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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 55 Part 3

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 55 Part 3

Lin Chuyan kept setting off fireworks with the camera on, one after another .

Xiang Nuan was so scared for him, afraid that a uniformed policeman would suddenly appear in front of the camera.

“This is the last one.” Lin Chuyan said.

Xiang Nuan quietly blew out a sigh of relief.

The last firework was different from all the previous ones. Though the outside looked the same, the inside was quite different.

Lin Chuyan took a deep breath, bent down, and lit it.

Three fireworks burst in the night sky; the golden letters  “I” and “U” were separated by the red heart shape in the middle.

From the moment he lit the fuse, Lin Chuyan’s heartbeat quickened; when the three symbols appeared in the sky, his heart was beating out of control.

This was his daring attempt to find out Xiang Nuan’s feelings for him. He waited for her response.

It only took a few seconds for the fireworks to blossom and extinguish. After the sparkles disappeared, the sky returned to peaceful blackness.

But she hadn’t said a thing.

Lin Chuyan waited for a little while. All he could hear was the whizzing wind. The wind carried the noise of the crowd in other parts of the resort to his ears, making him feel especially lonely and cold.

He couldn’t let it go without hearing from her and asked: “Do you like it?”

There was still no answer from her.

Lin Chuyan looked at his phone screen and saw Xiang Nuan’s face with knotted eyebrows, frozen in place.

“Xiang Nuan?” He called out to her.

Suddenly, there was a notification on his cell phone: the video chat had disconnected.

Lin Chuyan couldn’t believe it.

Xiang Nuan called in right afterwards.

“Lin Chuyan, you’re so silly, go back in quick. You’ve been firing fireworks for so long, the police must already be on their way!” Xiang Nuan said.

“Xiang Nuan, did you like the last firework?” Lin Chuyan insisted on getting to the bottom of it.

“I like it, like it. I really like it! Go back, in a hurry.”

Lin Chuyan gave a frustrated laugher and asked her: “You didn’t see the last one, did you?”

“That’s not my fault. You have bad signal and the connection got cut off.”

For a brief moment, Lin Chuyan really wanted to go and blow up his phone carrier’s office.

Xiang Nuan was rushing him to go back in again. Lin Chuyan had no choice but to go back inside. He heard Xiang Nuan yawning and told her to go sleep.

His parents had gone to sleep earlier. After he went back into the villa, he sat in the brightly lit living room for a while, spacing out. Then he went to sleep as well.

-- --

The next day was New Year’s day. Xiang Nuan went to visit relatives and friends to wish them a happy new year during the day and only played games at night.

There was no training today. She just logged on to have some fun and formed a team with Lin Chuyan and Oblivion.

The three of them had their mics on. Xiang Nuan remembered Shen Zemu’s phone call last night and suddenly became contemplative about her life.

“Have I told you that I started playing this game because of Shen Zemu.” Xiang Nuan said to Lin Chuyan.

“I know.” Lin Chuyan replied.

Xiang Nuan: “But I found out that I actually don’t like him anymore since a while ago. I’ve already found my true love.”

Lin Chuyan’s heart skipped a beat. He purposely spoke as calmly as possible: “Then your true love now is……”

“Kings of Glory.”

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  1. Hahaha, not only did XN not see LC's I(heart)U but she tells LC her current love is (not him). Now, really looking forward to the next update. Thank you for this one.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor him

  3. Poor Chuyan keeps getting a raw deal. But on the brighter side, she had admitted to not liking SZ anymore.