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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 40 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 40 Part 2

Jetlagged and unable to fall asleep that night, Qianxi video chatted
with Xu Jimo under the moonlight in a foreign country.

She introduced her roommate to him in a low voice, “Jessie’s grandma
is Chinese, so she understands Chinese culture very well.  And she’s
really beautiful! I’m used to seeing boys everyday while living at the base.
Now, when I think that I’ll see a mixed blood beauty whenever I wake up
in the morning, I feel like the next several year will be quite pleasant.”

She described in detail Jessie’s curvaceous figure and excellent cooking
skill. As she spoke, her door was pushed ajar and Jessie stuck in half of
her body.  “Sorry, you didn’t seem to hear me knock on the door.” She
glanced at the computer screen which was the only thing emitting light in
the room. She understandably winked one of her eyes.  “Are you video
chatting with your boyfriend?”

“....Yes.”  Qianxi went to open the door for her embarrassedly.  “What’s
the matter?”

“I can’t find my comb.  Can I borrow yours?”

“Of course you can!  Wait a minute, let me get it for you……”

Jessie stayed in her room for only a short moment before leaving.

Qianxi sat back in front of computer.  Her eyes brightened up. “How about
it.  Did you see her just now? Isn’t she very beautiful with a nice figure?”

Xu Jimo was busy with something.  He turned his chair back after he heard
her voice and looked very absent minded. “Uhm?”

“......Are you watching the replay again?”  Her smiling face stiffened.

“Uhm.”  He seemed to finally make room in his brain to process the words
she just said.  He said lightly. “You have a beautiful roommate. Are you too
happy to think of home now?”

“......”  She wasn’t.

He didn’t understand how hard it was for her to find a subject to carry on
the conversation.

They lived on quite different paths of life to begin with, now the separation
had deepened after being apart for ten thousand miles.  Qianxi finished the
subject disappointedly until she heard that he had qualified for the TI invitation.
She was a little bit excited after he said he would come to America to see her
shortly.  A while later, they ended the video chat since he had to go to a meeting.

She was very free for the next several days until orientation day.  Other than
some necessary procedures, she was with Jessie most of the time to meet
with her friends at Washington State.

Usually her role at the party was always to take Jessie back to the apartment
after she got drunk.  After a few times, she rarely went to a party with Jessie again.

One morning, Qianxi planned to check on Jessie who had been drunk the
night before.  But when she opened her door, she saw a man, who seemed
to have hangover as well, come out of Jessie’s room.

It was the first time that Qianxi encountered such a situation.  She hesitated
and hesitated, then raised her hand to greet him. But Jessie didn’t sense her
embarrassment at all.  She hugged her new boyfriend right away after she
came out of the bedroom, performing a wet French kiss right in front of Qianxi.  
Qianxi could even hear the sound of them sucking and licking each other inside
the quiet apartment.

The question in Qianxi’s mind quickly changed from “When did he come into
the apartment?” to “Would she need to make herself deaf.”

In the end, Jessie unabashedly introduced him to her.  “This is my boyfriend, Hew.”


The blonde boy kissed Jessie goodbye shortly afterwards.  Jessie behaved as
if nothing special had happened and ate breakfast with Qianxi.  She chatted with
her. “By the way, why I haven’t met your boyfriend yet?”

“He’s not here.”

“Oh?  In a foreign country?”  Gossip was the common interest of women
worldwide.  Jessie asked about Xu Jimo’s age, appearance, and character.  
Finally his profession, then she knitted her eyebrows. “It doesn’t sound like a

Qianxi didn’t want to go into the topic and smiled.  “That’s right. Many people
feel the same way.”

Apparently, Jessie didn’t think Qianxi’s relationship would last long. Among
Jessie’s friends, there was a French man who was very interested in Qianxi
after meeting her in a party.  Not only did Jessie not dissuade him, but
encouraged Qianxi to let the situation develop naturally.

According to Jessie, “All the lovers who are geographically apart always feel
that their love will last forever, but the result is usually the opposite.  Why don’t
you give yourself one more opportunity?”

Qianxi thought it was nothing to hide from Xu Jimo, so she told him about it
as a joke.

He had just arrived at the hotel in Seattle.  He had several training matches
with foreign teams in the afternoon, so he responded calmly without any
emotion and hung up the phone after a short conversation.  She thought about
the issue of getting a married license had ended without any resolution and he
was always absent minded recently when talking with her…...They were only
separated for half a month, but he was already behaving like this!  Qianxi was
so annoyed that she almost wanted to follow Jessie’s advice. “Give yourself
one more opportunity.”

But her irritation disappeared instantly when, that night, he showed up in front
of her apartment and Qianxi saw him through the window.

The tall body leaned between the trees in the misty night.  The dense branches
of the pine trees covered his clear and handsome face.  It was like surreal illusion.

Xu Jimo’s message displayed on her phone.  “Are you coming down?”

“......Not yet.”

She leaned on the windowsill and sneaked a photo of him.  She typed in the
message. “I want to keep this picture firmly in my mind.  Then I will always feel
that you’re there whenever I see this tree in the future.”

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