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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 68 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 68 Part 4

Xiang Nuan held the box in her arms, trying to tear the wrapping paper off. But the box was so large that she had to hold it with both hands and couldn’t remove the wrapping paper.

Lin Chuyan took a look at her ankles again and felt cold for her. So he said: “Bring it back to your room and open it.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Remember to give me a call tomorrow, tell me what you think.”


Xiang Nuan was baffled but Lin Chuyan turned to walk away, one hand carrying his suitcase and the other one waving goodbye over his shoulder.

Xiang Nuan took the box back to her room and peeled off layers of wrapping paper, like peeling an onion. Finally, she saw what was inside the box.

It was a beautiful wooden house.

It was a normal house, just miniaturized. It was built like a real house with a roof, windows, furniture, a garden…...Everything was rendered rather realistically.

Xiang Nuan held her face with both of her hands and her heart was thumping.

Min Lili walked by and saw the little house on Xiang Nuan’s desk. She was surprised: “Wow, so pretty. Where did you get this?” As she was talking, her hand reached over trying to touch it.

Xiang Nuan pushed her hand away: “Don’t touch it, don’t touch it.”

“Hey, Nuannuan, what’s that expression on your face? Why are you blushing while looking at a house? What are you thinking about?”

Xiang Nuan gently pushed her away: “Go, go. You don’t understand.”

Min Lili boisterously replied: “What! What don’t I understand? I’ve read pronographic books, have you?”

“Please don’t talk about that kind of thing with such an arrogant tone……”

Xiang Nuan pushed Min Lili away and continued to enjoy her little house with a red face.

Lin Chuyan’s hands are so crafted, it was almost like a woman's hands. She pushed open the little window on the house, touched the little beds, little desks, and little chairs. Then she played with the columns and fences. The lamp on her own desk was so bright that the little house seemed a little dark in comparison.

If there was a light inside the little house, it would be perfect. She thought to herself.

Xiang Nuan searched the little house up and down. When she reached the bottom of the house, she found a small moveable board there. She removed the board and found three batteries inside.


If there were batteries, then there must be a light she could turn on. But where was the switch……

She looked for a while; then when she pushed open the door to the living room on the first floor, the room lit up instantly.

The light had an orange glow, soft and warm, adding a more human touch to the house.

Xiang Nuan turned off her own lamp on the desk and the light inside the little house became even brighter.

And even prettier.

Xiang Nuan leaned on her desk, resting her chin on her elbow, smiling.

Right at that moment, a voice came from the little house. The voice was clean, gentle, and with a hint of laughter: “I like you.”

Xiang Nuan was taken aback.

Min Lili and the other two roommates were also startled.

Min Lili: “Who? Who’s talking? ! Why is there a man in our room? !”

Xiang Nuan understood right away.

She closed the door to the living room and the light turned off; when she pushed opened again, the light lit up again.

Then a little while later, the voice sounded again, still clean and warm: “I like you.”

Xiang Nuan’s face and heart were burning hot. She held her face with both of her hands, buried her face into her desk and giggled, ignoring what her roommates would think.

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