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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 16

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 16

Ai Qing had no memory of the night before.
She only knew that somebody had tidied her room.  All her clothes had been folded and neatly placed next to her pillow.  There was a note Ai Jing left to her: Little Gou Gou, I was wrong.  Promise me, don’t confront Grunt again while you’re in America.  I don’t want anything to affect his ability to compete.  I’m leaving.  See you at home.
She picked up the note in shock while holding the blanket.  After a minute passed, she dialed her sister’s phone.
It was turned off.
She wasn’t sure whether her sister didn’t want to answer the phone or because she was already on the airplane right now.

Ai Qing buried her head in her arms and let out a long breath.
She was Ai Jing.  She was the one who shielded her all the times when her parents were scolding her.  She was the most outstanding PhD student in the family.
She would be absolutely fine.
Ai Qing jumped off the bed quickly, put on a SP uniform, and ran to the next room to wake Inin from his deep slumber.  She threw his mouse and keyboard into a backpack and walked out with the young man who was still in a daze.
There were already seven or eight Koreans waiting for the elevator.  They all laughed when they saw Inin.
After all, Inin was one of the best Korean Starcraft players.  Everyone here for the competition knew him.
They all talked in the language Ai Qing didn’t know to make fun of Inin.  Inin rubbed his hair bashfully and explained in a whisper, “They were making fun of me.  I won’t translate it for you.”  Since they had rushed out of his room, Inin hadn’t combed his hair, it was even messier than it usually was.

Ai Qing guessed from his expression that they had been ridiculing him.
After all, Inin had been hired as a Korean who’d won championships.  But in China, where he was acclimatizing in several large competitions, his ranking had plummeted.  These were all facts well known in the esports circle.  “Old friends reminiscing.”  Ai Qing played innocent.  She stretched out her hand to comb his hair.  “Ah, I really want to eavesdrop.  Maybe I haven’t watched enough Korean dramas yet.”
“Manager, do you watch Korean dramas too?”
“Of course.”  Ai Qing successfully diverted his attention.  She whispered, “I really like the drama of Love from a Star.”
“Me too!”  Inin’s eyes brightened.
Oh, she shot right at the center of the target.
The young man that Solo hired was growing more and more interesting.
A good temper, timid, cries easily, and loved to watch Korean dramas…..

The two and the other seven or eight Koreans took the same elevator.  After the elevator door opened, Inin was dragged out first by a guy with hand on his shoulder.  One person slowed down, purposely staying behind.  He talked to Ai Qing after everybody had walked out.  “I hope that Solo will keep his original promise to take good care of Inin.  Inin has great potential.”
He spoke in Chinese.  Though his tone sounded a little strange and choppy.
Ai Qing was moved by the seriousness of his eyes.  She retracted her smile.  “Don’t worry.  Not just Solo, but all of SP will take good care of him.”

Though she didn’t know all StarCraft players, she did know that this man had been Inin’s former coach in Korean.

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