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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 28 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 28 Part 2

It just so happened that Li Cang and Cheng Yang also wanted to stay here
a little longer.  So they left the couple to take care of the hotel rooms while
they went sightseeing on their own. Qianxi stayed on the balcony of the
restaurant for too long worsening her fever and making her sleepy. She took
some medicine then went to take a nap in the hotel for the whole afternoon.  
Xu Jimo then used Li Cang and Cheng Yang’s room to video conference for
the whole afternoon.

One of the two yearly transfer periods occurred after the TI competition.  The
first half of the year was usually only minor adjustments, but the second half of
the year was when earthquakes occurred, major adjustments.  Every club was
recruiting and fighting for players everywhere.  The bugle for transfer recruiting
had already sounded even before the TI competition started.  Many famous players
in the circle had already received either official or unofficial invitations.

Cheng Yang’s mindset hadn’t thoroughly recovered after he encountered the
sudden accident during the competition.  He told Xu Jimo in private that he wanted
to retire.  And the weakness of KG exposed during the competition also indicated
that they needed an outstanding carry.

But the most suitable player was his former teammate, Tundra, who had moved
successfully from mid to carry.  He was the core player of Crystal.  But neither Tundra
himself nor the Crystal club was easy to deal with.

It was already dark after he closed the last video conference call.

Qianxi had already woken up by then.  She knocked on the door in a daze.  She
was almost like falling into the room when she entered.

Xu Jimo caught her and already knew how ill she was without touching her forehead.  
She was really a handful…...He teased her,  “Do you know that you’re burning like a
small sun.  I can feel the heat just by being near you.”

“Really?”  She didn’t feel ashamed about it, but proud instead.  She laughed with her
eyelashes curled up.  “What kind of heat?  Is it the one where you feel warm in your
heart or the one where you feel heat physically spread all over your body?”

He put her under the blanket, then squinted and smiled, “It’s both of them.”

Qianxi stretched out one hand out of the blanket, hooking it around his neck and pulled
down.  Xu Jimo also fell.  When he recovered himself, his lips were already glued to
her hot lips.

She had somehow forced a kiss onto him……

Though she in a daze, Ye Qianxi was very determined on having the kiss. When he
tried to call her name, his mouth was stopped by her soft lips instantly.

“Don’t speak……”  The voice was very dissatisfied.


The fever made her voice low and coarse.  “Don’t you feel it…...the sun is emitting

Li Cang and Cheng Yang joyfully came back to their room then gasped in unison as
they opened the door.  They stood petrified like two statues at the door------Wasn’t this
their room?  Why was this couple at their bedside?

They saw the young lady boss hanging on boss’ shoulder and carried out…...while
still forcing the kiss.  Their Boss was trying to get away while still accepting it.  His entire
face showed the helplessness that he felt in a somewhat bashful way, it was very
difficult to describe.

Damn, how could they control their urge to applaud?

Xu Jimo realized that they were being watched.  He frowned and instantly picked
Qianxi up to leave.  Qianxi behaved like a hooligan earlier, but now she could only
buried her red face in his arms.  They passed through between Li Cang and Cheng
Yang… shameful! so shameful!  They could come back earlier or later, but why
did they happen to come back right this moment!

Xu Jimo held her to walk in the room next door.  He kicked door closed to remove the
pairs of staring eyes.  Qianxi was caught off guard after he pushed her to the entrance.

The narrow entrance was cool.  She leaned her back against the cold wall, she could
feel her warmth slowly seeping out of her.  After she adapted to the discomfort caused
by the temperature difference, she noticed that she was clipping his waist with her two
legs.  Her face instantly heated up to the tip of her ears.

Xu Jimo was annoyed, but he had nobody to complain to.

The whole team had seen her forcefully kiss him, how could he lead the team from
now on……

Tundra called him when he was lecturing her.

When the phone went through, Tundra immediately heard a girl’s soft voice on the other
end, “Put me down.”  “Put me down.”  He pursed up his mouth with great interest,  “Am I
interrupting something?”

Xu Jimo had no patience at this moment.  “Get straight to the point.”

“Don’t be so mean.  I’m calling to let you know that my contract with Crystal will expire by
the end of this month.  R club is also interested in recruiting me to play as their carry, but
I prefer to be your teammate.”


“So Crystal will let me go if KG’s bid is higher than R before the end of July.  I can’t decide
on the club’s business, so you think about it.  That’s all.”  Tundra switched his tone and
added, “But I really hope that you will change your mind and come to Crystal.  They have
the intention to buy a second team, so your players could also……”

“That’s impossible.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, alright?”  Tundra’s tone was ambiguous.  “Oh, I know.  Why
haven’t you hung up yet?  Isn’t your little girlfriend tired of waiting?”

Tundra hung up the phone the moment he finished, before Xu Jimo could even open his

Qianxi held her breath until he hung up the phone with a gloomy face, then she whispered
in his ear, “Cold.”

Xu Jimo held her away from the wall and asked,  “Do you have any appetite?”

Qianxi’s two arms wrapped on his shoulder faintly.  “Ah….what did you say…...appetite?”

“Dinner.”  His forehead leaned against her forehead with a mischievous smile.  “What do
you think I’m talking about?”

“No, no……”  She struggled to get her feet back onto the floor and ran away bashfully.

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