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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 27 Part 1

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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 27 Part 1

Qianxi turned around to face him with a pout and stared at him without saying a word.

No matter what he was saying now, her eyes were screaming: bad guy, bad guy,
bad guy, bad guy, bad guy!

He shouldn’t think that a few stuffed animals would redeem himself!

Xu Jimo took her expression as a sign that she did want stuffed animals. He walked
straight towards the arcada area. Li Cang happily followed, excited that his
suggestion worked. Cheng Yang…...had no choice but to follow as well.

The three of them occupied the whole row of the claw machines, quite conspicuous in
the small arcade. Several young girls wearing lolita skirts recognized them, raising
their cell phones to take pictures of them.

Qianxi felt quite stressed just being in their vicinity. She asked, “Isn’t this kind of machine
just a scam…...let’s forget about it.” She played claw machines when she was a student,
wasting several bags of tokens with no success.

All those people who showed off their skills playing claw machines on the internet were
probably just using tricks to win!

Li Cang exaggeratedly raised his eyebrows and said, “Take a look at who you’re with.
It takes some calculation, hand speed, and a bit of luck to grab those things and we’re
experts in all of that.”

He pulled Cheng Yang over, “Come, show our young lady boss how to do it with
just your left hand.”

Alright……Qianxi thought, they looked like they really enjoyed playing this……

Qianxi stopped objecting and put all her effort into blocking those girls’ cameras.
Xu Jimo asked her which one she liked, she casually replied, “It doesn’t matter.”
She would take whichever he could grab.

But the three KG players interpreted her words as “as many as possible.” They would
stuff anything they got from the machine into her hands. More and more onlookers
arrived as her hands grew fuller and fuller. Some fangirls even bought more tokens for
them, telling them that they had to accept a fans’ contribution.

Qianxi was dumbfounded: what kind of logic was that…...Fans even enjoyed watching
their idols playing such childish games! There was a fangirl, holding her boyfriend’s arm
while murmuring about how handsome those guys were, the boyfriend looked like he
could kill someone……

There was a more daring fangirl that sneaked up to ask her, “Are you the girlfriend of one
of the KG players? My team is no longer a team of five singles?”

To not hurt the girl’s feeling, Qianxi gave her a warm smile, “I’m their boss.”

The girl…...looked like she was even more heart broken now.

In the end, she was holding so many stuff animals that her arms were sore. Xu Jimo
turned to find the pile was higher than her head, “Put it down if there are too many.”

Qianxi replied, annoyed, “Where can I put them down? They’ll get dirty on the ground.”

Xu Jimo, stoned faced as usual, pulled the ear of the rabbit on top of the pile into
his own hand. Then he began to pull one after another until he found there were
simply too many of them. He grabbed Li Cang who was standing behind him,
concentrating on the claw machine, “You hold them for her.”


“Can’t hear me? Hold them for her.”

Five minutes later, Li Cang stood behind Qianxi with a large pile of stuffed animals
in his arms. Qianxi couldn’t help laughing at the sight. She moved around to pinch
the stuffed animals in his arms.

Li Cang: “Don’t…...don’t, young lady boss, be careful! The pile will collapse if you
keep pinching them!”

She tried to stifle her laughter, “Don’t worry, it won’t collapse.”

Qianxi caught a falling long eared rabbit, then tied the long ears onto Li Cang’s
ear with a knot, “See! It won’t fall this way!”

Li Cang couldn’t back away in time, only able to quickly lower his head: Damn.
He wouldn’t stay in this circle if someone took a picture of him like this. He had fans too……

Qianxi even took out her lipstick from her purse, pretending to draw on his face,
“Do you want me to put on some makeup so you two match, bunny girl~?”

Li Cang was terrified: This was totally the wrong script!......Why was the young
lady boss picking on him?

Qianxi didn’t really do anything to Li Cang in the end. She thought about another
idea, she started to throw all the stuffed animals to the onlookers. Fangirls
screamed to grab them. Fanboys, however, were quite hesitant, should they grab
such girly gifts or not……

When the four of them left the crowd behind, there was no more stuffed animals
left. They had all gone to the fans. Qianxi was still immersed in the excitement of
giving all of them away, she had almost forgot the unhappiness from earlier. She
was thinking: the number of fans would be sure to increase on the official Weibo site.

But, the bad guy showed his face in front of her again, spoiling her happy mood.

Xu Jimo asked lightly, “Why didn’t you keep one?”

“Humph!” Qianxi straightened her head, ready to leave him behind, “What’s it
matter to you whether I keep one or not, since you don’t like me at all. Our Party
and Motherland teach us to not accept gifts from the bad guys~”

He grabbed her arm, preventing her from  leaving, “What makes you so certain?”

She turned to stare at him, “What?”

He lowered his hand and quietly smiles, “Who gave you the idea that I don’t like you?”

Qianxi froze in place.

Cheng Yang found Li Cang was also slowing down. He hurriedly pushed Li Cang
forward: What are you looking at? Let’s get out of here, quick……

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com


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