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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 42 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 42 Part 1

Qianxi hung around the competition area that weekend.  KG had
their ups and downs, down from the winner group to the loser group,
then up to the final round in the loser group.  They won and qualified
for the final competition.

As they had expected, their opponent at the final competition was
still Crystal.

The majority of people thought Crystal was going to win.  The online
betting odds were lopsidedly in favor of Crystal.  Qianxi wanted to
show her support and went onto the site to bet a large mount on KG.  
Xu Jimo walked to to the corner where she was sitting after the meeting.
Qianxi was struggling with the unstable hotel WIFI on her cell phone.  
A bright payment interface with an outrageous amount on the screen
was waving back and forth with the movement of her cell phone.

Xu Jimo asked her, “What are you doing?”

“I’m using my hard earned money to support the ‘family business’!”

He took the phone and looked at it, just as a notification popped up
with the words “Payment Successful!”  Though his demeanor remained
calm, his displeasure could be seen in his eyes.

Qianxi thought he was angry for spending her money so recklessly.  
She hugged his waist. “It’ll be the only time in my whole life…...I have
to go back to school for class tomorrow and can’t watch you play in
person.  But as long as you look at the betting odds, then you will remember
that I have a stake in it. Won’t you feel as if I was here in person?”

She lifted her hand and swore.  “I just bet for fun. I’ll never gamble
again!  You must win the TI so I won’t be a squanderer. You have to win!”  

She looked at Xu Jimo’s eyes which still seemed gloomy.  She wasn’t
sure what to do. “......Well, if you don’t like it, I’ll go find out whether I
can get a refund?”

Xu Jimo returned her phone to her and said lightly,  “It’s up to you.”

Then, he just walked away……

Li Cang silently sneaked over after he was sure that Xu Jimo had
disappeared.  “Young lady boss, don’t you worry about it. Boss wasn’t
blaming you, he just had some issues with gambling.”

Qianxi confusedly looked at Li Cang with a question mark above her

“Don’t you know?  When boss first retired, there was rumor on the
internet that he didn’t get along with Tundra.  It’s partially because of this.”
Li Cang rolled a magazine to cover his mouth and whispered. “At the time,
the gambling industry just started to focus on the esports.  Many greedy
players on the teams received under the table money and threw games.
Tundra was one of them.”

“We all understand boss’ character, right?  He was young, aggressive
and proud. He didn’t tell on Tundra because they were teammates, but
he quit playing and retired. We’re talking about three years that he had
wasted…...Our profession depends on young age.  Everyone knows how
valuable three years are. So he has a chip on his shoulder against gambling.
Do you understand?”

So that explains it.

She said wearily,  “I understand……”

Qianxi had stepped on a mine by accident and remained very quiet for
the whole evening.  She boarded the early train the next morning to go
back to school. She was too afraid to mention the incident again.

She behaved like nothing happened and asked during breakfast,  “I seem
to have class during the finals. Should I watch the live stream or not?”

He still answered with the same words, “It’s up to you.”

Qianxi felt that she was being ignored and decided to not watch.  She
packed her books to go to the class in the evening, forcing herself not to
care about the competition. But she remained absent minded.

She comforted herself: She wanted to watch the competition is for the
sake her large bet, not because of him at all…...She had spent a large
amount of money to support the ‘family business’, so it was impossible
for her not to care about it.

Qianxi secretly tuned into the livestream and inserted her earphones.  
The competition was already at the final stage. KG led the game by a
large margin and Crystal was on their last legs. KG’s tactics were designed
specifically to counter Crystal’s recent play style.  Crystal was caught
completely by surprise on stage at the final match and couldn’t react quickly
enough. They were overwhelmed and constantly on defensive.

Finally, the enemy base collapsed.  The moment the thundering applause
flooded her earphones, the professor’s lecture faded into the background…...
The camera shifted from the victorious KG team to a view of the entire stage.  
The blonde hostess announced the winner of tonight in an exciting voice.
KG came out of the soundproof room one by one. They shook hands with their
opponents and stayed on stage.

All the things she didn’t get to see while serving as the translator for the team
in the past were now being played out on screen.

Her head was completely blank during the whole award ceremony.

Sometimes, only when one witnessed it, could one understand the meaning
it carried.

Youth, a dream, persistence, and everything he stood fast for……

Those enthusiastic and fantastic words finally became reality tonight.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.


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