Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Most Majestic You - Chapter 39 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 39 Part 1

Qianxi slanted her head with a cute, innocent expression like
a little white bunny.

Whenever he saw her act this way, it was impossible for him
to decipher her intentions.

Qianxi looked at him for five seconds, then she pretended to
look at the crossroad.  “Nod your head quickly. Otherwise,
I’m leaving.”

She turned around to leave, but only retracted one hand out
of his pockets at a snail's pace.  Xu Jimo chuckled and took
her hand.

“Don’t pull it out.”  He massaged her slightly cold fingers.  
“Otherwise it’ll be freezing numb later.”

She didn’t turn back, but lightly bit her lower lip……,
holding back a snicker.

Qianxi successfully become his little tail by shameless trickery.  
She walked after him back to the base which wasn’t too far away.
She swayed her hand and boastfully mentioned the incident just
now.  “Actually I could take care of it myself just now because
they’re all my friends. They aren’t gangsters. Wouldn’t it be easy
if I really didn’t want to pay the bill?  After all they weren’t forcing
me to pay the bill.

“But I’m leaving soon, they wanted to get together because they
hate to see me go.  We don’t know when we'll meet again next
time. So I just want my friends to enjoy themselves to the fullest
while I’m still here.  Wasn’t it a good thing to do? I’m willing to do
it myself.”

Qianxi walked forward one step and embraced him.  She concluded,
“It’s because you’re here. I have backup to take care of it, so I could
still show off.  So don’t worry about me. Though you won’t be near
me in the future, I’ll be doing well on my own.”

They stood in front of the elevator.  Xu Jimo turned back to look at
her calmly.  Above his head, red indicator shone, showing the current
floor number slowly decrease. It was like a silent countdown timer,
creating a tense atmosphere for no reason.

It looked like…...she had said something wrong?

Qianxi thought hard for three seconds, then suddenly realized it.  
“Ah…...no. I didn’t mean that!” She suddenly burst into a flattering
smile and mischievously rocked his waist.  “Actually, I won’t do well
all by myself. I’ll pass a day as if it’s a year and pass a second as if
it’s a day by myself without Xu Jimo…...I feel like I almost suffocated
after being unable to see you for three days during the Chinese New
Year!  Really!”

When the elevator door opened, she used the momentum to fall into
it.  She sat on the ground and held her knees, biting her lower lip.
“I fell down.  I can’t get up unless Xu Jimo kisses me!”

Xu Jimo looked at the comedian Qianxi, speechless and choked.

She…...had never been serious for more than three minutes.

In order not to make the security guard in the surveillance room think
he was kidnapping a young lady, he quickly walked into the elevator
and dragged her up.  Qianxi still leaned on him, shamelessly acting
spoiled and asking for a kiss, despite being blocked by his hand. The
elevator reached the 20th floor in no time while one resisted the other.

When the elevator door opened again, Qianxi was still standing on
her tippy toes trying to molest him.

Cheng Feng was flabbergasted to see this scene as the doors slid
open.  He was petrified like a statue except that this statue could speak.

“I just came out to dump the trash…...sorry…...ignore me, continue.”  
The statue said.

He had joined KG too late to experience the time Qianxi was torturing
these single guys at base.  He was also a genuine innocent teenage
boy, simply unable to withstand what he had seen.

Qianxi saw the statue off.  She was so shameful that she simply wanted
to cut open the bottom of the elevator and drop straight down twenty
floors into the ground in order to leave this crime scene…...Why didn’t
he tell her that there was another person at base QAQ.

And even more than that, he was only a kid.

It was a sin to misguide a kid…...

Xu Jimo dug out the face hiding inside his arms, which refused to rise up.  
His one hand blocked the elevator door which was trying to close. He
said, “Go out first.”

The only thought she had was, “Luckily Cheng Feng didn’t see the time
when I was peevish and was acting like a spoiled child.  Otherwise I’d be
even more embarrassed……” She didn’t even know how Xu Jimo carried
her out of the elevator and into the room.

He squatted in front of the drawers of the closet and dug out several
pieces of clothing she had left here before.

A laced skirt, woolen sweater…...None of them seemed to be suitable
as pajama.

“Didn’t you leave a pajama at base before?”

“I did, can’t you find it?”  She reached over to check. She couldn’t find
any after going through all her clothes.

Qianxi glanced at Xu Jimo who was a calm as usual.  She whispered
with a voice only the two of them could hear,  “Actually…...I can use
your T shirt. Don’t you have a pure cotton T shirt?”

As a matter of fact, all single men never paid attention to what material
the T-shirt they bought were made out of.

But that wasn’t the point here.

Xu Jimo heard her voice and glanced at her, then stood up slowly.

His back faced the closet and he opened the door with one hand.
 “Go pick one.”

Qianxi momentarily hesitated, then she stood on her tippy toes to check
around.  Right after she flipped over a few, he moved half a step over
and embraced her in his arms.

Xu Jimo held a little bit tighter than usual, bending over to whisper into
her ear with a calm, smooth voice,  “You have been naughty for the
whole night.”


“What do you want to do, uhm?”

His voice trailed off.  Qianxi buried her head and subconsciously
grabbed his shirt tighter and tighter……

She didn’t know what she was nervous about, it was just…...her
heart was thumping.

The man was still seducing her.  “What are you twisting my shirt for.  
Do you want this one?”

“You want me to take it off for you?”  He faced her eyes squarely.

A pair of misty and deep eyes teased her.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com


  1. These pair are meant for each other, lol. They are both naughty ❤️. I am fanning my face vigorously, it’s too hot in here...it’s more when it’s subtle seduction. Thank you for the team for your hard work. It’s a beautiful translation.

  2. Why don't you two get together and do it already? You are torturing this single person.....