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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 23 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 23 Part 2

“Sometimes, one has to face reality. The more you try to get away from it, it will follow you more closely. One day, it’ll become something you can’t avoid anymore and by that time, it may be hard to deal with.” He pointed to one of the paintings, “Just like this painting, the road is a circle and people will always come back to the place they started no matter how hard he has tried to run away. By that time, the problem won’t be as simple as in the beginning.”

The title of the painting on the wall was in French, ‘Returning.’

She didn’t know much about paintings but she understood what he meant.

Xu Zang continued, “Sometimes, being stubborn and willful may cause many irrevocable results. You can only see a small section of the world now, only the part right in front of you and your own heart. You feel only your heart is the most important thing and you have to follow it, which isn’t wrong. Yet, after you have gone through your life and see the totality of your life, you may not feel the same by then.”

With the light music in the exhibition hall as the background, her uncle’s words were very powerful. She couldn’t help agreeing to every word of it, yet she simply couldn’t do as he asked.

She felt maybe she wouldn’t be able to see the totality of her whole life and make the most appropriate decisions. She only knew that her heart didn’t want to do it; she still had her own dreams and she would come to regret it if she couldn’t reach them.

Many times, the price one has to pay for being ‘not regretful’ is usually much more painful than being ‘regretful.’

Even though, she didn’t want to be regretful.

“Uncle, do you regret it?” Qianxi turned her back to that painting as she was standing on the fork of that circular road in the painting. “I heard that grandma had asked you to change your profession at the time. They wanted you to accept a job they had arranged for you with high pay and a few decades later, you would become someone like my dad. If you had chosen to do so, maybe there wouldn’t be such a great rift between you and grandma and my aunt wouldn’t have …...left you so soon.”

Now that you had seen the totality of your whole life, “Do you regret it?”

Xu Zang was taken back and laughed lightly after a while, “Girl, you do have a way with words.” He almost couldn’t continue trying to persuade her.

Qianxi earnestly shook her head, “I’m not talking back to you…...I really want to know the answer.”

He was silent for a long while. Then he sincerely answer as a member of the older generation, “Another people’s answer is meaningless to you. You have to think hard, if they had let you continue with your medical study, would you have stayed until the end? If you can’t achieve anything after years of study, will you still be as ambitious as you are now?”

In other words, if she didn’t accomplish much in the end, she would regret being willful and ignorant when she was young. It was like tossing away a good hand when playing cards, ‘I could have a bright future, yet I decided to dig myself into a hole.’

The subject became quite heavy, as it does when it had anything to do one’s life.

She only wanted to live happily every day of her life, happily. Why did it become so heavy?

Xu Cang comforted her, “Don’t worry too much. I brought good news to you.”


“Your cousin had talked to your mom for several days and your mom has realized that she has been too domineering. As long as you plan to communicate with her, right now is a good opportunity.” Xu Zang handed her an airline ticket. “I’m going back tomorrow morning. If you come around, then come back with me. If I accompany you back, your mom wouldn’t be too harsh on you.”

“Really?” Qianxi widened her eyes with surprise.

But, if she left now…...would she give up her work here half way through?

She seemed very reluctant to her uncle, he thought she hadn’t come around yet. “It’s alright. Come after you have thought it through.”

“Thank you……” She knew her proud uncle wasn’t the kind of man who would easily get involved with her family feud, she had to appreciate the kindness he had shown her. She took the ticket and gave him a bright smile with a guilty conscience. “Uncle, isn’t cousin’s baby due soon? I’ll give my niece a huge red envelope!”

Xu Zang laughed, “I only wish you can come home by that time to see your little niece.”

“I will, for sure!”

That day might come sooner than she had wished judging the condition of KG as it is now.

But she didn’t want them to lose, she didn’t want to go home…...She really wanted to hang in here till August to see them holding the championship trophy under the sunny sky of Seattle, then she would go back.

Qianxi walked out of the museum and looked at her quiet cell phone disappointedly.

There still wasn’t any news yet.

What to do…...She had never been in such a dilemma like this before.

She went on the club’s Weibo account and found many fans were protesting: [The official site isn’t doing its job. The first day of the official competition and there’s no live reports. What do you want us who have to come to work and can’t watch the live stream to do!”

She bit her lips and felt guilty.

She touched the screen and suddenly there was a new Weibo post which wasn’t from her-- --

[2 : 1, won the first match.]

All the fans went crazy.

What? They really won with just one hand…...

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