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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 27 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 27 Part 1

The second round of the campus esports competition officially started
the coming Saturday.

Waiwai learned from Lin Chuyan that the sponsorship was coming from
the Yuelin Group. He redid the banner that they would hang in the cafeteria
and asked Lin Chuyan in private how he got the money from them.

Lin Chuyan told him: “You know that CEO of the Yuelin Group? He’s
my father.”

Waiwai stuck out his thumb: “You’re the best at boasting.”


Xiang Nuan’s Times would be facing the Little Fairies at the second round.

During the banning phase, the first champion the Little Fairies banned
was Zhuang Zhou. The main highlight of Zhuang Zhou’s abilities was
cancelling crowd control. Xiang Nuan figured they probably would choose
champions with a lot of crowd control, such as Zhang Fei and Damo.

She worried that Zhang Fei would be taken by the enemy side. It turned
out that Little Fairies was true to their name, they locked in 5 mages.

Xiang Nuan: “......”

Were they here to mess up the game? !

The 5 mages were Zhenji, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, Buzhi Huowu,
Xiao Qiao; all fairies…….

The fifth person on the Times team to choose a champion was Lin Chuyan.
Xiang Nuan thought he would choose Daji like alway, but he chose Li Bai.

“No Li Bai.” All four other teammates stopped him.

To play the game well, it required a balanced lineup. They had all positions
except a mage.

Lin Chuyan reluctantly changed to Daji.

At the beginning of the match, Xiang Nuan glanced at the ids of the enemy
team and was shocked.

Their ids were: William Chan My Hubby, Lu Han My Hubby, Wang Junkai
My Hubby, Nam Ju Hyuk My Hubby[1], and Lin Chuyan My Hubby…...Wait,
what was the last one?

Xiang Nuan felt those ids were so amusing that she elbowed Lin Chuyan
next to her: “Look at their fifth id, Lin Chuyan My Hubby, Lin Chuyan My Hubby!

She noticed that Lin Chuyan was laughing.

He was looking down and had curved the corners of his lips, a light smile with
unknown intent. His eyes were focused on the screen of his cell phone, his
eyelashes lightly quivered, and there was a softness in his eyes: “Say that again.”

The voice was very small as if just for her to listen.

Xiang Nuan blushed.

Zheng Dongkai and the others sitting across from Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan
were baffled by what was going on between the two, but they decided to pretend
they hadn’t seen anything.

After they all loaded into the game, Xiang Nuan acted as if she had amnesia and
rushed Zhang Fei forwards as if she could fight the enemy team all on her own.

The Little Fairies team, despite having an unusual lineup, had very reasonably
banned Zhuang Zhou. Among all 5 of the mages, 4 of them had strong crowd
control abilities yet Zhuang Zhou was the born nemesis of that ability.

However, a lineup of 5 mages was still too weak. Xiang Nuan was full of

Then, Xiang Nuan’s team lost the first match.

When all the fairies got together, they were a formidable force, especially during
team fights. With their crowd control abilities, plus the mages’ strong burst damage,
their opponent had no time to react.

The one champion which Xiang Nuan felt especially annoying was Zenji. Zenji
was actually a weak champion; players rarely used her even in ranked games
since she ran slowly and died easily. However, Zenji’s ultimate could be cast quickly
and the color was very similar to the color of the ground. Therefore, in the confusion
of a fight, it was hard for other players to notice that she had released her ultimate.
Once hit by her ultimate, a player would slow down, freeze…...then die.

Xiang Nuan usually could get away from the other enemy champions’ crowd control
spells with some quick thinking and prediction. Yet to get away from Zheji’s attack
would required a good pair of eyes instead of the ability to predict; she was hit
several times.

Her other teammates didn't fare any better than her. Sometimes Dayu react too
slowly and couldn’t even dodge Buzhi Huowu’s crowd control.

In any case, Xiang Nuan’s team wasn’t able to play as a team and lost the first

[1]: Famous Chinese and Korean celebrities.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.


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