Saturday, July 29, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 12

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 12

Gun took them downstairs.  Ai Qing thought it odd that only she and Inin were there?  She looked around when they got downstairs.  The man ahead of her had already opened the door of the van and sat in.  He noticed her puzzlement.  “Those two have their own personal business to take care.  They left earlier.”
“Oh.”  Personal business?
K&K members really have a lot of personal business to attend to…...Furtively, she realized how easy it was in comparison to lead her own SP team.  They were a bunch of men who didn’t have any personal interests other than training and competing.
She got on the van and kept her comments to herself.
After about twenty minutes, they arrived at the hotel that had been arranged by the organizer.
It was close to the preliminaries.  Players from around the world had begun to arrive for the offline competition.  When they were checking in, there were two players from Korea next to them.  Inin was very familiar with them and pulled them over to introduce them to Ai Qing.
“Hello.”  Ai Qing held a passport in one hand and stretched out the other hand to shake with one of them.
A face came into her view unexpectedly.
Said face was making faces to her.
It came as quite the shock.  She didn’t expect to see Ai Jing here.

This was America, not Korea.  Ai Jing went to Korea last time because she happened to have a valid visa.
But now, she appeared in America.  It was impossible for her unless she had prepared for the trip ahead of time.
At least a month ago, her elder sister had already learned about this trip.  It was far earlier than when she heard it.

Ai Qing said goodbye to the Korean players quickly and briefly told Inin to go upstairs by himself. They would reconvene after a two-hour break.  Before Inin could react, she was already striding towards the sofa in the lobby with her backpack. On said sofa, Ai Jing gave her a nervous smile.
The closer she got, the angrier she became and the faster she walked.
Finally she stood in front of Ai Jing, but was too angry to speak.
Ai Jing raised her hand pitifully:  “Let me call you elder sister today, alright.  After all, you were born only one or two minutes after me……”
“Where is Grunt?”  She went straight to the subject.
“He is getting the room card key……”
Ai Jing raised her trembling hand and pointed to the very end of the counter.  Indeed, Grunt and Dt were there, facing the counter.  Dt, surprisingly, was without his hat.  And it looked like his hat had been taken away forcefully by others.  His hair was pressed down in a messy, uncombed state.  As he collected his passport from the receptionist, Grunt seemed to say something to him.
He ignored him and turned around without a word.
Then, when he saw Ai Qing, his expression turned to one of surprise.

Ai Qing tried very hard to keep herself calm, but a multitude of emotions were raging about at the bottom of her heart.  They finally converged into anger at the fact that Ai Jing refused to stand up for herself and distress for her situation.  She suppressed her feelings, picked up her sister’s luggage, and walked into the elevator ahead of everyone else.
Seven or eight people came in behind her.  Ai Jing walked over to her side without saying a word.
After she pressed the button for her floor, she specifically pressed the close door button.

Just as the elevator doors were closing, one hand stretched in, forcing the doors to open again.  Two girls inside the elevator, shocked by the sudden motion, began whispering in English.  So scary, he wasn’t afraid of getting his hands crushed.

Dt lowered his head and walked in.  His eyes looked straight at Ai Qing as she stood in the corner of the elevator.