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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 54 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 54 Part 2

Xiang Nuan made a wrong move and was afraid that she would be criticized by Yang Yin as well.

“Sorry, so sorry……” Xiang Nuan hurriedly apologized.

“It’s alright, just do you best.” Yang Yin said indifferently.

Shen Zemu was a little annoyed, not because he was being called a noob but out of concern  about the obvious differential treatment he and Xiang Nuan had received from Yang Yin.

After the match was over, Shen Zemu sent a message to Yang Yin: Do you like her?

Yang Yin: ? ?

Shen Zemu: Xiang Nuan.

Yang Yin: Sure, who wouldn’t like such a lovely girl?

Shen Zemu: I mean, that kind of like.

Yang Yin: ……

Youngsters had quite the imagination these days.

Yang Yin was shocked by Shen Zemu’s question. She looked at his messages, though they were only a dozen words, it was obvious that he was questioning her. Yang Yin suddenly understood.

Yang Yin: You guys… aren’t involved in a love triangle, are you?

Shen Zemu thought to himself. Who knew how many angles there were now.

He replied to Yang Yin: May I ask something personal, what’s your sexual orientation?

Yang Yin: I like men.

She was startled by her own quick response. As the coach of the team, why did she have to be questioned by a member of her team? And she had responded so swiftly. = =

Shen Zemu only replied with an “en.”

Yang Yin found the entire situation rather interesting and asked him: How old are you?

Shen Zemu: 21. Why?

Yang Yin: It’s nothing. I just feel you’re like an old man.

“You’re like an old man.”......This wasn’t the first time that someone had said this to Shen Zemu.

From the outside, Shen Zemu didn’t look like an old man at all. He looked like a 20 year old with a handsome face. He was the kind of young man that had young women come up to him while he was walking on the street. That wasn’t the treatment any old man would have.

But when anyone who had more contact with him, they would say that Shen Zemu had the personality of an old man. He was prudent, mature, and had strong self-control; he wouldn’t indulge in anything or be capricious, there was hardly ever any emotional moment from him……

To put it in a good way, his personality was lacking some youthful vigour; to put in a not so good way, he was…...just boring.

-- --

It was New Year’s Eve and Shen Zemu had played for the entire day. When Chen Yinghu came to Shen Zemu’s house, he saw his uncle was busy pasting spring couplets.

Chen Yinghu felt that his cousin’s parents would surely scold or at least nag at him for “only plays games and not helping with the housework,” or “we’ll throw away your cell phone if you keep playing games,” or “do you plan to spend the rest of your life with your cell phone.” “you don’t want to keep your eyesight do you”......

That would be how his parents would treat him when he played games at home.

He really wanted to see his cousin be scolded by his parents……

However, Chen Yinhu discovered that his aunt and uncle didn’t seem to be bothered by their son’s addiction to games.

He thought it must be because they had visitors in the house and didn’t want to scold their son in front of their guests.

Chen Yinghu asked his cousin: “My aunt won’t nag you?”


Chen Yinghu wouldn’t drop the topic and kept asking: “She didn’t say anything about how you’ve played a game all day?”

“She won’t.”

“Why not?”

Shen Zemu confusedly glanced at him: “Why would she nag me?”

“Nag you about not doing serious work.”

“My serious work is doing fine. I was first again in the whole department this semester.”

Chen Yinghu was deeply hurt.

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  1. FFFF I would say poor SZ for being described as boring but that first in the department despite being addicted to games really hurts me T-T

  2. That description of SZ is really accurate. He is handsome but rather boring and passive