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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 7

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 7

She knew very well before she left the hotel that this time her job wasn’t just to help Inin overcome his recent slump but also ensure he would make it to the semifinals and finals.  If he wanted to win the championship, then the last enemy he was going to face would be Dt.
She and Inin stood at the hotel entrance waiting for the shuttle bus to the airport.  Two people dressed in K&K uniforms also walked out pulling their luggage shortly afterwards.  It was Dt and Grunt.  
Obviously, they were waiting for the same shuttle bus.

Due to a lack of funds, as was the norm in China, few players participate in international offline competition.
Therefore, those who did participate would be organized into one team.  Most of them were top players and all knew each other quite well since they usually met in various occasions.  
In other words, she was entrusted with a difficult mission on short notice to form a team with these two K&K players. 

It was the first time since ‘07 that she and Dt were on the same team.
When Inin saw Dt, he pursed his mouth and whispered,  “Manager, manager.  Dt.”
“......Inin”  Ai Qing whispered to stop him. “If you dare talk about that nonsense again, I hope you’re prepared to go hungry tonight.”
Since Inin joined SP, he had stirred up a wave of gossip.  He insisted on saying that she and Dt were a couple.  Those two months had already been too much for her.  Even Baona’s expression seemed to suggest that he believed it.  It wasn’t easy to stamp it out.  Now if he started it again, then it would really turn into a joke.
Inin stuck out the tip of his tongue and pushed down his sun hat. He quietly spoke to himself, “Oh, the championship is going to walk away from me again.”
Ai Qing knocked the back of his head with a magazine before he finished.  “Buck up!”

The shuttle bus arrived as they were whispering.  Dt and Grunt both stepped back.  Grunt spoke,  “Beautiful lady first, please.”
Ai Qing thought about her elder sister’s predicament and felt quite unhappy about it.  She didn’t want to talk to him so she began to carry her own luggage onto the bus, but Dt had already taken her luggage from behind.  “I will put it on the luggage rack for you.”
“Thank you.”  She pulled back her hands and jumped onto the shuttle bus.
Grunt thought it odd.  He looked at Dt,  “What’s wrong her today?”
Didn’t she always act calm?  Why was she so impatient today?
Dt carried his and Ai Qing’s luggage and said,  “I don’t know”.  He followed her onto the bus.
Grunt raised his eyebrow, then glanceed at Inin and spoke in a singsong,  “Little brother~get on.”  He said and patted Inin’s straw hat resting on his head.  Inin jumped in surprised and hurried after the others.

Ai Qing sat by the window.  Inin came up to sit next to her, but didn’t expect a tall skinny man to pat his shoulder from behind.
Inin turned and his face turned pale immediately.
It’s the big demon king…...
Gun wore a pair of black earphones.  He looked down and grinned oppressively to the young boy, “Little teammate.  Come on.  Give me the seat.”  His eyes looked aside to indicate the empty seat next to Ai Qing.
The pale faced boy gave up the seat without any resistance…...  
She didn’t expect Gun would want to sit next to her.

Gun sat down and took off one side of the earphones.  His voice was hoarse and he took his time to greet her.  “Please take care of us in the next twenty days, SP manager.”

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