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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 23 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 23 Part 1

Two days later, the official competition began. There was a grand opening ceremony held in the KeyArena.

The sixteen qualifying teams arrived one after another and entered the arena walking on the red carpet. Li Cang rested his arm on Cheng Yang’s shoulder throughout the whole time. He whispered in Cheng Yang’s ear, “If we win, then we are winning with one hand tied behind our backs. We can boast about it for a whole year.”

Cheng Yang wasn’t amused. The cameras outside the red carpet had noticed the bandage on his hand. All the cameras focused on his hand, exploding into flashes.

Damn, his face had never attracted this many cameras, now his hand did.

He quickened his steps to get away from it.

Actually, rumors had already begun circling around on the internet that he had hurt his hand and KG might forced to back out the competition. There was even insider information that he was beaten up by R.Y people, creating an impression that they had tried to knock KG out of the running.

Cheng Yang was amazed at how they came up with a story about him being mauled.

Though he didn’t want to reveal the real reason why he got hurt, either. It was a ridiculous fall, it was just any other fall on a normal, flat ground. He would rather go along with those conspiracists in the esports circle online than admit the truth.

It so happened that Xu Jimo drew R.Y as their first round opponent.

“God bless the handicapped. The organizer wants you to teach those little kids a lesson.” Li Cang jokingly tried to ease the tension.

However, those little kids ranked third internationally, behind the number one Chinese team, Crystal, and the European team, Uni. The advantage of a young team was that they had fast reaction speed and were aggressive; a team not to be taken lightly.

The handicapped Cheng Yang still felt guilt and tried to change the subject, “The match is going to start soon, where’s young lady boss?”

“I heard that her uncle is here in Washington State to have an art show. She’s gone to eat with him.” Li Cang lowered his voice in case Xu Jimo, who was checking his cell phone across from them, was listening. “You know young lady boss’s family. Her uncle is an internationally famous artist, Xu Zang, have you heard of him? His painting is selling for eight figures.”

Cheng Yang gave him a disgusted expression, “How do you know so much?”

“How can I not know……” Li Cang replied, “Xu Zang’s daughter is Ye Qiao, my goddess. I know all the gossip about her family! You don’t understand. The first time I knew that young lady boss is Ye Qiao’s cousin, I have decided to follow young lady boss without any second thoughts! She’s my goddess’ cousin. I can’t even dare to dream of that.”

He continued despite the fact that Cheng Yang began ignoring him, “My goddess’ family has really good genes, the girls in that family are so pretty……”

To cheer Cheng Yang up, Li Cang poured out everything he had learned about that family, from three generations ago, “My goddess has a difficult life. Before her dad became famous, her mother’s family didn’t approve of him. It’s said that Ye Qiao’s maternal grandparents were all against the marriage, almost disowned her mom. In the end, they finally married after her dad agreed to marry into her mom’s family. Otherwise, my goddess should be called Xu Qiao, not Ye Qiao…...To tell you the truth, Ye Qiao sounds much better than Xu Qiao. I give her maternal grandparents’ decision 99 points, one point less so they won’t be too proud.”

Cheng Yang couldn’t stand it any longer and covered Li Cang’s mouth, “You’re too noisy. If you like to gossip about stars, find a girlfriend to blabber to. I don’t care what Qiao it is.”

Li Cang felt he had been wronged, “Don’t you know I’m doing this for you? Come on, smile? Smile~”

Xu Jimo put his phone away and coldly raised his eyes, “Time to play.”

“Young lady boss’ uncle is successful now and reconciled with the Ye family. They were on very bad terms before. My goddess had chronic heart problems when she was little, her mom was depressed for a long time and died very early. Then the grandma blamed the dad, the dad blamed the grandma, and the daughter blamed the dad. For over a dozen years, the three generations gave each other the cold shoulder. Their relationship only got better after my goddess becomes famous. This is something all the fans know.” Li Cang, as a fanboy, used a tone as if he had seen through everything and slowly said, “So, it’s hard to marry a girl from a wealthy family. I sympathize with our boss.”

Cheng Yang scoffed at him, “Mind you own business first. Think about how we’re going to win the match.”

Qianxi was in an art museum dozens of kilometers away when she received a message from Xu Jimo with the same three words: [Time to play.] The players couldn’t bring any communication device with them during the march, so she would lose touch with them for several hours.

She really wished she could be there watching him play……

She had set her cell phone on vibrate, however, it still seemed annoying in the quiet museum.

Qianxi noticed that her uncle was glancing at her with a slight frown. She put away her phone right away, “Uncle, please continue, I’ll listen carefully……”

Xu Zang put his hands behind his back, wearing a navy blue, Chinese style robe. With a graceful manner, he looked like a middle aged scholar from ancient times.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was on better terms with the Ye family in the last couple of years and Qianxi’s parents had asked for his help,  Xu Zang would never have agreed to come here to persuade Qianxi to go back home.

“Have you gotten used to here?”

Qianxi cautiously lowered her head, “En, I’m doing fine.”

Xu Zang looked at the paintings while talking, “After you have enough fun, go back home.”

She wasn’t here to have fun…...but Qianxi wouldn’t actually say so and simply said, “En.” in a tiny voice.

When hearing her reluctant response, he knew her rebellious spirit was acting up again. He turned around and sighed, “Ah, Qianxi.”

Qianxi abruptly raised her head, “Here.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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