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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 70 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 70 Part 2

Oblivion’s train was delayed for 12 minutes.

Xiang Nuan stood outside the exit gate of the train station and stretched her neck to look at the passengers swarming out of the station. Lin Chuyan stood by her, seemingly much calmer than her. After a short while, Lin Chuyan received a call from Oblivion. Xiang Nuan heard him talking: “Right, at the south exit. Just come out from there. I’m wearing white with a pink backpack. You should have no problem seeing me.”

Xiang Nuan was a little embarrassed hearing that; she wondered whether Oblivion would suspect Lin Chuyan was gay.

People kept streaming out the station. After a few minutes, Xiang Nuan saw a tall person among the crowd wave at them.

Then that person walked towards them.

The person was about 173 cm tall, wore an army green coat and black pants. He was lean with darker skin, as if he had just come out of a vat of soy sauce.

When he got closer, he smiled at them, showing his super white teeth.

Xiang Nuan didn’t know whether it was a rule or not, but -- --Darker skinned people usually have whiter teeth. She had never seen any exceptions.

Oblivion smiled bashfully and his eyes were clear; a nice person just by the looks of him.

Xiang Nuan had a good impression of him and smiled: “Are you Oblivion? I’m Xiang Nuan. This is Lin Chuyan, the big noob.”

Lin Chuyan lifted his hand and gently pushed her head: “Are you especially looking forward to when I take care of you?”

Xiang Nuan blushed and stepped one step to the side to keep some distance from him.

“How are you? I’m Oblivion. My name is Lu Yuqiang.” He said.

His voice was a bit coarse, like thick sand on the beach. It was quite special, but still pleasant to hear.

“Finally we meet.” Lin Chuyan said and reached over to shake hands with him. They patted each other’s shoulder. Then he said to Oblivion: “Those sweet rice balls were delicious.”

Xiang Nuan was a little embarrassed about the sweet rice balls.

After greetings, Oblivion asked: “Are you two togerther now?”

Lin Chuyan looked at Xiang Nuan, curved the sides of his lips, then said: “En.”

Oblivion was very happy for him: “Congratulations.”

Xiang Nuan was still a little bashful. Lin Chuyan however picked up her hand again and held it tightly in his hand. He was still shameless as usual.

-- --

The three of them went to eat some local specialty dishes. During lunch, Xiang Nuan asked why Oblivion had come to Nanshan.

Oblivion was here to try out for a professional team.

Nanshan City was a major city in the area and had a thriving esports business. There were many esports clubs in the city. Oblivion was going to a club called “Heat.” The club’s Kings of Glory division was recruiting youth trainees.

“Is a trainee a substitute player?” Xiang Nuan asked.

“No.” Oblivion shook his head.

Xiang Nuan: ? ? ?

Lin Chuyan had some knowledge about it and explained to Xiang Nuan: “Youth trainees are just reserves. The training camp is like a reserve for talent.”

Xiang Nuan understood: “So it means that you won’t even be able to be a substitute after you go there. You can only wait for an opportunity to come up?”

“En.” Oblivion nodded. But he didn’t mind it, he stressed: “I get paid.”

“How much for a month?”

“About 8,000.”

“That’s too little.”

“No, it’s not……”

Xiang Nuan felt Oblivion should be worth much more than that; it should be 80,000 RMB instead.

In reality, the club would have to evaluate him before paying him 8000 a month. Through Hu Ge, Oblivion had been introduced to the manager of Heat and they talked online for a few days. Then Oblivion received an invitation to try it out at the camp. He would undergo training at the base for a week, then he had to go through evaluation to officially become one of the trainees if he passed.

Xiang Nuan listened to Oblivion and felt sorry for him since he was already such a strong player.

Even Lin Chuyan felt 8,000 was a bit low.

Oblivion on the other hand thought these two students from a top university were a bit naive, they had probably never worked outside the school. When he was working as a laborer carrying bricks, he wasn’t able to always have work. Even if he had work, he could only earn four or five thousand a month from such exhausting work. In addition, he didn’t have any insurance. Now by going to the club, he could play games to earn 8,000 a month. With steady income and insurance, it was like heaven to him.

“I think it’s quite good.” He said. Looking at the naive young couple who were about the same age as him, he envied them while simultaneously finding amusement by their innocence.

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