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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 28 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 28 Part 1

Xiang Nuan wasn’t good at pulling pranks on other people, unlike Lin Chuyan
who seemed to have nothing but tricks that seemed to gush out of an
uncontrollable geyser.

Ever since she met Lin Chuyan, she had complained everyday: How can
anybody be so nasty……

So she wouldn’t act rashly when Lin Chuyan could change the ringtone on
his phone.

For example, she had refused to be the cheerleader for Lin Chuyan on Sunday.
Yet, after one phone call from him, she obediently went downstairs.

“Lin Chuyan, I hate you.”

“Don’t hate me.”

They kept bickering, with neither intending to back down.

Lin Chuyan had a Mahjong competition in the morning and Rhythm Master in
the afternoon. To Xiang Nuan, playing Mahjong was a game of luck. But to
Lin Chuyan, it was a game of one’s IQ.

Since Xiang Nuan had a roommate who was very much into the gossip on
campus, she also learned all the talk about Lin Chuyan. He was considered
as an outstanding person in his department, outstanding in a peculiar way.
Others might be famous because they were especially good in their field.
Lin Chuyan was famous because he had created a lot of issues around him
like an obscure actor pulling publicity stunts; good looking, genius, lazy, hardly
studies, skips classes, pretends to be poor in front of girls, vulgar, very graceful,
good temper, bad temper…...People used many different terms to describe him,
like someone with split personalities.

If she had only read all these comments about him, Xiang Nuan would think it
was inconceivable. Yet since she knew him in person, she thought that all the
comments were quite on point and reasonable. Lin Chuyan was exactly the
kind of person who could warm anyone’s heart when he was kind and considerate.
Yet, when he decided to be mean, everyone would want to pack him up and send
him to the psychiatric ward for the rest of his life.

He was such an embodiment of contradictions.

To be a friend of Lin Chuyan, one had to prepare to be a dough. Whether he
kneaded the dough into a round or flat shape, one should turn into that shape.

Xiang Nuan sent a WeChat message to Dayu to complaint: How can you all
stand him?

Dayu wasn’t surprise to see her message at all; he pulled her into a small
chat group.

There were originally only 3 in the group, now there were 4 including her.

The group name was: Lin Chuyan’s Slaves.

Xiang Nuan: ……

She felt that she wasn’t that desperate and didn’t want to give in yet, so
she backed out of the group without saying anything.

Then she looked next to her at Lin Chuyan. He was already on his second
match, eyes fixed at the computer screen.

Xiang Nuan quietly reached over to his cell phone on the desk. She had
peeked and memorized the password for his phone. As long as she could
get the phone, she could delete the voice recording without him noticing it.

Just as her fingertips were about to touch the cell phone, Lin Chuyan
spoke: “I already made a copy.”

Dismayed, Xian Nuan depressedly gave him a hard look.

Lin Chuyan was still focused on the screen, playing mahjong.

Yet his slightly curled lips exposed his satisfaction with himself.

Xiang Nuan sneered: “Don’t be cocky, Lin Chuyan. Sooner or later I’ll
turn you into my slave.”

“Well, you’re a bit too hardcore.”

Xiang Nuan was baffled at how she would be hardcore. She was curious
but decided against asking him.

She searched the term on the internet and saw a whole bunch of sexual
related hits.

“Lin Chuyan, you pervert!” Xiang Nuan was mad and raised her backpack
to whack him.

Lin Chuyan giggled as he moved his body sideways to avoid the hit, while
still playing mahjong.

“Don’t be angry. If I get first place, I’ll give you all the prize money.”


“Really, all the money from Rhythm Master is yours too.”

“How do you know you can win Rhythm Master?”

“Ha, I have the hand speed of a man that has been single for 20 years
after all.”

Xiang Nuan: = =

She quietly logged onto the campus forum and followed the forum “Go
to hell Lin Chuyan.”

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