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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 7 Part 1

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 7  Part 1

After a long, drawn-out game, everyone was exhausted both mentally and physically. They all took off their earphones to get some rest.

Qianxi then found that it was dark outside already.

The sound of door opening came from the entrance.  Wei Lai, with a book bag on one shoulder, had returned from school and walked straight towards the training room.  “You guys are so diligent today.  You even do serious training though boss is not here?”  Then he walked in the room and was quite taken back.  “Eh, boss is here?  Is this boss’ girlfriend?”

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

Cheng Yang was the first to react by covering Wei Lai’s mouth and dragged him out.

Li Cang promptly closed the door and apologized to Qianxi,  “Young boss lady, please don’t mind him.  The little kid’s just being silly!”

From within the training room, only the faint sounds of the conversation between Cheng Yang and Wei Lai could be heard------

“Haven’t I informed you that the boss lady will come here today!”
“I thought lady boss meant boss’ girlfriend.”
“What are you thinking in your head at such a young age?”

Qianxi sat awkwardly among the embarrassed people in the room, she could only pretend to be generous and shook her hand.  “Never mind.  Just a misunderstanding.”

“It’s already late, I have to go now.”  She felt slightly dizzy after wearing headphones for so long.  As she stood, her body began to tilt heavily off to one side, Xu Jimo agilely caught her just in time.  “Be careful.”

The young lady’s arm was slender, fine and smooth, and it even slipped a bit in his hand.  He turned his head away like a gentleman as if it was a conditioned reflex.  He didn’t recognize the fact that her arm was still inside his hand and that turning his eyes away did not change that fact.

Li Cang and Cherry witnessed the scene and gasped.

Qianxi really wanted to ask the heavens: Why did her reputation and integrity suffer so when she was with Xu Jimo.

Xu Jimo actually didn’t mind at all and let go of her wrist.  “Let me see you out.”

They walked to the elevator and waited for it to arrive.  Qianxi glanced around and pretended to watch the ceiling.  “Do you all usually look at the computer for several hours continuously?”

Xu Jimo silently clenched his palm.  “En.”

“So it’s hard work to be a professional player.  I just played three games and I already feel my head humming!”  She had a new found sympathy and understanding to this profession all of a sudden.

“Not really.  Esports is not just work to us, so it’s not so easy to feel tired.”

“Then what is it?”  She slanted her head.

“Probably interest.”  Xu Jimo blinked his eyes twice.  He wasn’t sure if she would mock him for such a reason.  “Or you can say a dream.  Can you understand it?”

Qianxi was amazed for a moment then slowly said,  “So nice.”

Her tone was filled with envy.

She spoke sincerely,  “It’s a good thing to have dreams.  Like me, I’m the one who does everything my parents ask me to do. But you all have things you want to do. It’s very impressive.”

Xu Jimo was astonished.  It was surprising to see such words come from someone who sat in those glass buildings in the downtown business district every day.  He thought a person like her would think that video games were an “indulgence that destroys the will”.

“Is it the reason you ran away from home?”

“I don’t know.  Perhaps.”  It bothered her to talk about it, so she became silent.

Xu Jimo looked outside through the window, night had fallen and lights began to illuminate in the dark.

Maybe the night view was so beautiful that he suddenly became talkative.  “In our team, Li Cang’s family was poor.  He dropped out of high school to support his elder sister to go to college.  Later he was recruited into the professional circle and his condition has improved slowly ever since.  Cherry is a Malaysian Chinese.  He travelled across the oceans to China to pursue the esports dream.  He speaks a different language from us, but he’s trying hard to blend in with us.”

Xu Jimo’s tone was very relaxed, but he thought that it seemed suspicious to sell sob stories to earn sympathy.  He laughed at himself.  “I am trying to tell you that they are not a motley crew immersed in the virtual world.  Playing professional is their choice in life, it’s a dream and it also makes a living.”

Qianxi was deep in thought. “Then how about you?”

“......Me?”  Xu Jimo never thought about this question.

If one thing had resided in his mind for too long, then it would grow root, germinate, and grow into a forest.  In the end, he had already forgotten how the seed had arrived to this land.

Xu Jimo looked at her confused expression and, without knowing why he enjoyed it so much,  raised the end of his eyebrows.  “Are you very interested in me?”

“Ah?”  Qianxi’s brain paused and unexpectedly brought her index finger and thumb together as if pinching an invisible pea in front of his face. “.....A little bit.”

“......” She was really difficult to flirt with.

The honest and frank Qianxi answered the question sincerely, then grew impatient.  “Why is this elevator not here yet.”

Xu Jimo pushed the button several more times again, to no effect.  “It’s probably out of order.”

It happened that Cheng Yang came with the trash, he was surprised to find both of them were still there.  “Why are you still here?”

“The elevator is out of order.”  Xu Jimo pointed back.

“Then what to do?”  Cheng Yang was shocked.  “It was still fine when Wei Lai came back.  How could it break just like that?”

Qianxi thought it was just her bad luck.  “Can we use the stairs?”

“Of course you can use it, but this is the twentieth floor. Young lady boss, are you really in a hurry to leave?” Cheng Yang carried three large trash bags back into the apartment.  “Otherwise, come in for dinner then leave afterwards.  Wei Lai just brought back the dinner and it’s still hot.  Maybe the elevator will work by then.  This elevator acts up from time to time.”

Qianxi used her eyes to consult with Xu Jimo.  He provided a timely excuse for her.  “Are you in a hurry to leave?”

“Not really……”  Actually she had nothing that she needed to do in a hurry.

“Then stay and eat supper with us.”

Of course she did not have any reason to refuse.


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