Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 8 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 8 Part 2

The hallway was quiet.  All the doors were closed, marked with gold colored numbers that all looked the same.  Ai, which room did she point to just now; this one, or that one?

Qianxi hesitated and knocked lightly on the door of one room: it seemed to be this room?

There was the sound of a dragging chair inside, someone came to open the door shortly.  When the door opened, the person’s eyeballs almost dropped to the ground.  “Young, young lady boss?!”

Qianxi was dumbfounded.  Li Cang had opened the door for her.  She glanced inside the room and saw the chubby Cherry and the bespectacled Cheng Yang.  As for Xu Jimo, he had already stood up and was walking towards her.

“Why are you guys here?”

Li Cang laughed.  “It’s the closing ceremony of the preliminaries with an exhibition competition.  We are the qualified team from the preliminaries, of course we must participate.”

No wonder they were here.  She seemed to remember that her cousin endorsed a video game recently, but she didn’t expect it to be <Seventh Continent>.

Xu Jimo opened the door and indicated her to enter.  “What’s up?”

He wore the KG summer uniform today, a pure white sports shirt.  The chest had a simple KG logo.  The perfectly matching colors and design made him look younger like a clean, handsome young boy you would always meet when you walked by the basketball courts in school.  But his eyebrows were always slightly furrowed. With a face which rarely carried a smile, he seemed a little bit aloof.

At the moment, he tried to show a warm smile and softened his tone as much as possible to prevent her from thinking that he was driving her away.

But he actually received a different answer.  “Nothing…...I came to deliver something to my cousin.”

Xu Jimo moved the tip of his eyebrows a bit.  “Oh?  Is that so?”

“Yes.”  Qianxi shook the medicine bottle in her hand to show that she was telling the truth.  “Do you know which room is the endorser’s green room?”

Cheng Yang pointed to an approximate direction.  “This half is the resting area for teams.  The VIPs and media should be at the opposite side.”

“Ok, thank you all!  Good luck in the competition!”  She gave them the usual brilliant smile, gestured good luck with a fist pump, and waved goodbye to the KG team.

Xu Jimo watched her until she entered into one of the opposite rooms, then he closed the door.

Oh, so she really did come to see her cousin.

He turned around and saw three pairs of eyes looking at him strangely.  “Why are you looking at me?”

Li Cang and Cheng Yang quickly started playing a duet.

“Tut tut…...boss was so corny.  I can’t stand it any more……”

“We should record what he had said just now.  When he talked to the young lady boss, his voice was softer than usual by three degrees……”

Cherry couldn’t join their comic act due to his limited Chinese, but he was cheering them on from the side.

Xu Jimo sat down stone-faced and, amid the others’ laughter, passed the whiteboard marker to Li Cang.  “Go, draw the diagram of the the tactics we talked just now.”

Li Cang’s smiling face froze.  “......you’re inhuman!”

Cheng Yang snickered at his side, but soon he saw a marker appear before him as well.  “You help him write the characters.”

In the middle of their whining, Xu Jimo silently glanced at that quiet door.

The edges around her eye looked red again, either she had cried earlier or she had been holding back tears for a very long time.