood”, “Yes”, “Got it”.