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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 29 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 29 Part 1

From that day forward, all the single guys at KG began to witness more and
more displays of affection between the two……

Li Cang and Cheng Yang had already suffered for two days when they traveled
to the convention.  Finally, they returned to base and Qianxi had recovered from
her fever.  She was back to her lively self, taking Xu Jimo to shop at IKEA.  In the
next couple days, the wall light in their living room became a hollowed-out snowflake
lamp.  The plastic fruit plate was upgraded to a three-layer dessert stand.  The color
of Wei Lai’s bedroom was changed to baby blue……

The young lady boss was simply decorating the base like their love nest!

After they had protested in vain, all the single guys went back to their homes to
avoid the love birds.  They returned to base on the last day of their vacation.

Xu Jimo notified them about the progress during the transfer period.  The happy
and warm atmosphere during their vacation turned moody again.  Tundra’s price
was too high, furthermore, the wealthy R club kept maliciously raising the price.  
It would be very difficult to go through with the deal now.

Li Cang lazily used Cheng Yang’s lap as his pillow, dragging Cheng Yang by the
sleeve.  “Just don’t retire.  Keep playing for one more year.  Anyway, the official
news hasn’t been released yet.  It’s not too late to change your mind.”

“But I already accepted the position of manager.”  Cheng Yang pushed him away.  
He was very firm in his decision to retire.  “I don’t think Tundra’s the only choice
among so many players.  Can we look for somebody else?”

Li Cang sighed,  “But Tundra is the only one currently among all active players who
is able to play Mid and Carry well, other than our boss.  He can play different positions
in a team.  The opponent won’t be able to figure out the positions of your two core
players during the Ban & Pick period.  You already know how much of an advantage
you can have this way.”

In terms of skill level, roles, or the degree of tacit understanding as a former teammate,
there was no one more suitable than Tundra.  But this man was arrogant, cranky,
snobbish, and very unpopular in this circle.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been put up
for transfer by Crystal despite having such skill.

It was even more true for Xu Jimo.  Though Tundra was really the best choice currently,
he was also the one Xu Jimo wanted the least.

He wrote two alternate names on the whiteboard------the first one was a new Korean
player who just came to China to play, the second was a familiar name, Wind, Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng was the talented teenager who had unexpectedly played under par at the
TI competition, so he was put on the transfer list by R.Y.

Cheng Yang pointed to the second name.  “I think he’s pretty suitable.  He’s got good
mechanics, young, and he doesn’t play a fixed position yet.  There’s potential for further
development.”  He gave Xu Jimo an earnest look.  “Boss, really, don’t worry about me.  
My broken bone incident was just an accident.  I’m retiring not because of the incident.  
I like this kid much better than Tundra.”

Even he, who had ‘issues’ with Cheng Feng, had made his choice.  Li Cang and Wei
Lai of course raised hands in approval.  Cherry was in Malaysia, but he expressed his
approval on the groupchat.

Everyone gave their approval.

Xu Jimo walked out of the conference room.  Qianxi jumped up at him.  “Is meeting over?”

The other KG players came out one after another and smelled the fragrance from the
kitchen.  Li Cang took a deep breath.  “Damn?  Did our young lady boss cook dinner
for us today?”

“Yes.  I’m going back to be grounded tonight.  I’m cooking a farewell dinner for you guys.”  
Qianxi untied the apron.  “I don’t cook very often, so you guys better not complain.”  

Cheng Yang was already running to the kitchen and waved his hand to the people behind
him.  “Of course not!  I have never eaten a meal cooked by anybody other than my mother.”  
He quickly came out holding a dish of ribs.  He looked at Xu Jimo with a giggle.  “Cheers boss!”

Qianxi was the kind of person who was easily excited whenever she was praised.  
She sat down and tasted it herself.  “Ah~don’t miss me too much no matter how delicious
it is.  After all, the chef is going to be grounded.”

Cheng Yang and Li Cang acted accordingly with a stream of fake tears.

Qianxi held chopsticks in her mouth in total satisfaction.  She looked at Xu Jimo who
was still standing there.  “Are you still thinking about Tundra?”

Xu Jimo sat next to her.  “They decided to try recruiting another young player, Cheng
Feng.  Have you seen him before?”

“Yeah, I did……”  Qianxi bit her teeth and turned her head silently with a guilty conscience.

He could tell that something must have happened from her behavior.

Xu Jimo sat and waited, staring at her.  He seemed to be waiting for a confession.

But how could she explain…...it was just that several kids indirectly told her that Cheng
Feng liked her while they were in Seattle?  What did those kids know?

His first guess was outrageous.  “Do you like him?”

“......What are you talking about!  It’s the other way around, okay, the other way around!”  
Quanxi spoke loudly, then covered her mouth instantly.  Her two sincere big eyes eagerly
looked at him.

No wonder she was so confident that her parents would forgive her.  Every time she used
this trick, he couldn’t get angry at her.

But this wasn’t something to be angry about.

A young girl was easily noticed by young boys.  Didn’t that make sense?

But she seemed to take it very seriously.  Xu Jimo pretended to pose a poker face and
raised his eyebrows.  “Shouldn’t you explain a little bit more?”

Where does she even start……

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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