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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 139 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 139 Part 1

In Tong Yao’s memory, she hadn’t seen Lu Sicheng look like this for a long time-- --headstrong yet anxious, uncertainty flashing in his eyes, simply because he had long since firmly set his mind on something that he was ready to fight for it to the end.

The last time she had seen Lu Sicheng act this way was when he and Pope, Li Junhe, were debating about what the best Jinx item build was. The two of them, separated by the fence dividing the two yards, were in such a heated argument that neither Tong Yao nor the captain next door could calm them down. In the end, both Tong Yao and the captain next door gave up on appeasing them and stood by with a “why don’t you two fight it out then” attitude......

Usually when Lu Sicheng was in this kind of mindset, he was in a “I won’t listen to you; no matter what you say, I just won’t listen; get lost” state...... Tong Yao was at a loss about Lu Sicheng’s reaction, but seemed to feel better because of what he had said. Her brain started to return to normal function and finally realized there was something he said that didn’t seem quite right: “You said you…… haven’t done enough?”

Lu Sicheng raised his eyebrows.

Tong Yao immediately became timid: “You said it yourself!”

Lu Sicheng: “I did say that. Why are you nervous?”

“......It’s impossible to not be timid when you look at me with that kind of look.” Tong Yao found scissors to cut off the bandage which had been dangling from her finger for quite some time now. She threw the bandage roll back into the first aid case: “Tell me, how is that you haven’t done enough?”

“Is this to find out what I’m guilty of?”

“........................It’s not that, I’m just asking.” Tong Yao gave him a glance: “I’m just curious why you would have such an idea like that. Why do you feel that you haven’t done enough-- --In reality, you’ve been pretty good all this time. ZGDX doesn’t have much of a problem either. The team fought its way to the finals at the last competition in spring with no trouble at all. There was no one saying anything bad about you on Tieba. You’re Lu Sicheng, Chessman, the god of ADs in everyone’s mind. There wasn’t anyone accusing you of anything before…...Until I came here, I’m nosy, I pick faults with this circle, even you. I have a lot of opinions about the team, I’ve caused quite a bit of trouble, and I’ve brought about endless gossip. If there’s a troublemaker, it has to be me. Then, why would you feel that it’s you who hasn’t done enough?”

Tong Yao earnestly counted her shortcomings with her fingers. The more she said the more she felt insecure, her voice became smaller and smaller. After she lifted her hand up for Lu Sicheng to tie a knot on the bandage on her finger, she hugged Lu Sicheng’s waist: “I don’t want to break up with you at all. It’s just that you’ve been ignoring me in the past few days and I thought maybe you’re angry at me or think I’m too troublesome. That’s why I couldn’t help myself but ask. If you’re really thinking that way, then I have to break up with you ahead of you so I won’t lose face-- --”

Before she finished, Lu Sicheng pinched her face.

She had to swallow back whatever she had intended to say. She was forced to look up at Lu Sicheng with a distorted face. Lu Sicheng was looking down at her with a frustrated expression.

“Last season, though we made it to the finals, we also lost 4 or 5 matches before that and lost to CK at the finals. It’s not like now it’s become unacceptable to lose even just to YQCB or CK by the end of competition-- --So how can you say that the team was doing well and has taken a step back? You’re nosy, but we haven’t been going to any ridiculous commercial events for quite a while now. You did pick fault with this circle, but nowadays almost all the clubs have curfews and all the players are more careful with their own mindsets. It used to be that I only needed to consider how to carry out the strategy that I'd decided when I was commanding the game. Now when I’m commanding, I can look at the bigger picture, because of the suggestions from my teammates, to make an even better choice. Though the process of learning to respond more quickly is quite difficult, it's an improvement in any case. When everyone else is improving themselves, I have to improve myself in order to be ahead of others. You’re a troublemaker who can’t control your mouth, but what you’ve said has all been correct. Has the club management accused you after you said those words? No, they didn’t. That means that what you said is right. As for that crazy fan who sent blades to hurt you, how can it be your fault?...... Have I missed anything that I haven’t mentioned?”


Tong Yao looked up with her mouth slightly open, looking at Lu Sicheng in complete bewilderment. She hadn’t heard Lu Sicheng talk so much in one breath ever since that showgirl incident where he was lecturing her in the break room.

What was even more unbelievable to her was that he even asked her whether he had forgotten anything.

…………………………………………….She didn’t think there was anything he had missed.

Besides, she even thought he had spoken too much.

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