Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 53 Part 2

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 53 Part 2

Lin Chuyan thought his parents would see his post on WeChat Moments then question him about his trip to Lingxi City. He was prepared to tell his parents that he was there to visit a girl, but in the end his parents didn’t see the post nor question him.

His parents had flown out of the country for a ski vacation. They were more occupied with enjoying the hot springs and hunting that they didn’t bother to check their son on social media.

After Lin Chuyan and the others returned to Nanshan City, the Times team participated in the online elimination round against other teams from their own school. They easily won every match, gaining entrance to the provincial level competition.

Xiang Nuan was quite happy about it. She was always exhilarated when victorious, as if there was a mass of energy inside her body that could make her fly into the sky once ignited…...She liked the feeling.

“The result is just as we expected, don’t get so excited this early.” Yang Yin said. “We have only one goal and that’s the national championship. No matter what kind of competition, our goal will always be the very top. It’s just that simple.”

Xiang Nuan was mesmerized by Yang Yin’s ruthlessness.

Yang Yin: “From today on, we’ll start our regular training.”

Xiang Nuan was wondering: “Eh? Aren’t we training all week?”

“That’s just letting you guys get used to each other. It also helps me get a sense of each of your individual skill level.But it’s not at the level of training. The training schedule I’ve set is for 8 hours each day. Is there any problem?”

Waiwai: “Yes.”

Yang Yin: “Then keep it to yourself.”

Waiwai: “......”

Yang Yin: “We can have New Year’s day off, but training for the rest of the time. Since you’ve asked me to be your coach and we all want to be the champion, then you all have to listen to me and follow the schedule. If all you want to do is just play around at the Collegiate Competition, then we can say goodbye now.”

“I don’t have any problems. I have nothing to do during the New Year holidays.” Xiang Nuan was the first to make her determination clear.

“I don’t have any problems either.” Lin Chuyan said.

Then Shen Zemu, Zheng Dongkai, and Waiwai each declared that they would do as she said.

Xiang Nuan thought about what Yang Yin had just said and asked: “Yin Jiejie, you said you were measuring our skill level, how do you feel about us?”

The other four members also wanted to know the answer and the chat became quiet, which made Xiang Nuan nervous.

Yang Yin: “Uh, a bunch of rookies.”

“Wuwuwu……” Xiang Nuan didn’t know what to say. She felt like she had suffered a huge blow to her confidence.

It hit the others just as hard, but they kept their silence. If it was someone else calling them rookies, they would refuse to accept it. But it was Yang Yin telling them…...They had no choice but to accept it. = =

Yang Yin could be rather arrogant when talking about anything related to video games. But she had more patience when dealing with Xiang Nuan. When she heard Xiang Nuan whining, she softened her tone and comforted her: “Alright, you aren’t a rookie; you’re a cute rookie.”

“Yin Jiejie, I know you’re trying your best, but somehow I don’t feel any better……”

It was followed by Lin Chuyan’s laughter.

Xiang Nuan angrily said: “Lin Chuyan, what you’re laughing at!”

Lin Chuyan played dumb: “It wasn’t me.”

“Don’t play dumb. I recognize your voice.”

“Hmph.” Yang Yin interrupted them. “Anything not related to the game can be discussed in a private chat…...I mean, Xiang Nuan, Waiwai, I suggest that you two exchange positions. Waiwai plays support and Nuannuan will be top.”

Waiwai had been playing support all along, it was because they reorganized the team that he had switched positions. He had no problem switching back to his old position.

However, Xiang Nuan had a big problem with the switch: “It can’t be. I only know how to play support. I haven’t played any other positions.”

“You can practice then if you haven’t played before.”

Xiang Nuan was quiet for a while, then asked: “Yin Jiejie, can I know why I have to change positions? I feel our line up now is pretty good.”

“To win.”

“I don’t understand.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.