Saturday, July 22, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 10

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 10

Dt came back later and found Gun in a deep sleep in his own seat.  He pondered silently on how to wake up the demon king and ask him to return to his own seat.
Ai Qing seemed to know what he was thinking and shook her head lightly.
So he gave up trying and stepped back two rows to sit in Gun’s seat.

When they arrived in America, the people waiting for them were all from K&K.  She realized one thing only after she came to America.  Though K&K invested in China only two years ago, it had already existed in other countries for five years. Despite being retired, Gun had never really left the professional scene.
K&K headquarters was in Norway, where Gun grew up.
And the year it was founded happened to be in ‘08.

Ai Qing randomly turned the pages of K&K’s brochure while waiting with Inin for Gun so they could go to the hotel together to check in.  They waited for about ten minutes, then she saw five men in their thirties walking out with Gun.  There were westerners and Asians; looked like they were part of K&K’s upper management.
She put down the brochure and looked at them.
They were all dressed in suits and in a great mood as they bid Gun farewell in English.
But one of them, dressed in a silver gray suit, was looking at her direction.

At first, Ai Qing thought that he was looking at Inin. But, Inin didn’t seem to recognize any of them. Then…...did this man know her?
She searched for his face from her memories, but came up empty.
Since he was a in a high position in an esports club, very possibly he had been a player also.  But there were so many different esports games and there were tens of thousands of players in each country.
Even for current players, she only knew those active in the games she was involved with, not to mention those players already retired earlier.
As she was mulling it over, Gun already noticed that this man was staring at Ai Qing.  With his two hands inside his pants pocket, he shrugged and smiled.  “What is it?  Have you seen our Chinese CS goddess from the past?  What do you think?”

The man in suit lowered his eyes with a complex smile.  “It’s not good to talk in front of her.  Let’s go over there.  Introduce us to her.” There was no reason for Gun to refuse.  He walked over with the man.  They stopped in front of Ai Qing who had already stood up.  But Gun didn’t speak.
“Well, let me introduce myself.”  The man smiled and stretched out his right hand,  “Apple Dog, I have heard a lot about you.  I was once a CS player also, but I retired before you joined.  I had been in the same team with Su Cheng.  Navi.”
Ai Qing took off her earphones and politely stretched out her hand to shake his.  “Hello, I have heard your name.”
So…...he was in the same team with Su Cheng.
She had heard that team before she met Su Cheng for the first time in ‘05.  It was not a strong team; because their captain was the only outstanding player, all the others were just mediocre.  And that captain’s name was Navi.

Navi nodded politely.  “My pleasure.”
Gun looked down.  He looked at Ai Qing’s face, which was somewhat absentminded.  He lightly added,  “Navi and Su Cheng have been married for many years.”
She was stunned slightly.
Inin, stood behind her, opened his mouth and muttered to Gun,  “Su Cheng already married?  I thought she’s your girlfriend……”


  1. Wait what....? I though Su Cheng is with Solo..? Did I messed up the name here haha.

    Thank you for the update! :)

    1. Well, they didn't clear the Su Cheng's relationship with Solo... it was very misleading.
      Solo makes me frustrated... sigh, I like him but Ai Qing will be better off with Dt.

      Thanks for the chapter~

    2. I second you on that!
      I like Solo too, but I like Ai Qing better with Dt..

  2. thanks for translating, yes i like her better with Dt..