Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 7 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 7  Part 2

Fortunately, she was a born socializer.  Though she was a tad reserved at first, after some food and a few bottles of beer, she felt like a honorary member of KG. She talked about everything with them. By the time the dinner table was littered with cups and plates, Li Cang, her new pal, exchanged contact information with her.  He told her to call them whenever she wanted to play.  They would still be friends even if the deal didn’t go through.

Cheng Yang poked his face with the beer bottle.  “What do you mean by that?  How would the deal not go through?  Young lady boss is already our lady boss!  Boss don’t you agree?”  He had a sly smile on his face.

Xu Jimo looked at him coldly.

Qianxi laughed happily, helped in part from the beer.  “You’re right.  I’m already prepared to invest, but it’s your boss who doesn’t want it.”  The crystal earrings on her cute earlobes swung as she naively missed the subtle implication of Cheng Yang’s words.

Cheng Yang grew more talkative.  “Damn.  How dare he not to want you?  I have never seen any girl like you getting along so well with us.”  He began counting Qianxi’s strengths on his fingers.  “Look at you. You like to eat pig brain, tripe, and love to drink dry liqueur……”

Li Cang rocked back and forth in laughter.  He pressed down on Cheng Yang’s face and gave him a glass of ice water.  “Enough.  Take it and sober up.  Maybe then you’ll start talking like a human being.”

Cheng Yang sat on a chair with his face upward and was resisting the attempt to force ice water down his throat.  The glass of water fell onto the ground and smashed in pieces, splashing Qianxi who was right next to him.

Xu Jimo lowered his head and asked.  “How is it?”

“Nothing.  It only got on me a little bit……”  Qianxi stood up and pulled out several sheets of napkin to dry her skirt.  She didn’t realize it until she stood up that the whole chair was drenched in water.  Her back was soaked and her chiffon skirt had turned semi-transparent.

Xu Jimo quickly grabbed a KG uniform to help cover her.  “Is there any clean change clothes in your suitcase?  You can go to the bathroom to change.”

“Yes……”  But she couldn’t move in her current situation.  How could she bend down to search for clothes in the suitcase.

Xu Jimo exchanged a look with her, then quickly understood.  “Do you need my help?”

“En.”  Qianxi nodded and signalled with her eyes to the direction of the suitcase.  “It’s in the innermost layer.”

Xu Jimo found her clothes.  Qianxi had already moved to the bathroom with her back closely against the wall.  She blinked her eyes and looked at him.  “Have you found it?”

“En.”  He gave the new skirt to her and while he was at it, try to cover for Cheng Yang.  “They are used to joking around regardless of the location.  I apologize on behalf of them.”

Qianxi blinked her eyes.  “No problem.  They are very interesting and I really mean to invest now.”

Xu Jimo chuckled.  “Do you want to invest in us because you like us or because you think there is a future?”

“Of course it’s because I like you guys.”  Qianxi begged for Xu Jimo to spare her before he could begin speaking.  “Alright, alright, I know what you are going to say.  You think I am just capricious, right?  But I’m indeed a whimsical person. That’s how people like me live.  Think over it carefully.  It’s not easy to meet an investor like me and so far, I’m the one and the only one.”

After she bombarded him, she closed and locked the door.

Why was it so difficult to squander money?

She hurried to say goodbye after she changed.  Xu Jimo walked her out to catch a cab.  He knocked on the window.

Qinaxi wound down the window and revealing Xu Jimo’s face.  “Still don’t plan to go home yet?”

“Uhm ah.  I contacted my cousin to stay there for one night.  What’s wrong?”

Xu Jimo curled his lips slightly.  “Just to confirm that my little investor will not get lost.”
“I’m not little at all!”  She shut the window in a huff.  “Driver, to Qinghe Villa.”

She was slightly unused to the new bed, so she didn’t sleep quite well at Ye Qiao’s home.  She had to go to work the next day, so she could only go to work with bags under her eyes.

Right, even if she was going to use the silent treatment to resist her controlling parents, she still had to go to work.  At least she could spy on her parents’ attitude a bit on the way.

She even admired herself by her own professionalism, so she smiled even more enthusiastically as she greeted other employees.  How did lines of that poem go?  The world kissed me with pain, but I returned back with song…...Ah!  She thought she had truly improved, an optimistic young lady!

But once the optimistic young lady walked into the director's office, her sunny disposition disappeared: The chairman of the board informed her that she had been fired.

In short, uhm, her dad fired her.

Around that time, the members of KG began to wake up from their hangover.  They all immersed in their beautiful future now that the finances were in place------

“What do you say, have we nailed the young lady boss?”  Li Cang with similarly baggy eyes.

Cheng Yang bit his toothbrush and continuously checked his breath to ensure that the smell of alcohol was gone.  “I don’t know.  Boss walked her out, you need to ask boss.”

“It can’t be that it’s not done yet?”  Li Cang lied on sofa sadly.  “All of us handsome young men accompanied her eating, drinking, and joking around for the whole night.  If she hasn’t changed her mind, then the young lady boss is really hard hearted……”

He jumped up suddenly and sat up straight.  “Ai, but are we sort of coaxing young girls?  We’re sort of ommitting a sin when I think about it……”

Xu Jimo came out holding four glasses with his fingers and filled them up with fresh milk.  He was turning a deaf ear to the conversation and looked very quiet and calm.

However that pair of captivating eyes kept surfacing in his brain.  Really…...he had never seen a girl so willful, yet so earnest and righteous.

After filling the four glass with milk, he took one glass to drink as he sat on the sofa.  Li Cang, who was next to him, jumped about joyfully as he regaled them with an imaginary story of an innocent girl falling into a honeytrap.

She was not innocent, but definitely brave.  And he didn’t know where she got to be so big-hearted.

Xu Jimo chuckled and took up a pen to write three terms on the whiteboard in the living room.  

Tomorrow, International Invitational Tournament.  Exhibition Competition.