Monday, August 7, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 15

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 15

Dt walked into her room.  As she ran about the room giggling, he pulled out a SP uniform from her suitcase and put in on her, on top of the suspender skirt.
While he was fiddling with the zipper, she uncomfortably pulled his hands…...
It was particularly warm since she was drunk.  When she stroked the back of his hand, his entire body almost stiffened, too afraid to move.
“Oh, oh, I thought about one thing.  Wu Bai.”  Blissfully unaware of his situation, she spoke in a serious manner as she stared at the ceiling, “I just checked the name list for the preliminaries.  I could roughly figure out who you will meet in the quarter final.  Aren’t I awesome?  Hehe, hehe……”
“Uhm, you are awesome.”  He took a deep breath, then began to battle with the zippers again.
“That man is despicable.  If you encounter him, you can’t use Zerg.  Last year, he was particularly fond of a strategy to counter Zerg.  It was using Protoss Photon Cannons.  He built an array of Photon Cannons right at the center of the map to intercept enemy units…...Oh, well, do you understand?”  She looked straight at him with big sparkling eyes.
No wonder she was the famous Apple Dog.  Even while inebriated, she was still analyzing tactics------

“I understand.”  He finally got the pin into the slider and carefully zipped up the uniform.  “That’s just playing dirty.  He can’t win, but neither can his opponent.  It’s just a delaying tactic.”
“Very~smart~”  She snapped her fingers.
“It’ll be ok.  If I meet him, I will use Zerg.  I’ll definitely wipe him out.”
Finally, he pulled the zipper up to her collarbone.
It’s safe now.
He released his hands.
Despite his efforts, Ai Qing pulled the zipper down within a second, took off her uniform, and threw it onto the windowsill……

Dt finally couldn’t suppress his laughter at how helpless he was and as a way to release his pent up emotions.
Perhaps only at a time like this, he could truly show his intent to care for her.

“Why are you so stubborn?”  Ai Qing was unhappy that even with foreknowledge about his opponent, he would rather charge headlong into a difficult fight.  She impatiently paced back and forth.  Finally she felt a little dizzy and fell onto the carpet.  “You can’t behave like this!  I expect that we will win the championship and the runner-up……”
Who cares who is the champion, let the Chinese team take the top three places.
She dejectedly tugged at the carpet.
Dt laughed.  He squatted down in front of her,  “I’ll make it happen.”
The top three would belong to the Chinese team.
She raised her head to look at the handsome young man in front of her.  She slightly frowned and stretched out her hand to touch his hair,  “If you don’t wear the hat, you should wash your hair again before you come out.  Here,”  She pointed to the area where some hair was pressed down,  “It’s all flattened here.  Too ugly.”
“......”  Frankly speaking, he never knew that he could be described by the word ugly.
She tutted and shook her head.  “Your 100 points face is now reduced to 90 because of your hair.”
That was true.  He thought.

“Wu Bai……”  She mumbled his name.
“Uhm?”  He suddenly thought that it was pretty good if she got drunk occasionally.
“Do you like me?”
Dead silence.
She looked at him with all seriousness.  It seemed as if he was hallucinating.  Was she still sober and conscious?
No.  He quickly determined.
Per Ai Qing’s character, she would never ask this type of question directly as long as she was just a little bit sober.
Though…...he really wanted to tell her.  Yes, I had liked you for a very very long time.  But he still lowered his eyes to keep the silence.  He didn’t answer.  He didn’t say “No”, because he never lied.  He didn’t say “Yes” either, because he wanted to tell her at a more suitable time.  He wanted to tell her when she wasn’t distracted and could hear it most clearly.

The two were very close to each other.
She sat there and he half squatted.  If he wanted, he could move a little bit closer.
She was still earnestly looking up at him the entire time.  It was easy enough for him to do it.  He heard the sound of the heavy and frantic heartbeat in his chest.  He very much wanted to throw away his sanity to break the stalemate of silence and awkward positions……
She doubted,   “Do you or don’t you?”
“Am I wrong?”
“Ai.”  She sighed lightly.  She lowered her head and held her own knees.  “No one will like me again.”
She curled up and sat in front of him, becoming completely quiet.

She didn’t see the man before her release his clenched hands, then tightly clench into fists again.  If he was not Wu Bai and just any other man, with such a disappointing sigh, nobody could resist the impulse to hug her right then.



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  6. Hug her! Its just a hug to comfort her. Thats not taling advantage at all

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