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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 55 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 55 Part 2

Xiang Nuan actually missed the time Lin Chuyan visited her house. Though Lin Chuyan could be somewhat erratic, he was quite amenable while at her house. He would do whatever she had asked him to do. When her mom was cooking and told her to peel the garlic, which she didn’t want to, she’d just give it to Lin Chuyan. Lin Chuyan peeled all of them without a word. She supervised him while eating cherries. She enjoyed looking at Lin Chuyan’s fingers, they were so pleasant to her eyes that even peeling garlic was enjoyable to watch…...In addition, Lin Chuyan had brought the big, dark red, juicy cherries she was eating.

When Xiang Nuan’s mom found out what she had done, she blamed Xiang Nuan for bullying Lin Chuyan. Xiang Nuan wished at the time that her mom saw all those times when Lin Chuyan bullied her……

“Xiang Nuan? Xiang Nuan?” Lin Chuyan called over the phone.

Xiang Nuan didn’t know why her mind was wandering off so easily today. She figured she needed more calcium supplements.

“En?” She answered.

Lin Chuyan laughed. “Guess what I’m doing right now?”

His laughter was very gentle and echoed through the sound of the piercing wind, like a tiny flame swaying in the wind.

Infected by his high spirits, Xiang Nuan smiled as she replied: “You’re standing guard.”


“You’re walking the dog.”


“You’re peeing on the snow? …...Lin Chuyan, you better watch how you behave in public.”


Xiang Nuan couldn’t figure it out.

Lin Chuyan was preparing to set off fireworks.

Nanshan City is the provincial capital, densely populated. The citizens of the city were forbidden to set off fireworks privately. There were designated areas throughout the city where fireworks were allowed.

Lin Xueyuan had bought a piece of land and built it into a resort. Then with his connections, he had the resort listed as one of the designated areas for fireworks.

Every New Year, the resort attracted crowds that come to do or watch fire fireworks.

Lin Chuyan was at the private area of the resort. There was a villa there; he was standing in front of the villa right now with a pile of fireworks on the ground.

“I’m firing fireworks.” He said.

“Oh? Where are you?”

“I’m still at Nanshan.”

“Haha, you’re setting off fireworks in Nanshan City? Even Lingxi banned fireworks…...Why don’t you fly up to the sky with your fireworks!”

“I am, really.” Lin Chuyan said: “I’m in the suburb.”

“It’s not allowed even in the suburbs.”

“I’m at a designated area. This place belongs to my family.”

“Hahahahaha…...Lin Chuyan you can really make up a story, I’ll give you that.”

Xiang Nuan wouldn’t believe him no matter how hard he tried to convince her. Lin Chuyan turned on video from his side.

In the video, Xiang Nuan saw Lin Chuyan outdoors. His nose tip had turned red from the freezing cold, but his eyes were still bright as usual.

Xiang Nuan found it even more difficult to believe Lin Chuyan now that the video was on-- --Though she had never been to any of the designated areas for fireworks, she was sure there must’ve been a crowd there to watch the fireworks. In the video she was seeing now, Lin Chuyan was by himself, without another living creature in sight.

Lin Chuyan insisted on setting off fireworks. Xiang Nuan was worried. She saw him light the fireworks, then the camera shook for a while. The picture turned black, it seemed that he was now pointing the camera at the sky.

A burst of fireworks went up in the sky on screen.

The camerawork was rather amateurish, but the fireworks were rather spectacular. A bright red flash shot up, then burst open, and lit up the night sky. It made an amazing picture.

Xiang Nuan heard Lin Chuyan’s laughter as he asked her: “Was it beautiful?”

“It is.” Xiang Nuan warrily said: “Lin Chuyan, you better leave quick. The police will come get you soon.”

Lin Chuyan wouldn’t leave.

That made Xiang Nuan rather worried.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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