Monday, July 24, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 11

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 11

Gun’s extremely dark eyes swept over Inin’s head.  “Are you making a joke?”
His displeasure was palpable.
“Yes, you’re making a joke,”  Ai Qing recovered quickly from her brief distraction.  Her finger poked Inin’s little face. “Have you forgotten?  That day at the offline preliminary competition in Hangzhou?  K&K boss’s girlfriend already showed up there.”
“Oh, oh,”  Inin was confused.  He thought for a long time, but still couldn’t figure out who that was.
Gun didn’t say anything.   Nobody knew whether it meant that he admitted it silently or he was simply too lazy to explain.

Ai Qing quietly recomposed herself and spoke a few words with Navi with a smile.  She was even in the mood to make fun of him.  “Isn’t there a team called Natus Vincere in Ukraine?”
“Yes, its abbreviation is Navi.”  Navi smiled bitterly.  “Nothing I can do.  Though I debutted in ‘02, but my record wasn’t good enough to make me famous worldwide.  So other than the original CS players, only several players nowadays still remember there once was a CS player named Navi.  All the rest only know about that team in Ukraine that shares the name.”
“It’s ok.  Look at who’s in charge today.”  Ai Qing blinked her eyes.
Everybody laughed.
Navi laughed, too.  Though for the sake of Su Cheng, he had few chips on his shoulder towards the whole SP team.
But the one in front of him was Apple Dog.
In this circle at that time, it depended entirely on luck for an opportunity to fight her.  During those two years, Solo’s team always won the championships.  They would proceed into the quarterfinals directly without participating in the preliminary round.  So even Navi himself never had the chance to fight her face to face.  But he had watched numerous videos of her competitions.
He even used her competition videos many times to help train the snipers on his team.

“Tell you the truth, I never expected that you will come to the US with Gun.”  Before they said goodbye, Navi told her while Gun was on the phone ahead of them,  “I thought SP and K&K in China couldn’t stand each other.”
She chuckled. “It’s true that we can’t stand each other; there’s only enough room for one champion after all.”
Navi looked at her eyes.  “You should know what I meant.”
“Yeah…...I understood.”  Ai Qing looked at Gun who was walking ahead of everybody.  She answered, “Not at all.  How could it be.”
She never thought that the reason K&K was founded had something to do with a personal grudge.  Gun was so proud.  How could he organize a club just because of a personal grudge.  How could he build up all K&K players’ records based upon such a boring reason?
Navi naturally knew that Gun wouldn’t do that.  But he didn’t expect that the woman in front of him thought the same way as he did.

Alter all, they hadn’t seen each other for ten years.


  1. Ai Qing really knows Gun and her ex team mates well huh...

    Gives me a bitter sweet feeling.

    Thanks for the chapter!! Really enjoyin this novel.

  2. If Gun did really form K&K because of Solo,he must have been very bitter about the disbanding of the team. I really want to know Solo's reasons too.