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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 12 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 12 Part 2

“How come?”  He patiently tried to convince her otherwise.  “We need a manager to handle the day to day business and act as a translator.  Didn’t you say that your English is at the professional level?”

Qianxi was the kind of person whose spirit quickly soared once she was praised.  She suddenly was encouraged.  “That’s right!  I scored 118 on the TOEFL[1].  I qualified for the simultaneous translator certificate when I was in high school.  I’ve practice a lot of simultaneous translation in the past month just to get ready to be the translator for your guys!”

“Then what are you worrying about?”

Her high spirits was short-lived, she withered instantly.  “I feel…...they all more or less turned away from me.  You see, I usually can’t join in on your conversations.  I don’t understand the past history of your circle.  I’ll say something wrong if I’m not careful……”

Where did she get this strange idea?  Didn’t Li Cang and Cheng Yang always like to hang around her?

Qianxi was still sad.  “And I’m a girl.  Seems that they like to play with boys.”

Xu Jimo felt that he was raising a daughter who was complaining to him now. “All the boys at kindergarten won’t play with me.”

Qianxi angrily bit her lips.  “Why are you laughing!”

“I understand.”  Xu Jimo rubbed her head.  He jumped off the van and stretched out one hand to her.  “Come down first.”

Qianxi reluctantly took his hand.  She walked out of the van slowly, complaining internally all the while: She could manage to get off the van with ease.  He really looked down on her……

When they finally met up with the rest of the group, everyone had their boarding passes ready.  Qianxi was in a bad mood and passed the security check at the very front of the team.

Once she sat down in the waiting area, she found all the team members had suddenly changed attitudes.

Li Cang held a box of poker cards grinning cheekily and came to Qianxi.  “Young lady boss, do you want to play Double Up?”

“Double Up is no fun at all.  This one is more suitable for girls to play.”  Cheng Yang took out a box of UNO cards as if he was showing her a treasure.  He behaved like a salesman and promised Qianxi.  “Don’t you worry, young lady boss.  Whoever dares to give you a +4, I will beat him up so fiercely even his dad won’t recognize him.”

She gracefully declined their offer.  Then she found even the cool lovely little boy, Wei Lai, came to ask her questions about English.

What the hell…...Qianxi was speechless and took a pen.  She was writing on the practice book while continuously glancing in the direction of Xu Jimo.

He was dressed in a neat black today, looking especially tall and eye-catching when he walked over alongside a row of silver chairs.  The few passengers sitting there waiting for flight all faded into the background.

Ah, it looked like he was looking over here…...then quickly lowered her head, very quickly lowered her head.

She held the pen tightly, then she found out that he was carrying a bag of drinks over, handing each person one.  Xu Jimo saw her immersed in tutoring Wei Lai.  He leaned on the back of the chair in front of her and gave her a bottle.

Qianxi took it and whispered to him.  “Did you do this?”  The guys suddenly became so attentive, there had to be a reason behind it.

He talked in normal voice.  “You don’t need to whisper.  They can all hear you.”

Cheng Yang and Li Cang in the front row who had ears conspicuously pointed in their direction, quickly moved back immediately.

Qianxi was even more embarrassed.  “Don’t be like this.  You’re making them treat me like I’m some VIP person……”

“You actually are a VIP.”  He noticed that she had twisted the bottle cap twice but couldn’t open it, so he took it from her, twisted it open, and gave back to her.  He stared at her with a faint smile.  “Anything else boss?”

Ai?  She took the bottle timidly.

Qianxi who had felt isolated for a whole day inexplicably…...burst into joy.

Wei Lai was sandwiched in the middle between these two people looking skywards: You guys can’t overlook me just because I’m only 160cm tall.

Qianxi’s good mood lasted until they boarded.  There was no evil seat next to the driver this time.  She was satisfied with the rows of two seats connected to each other.  Xu Jimo helped her lay down the seat.  “You should sleep.  It’s evening in Seattle now, it’s a good chance to prevent jet lag.”

“Oh, alright.”  Qixanxi obediently lied down, twisted her body up so that he was in view and slowly mouthed----”Good, night.”

The airplane took off.  The flight attendant’s bilingual announcement mixed with the sound of the wind outside.  The feeling of weightlessness and the cool temperature of the air conditioning made it difficult to fall asleep.

Xu Jimo processed several competition documents then turned around casually.  His eyes collided with Qianxi’s stare.  “What, can’t sleep?”

“Uhm……”  She looked upward from her lying position at his collar.  She wondered silently how a man’s collarbone could look so attractive?  Ah, perhaps it was because she was born in the year of the dog?  Bones seemed to be quite enticing to her……

Xu Jimo didn’t know what was going through her mind.  He leaned to her side.  “Are you cold?”

“Uhm?”  Yiii, the contour looked more inviting from his current posture!

He pushed down the button to call for a flight attendant.  “I’ll ask for a blanket for you.”

“No, no!”  Qianxi quickly pushed her seat back straight.  She controlled her own desire.  “I already slept in the car.  I can’t fall asleep at all now.”

She carefully searched his laptop screen.  “Is there any video game to play?”

Xu Jimo pulled out the <The Continent> game.  “Only this one.”

“Ah……”  Qianxi seemed very disappointed.  “Don’t we need to connect to internet to play.”

“Not exactly.”  He chose the option to sign in offline.  “You can play AI without internet.  Your teammates and opponents are all computers.  It’s good for beginners.”

Qianxi cheered up.  “Then that’s it!”  She still politely asked afterwards.  “Do you still need to read the documents?  Will it be inconvenient to use your computer……”

“No.”  He moved computer over and put it on the table in front of her and inserted one earphone into her ear.  “Do you need me to teach you?”

[1]: The max score is 120.


  1. Raising a is he having fatherly thoughts now when he should be having ***&%#8₹( thoughts about his wifey, huh?