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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 21 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 21 Part 2

Qianxi found a place to squat down. “Are you looking for me because Xu Jimo?”

“......” Qin Xiao paused in what appeared to be surprise, then sighed, “Yeah, you’re well informed as well.”

It wasn’t because she was well informed, instead it was the logical assumption. “It didn’t go well?”

“En. He’s not interested in things other than playing games. He doesn’t want other KG members to get involved either. I can understand that. He just returned with a new team, the top priority should be playing games without being distracted.” Qin Xiao apologetically said, “I’m sorry to keep bothering you. But if you have any other resource there, don’t forget about me.”

As she spoke, the doors of the rooms next to her suddenly opened depositing a group of noisy young men. She looked up and noticed that several men were bare to their waists. She screamed and covered her face.

The two teams from R Club were staying here. She could tell from the uniform color of the few who actually wore clothes.

Qin Xiao: “What happened?”

“Nothing, nothing. I just ran into some of your ‘resources’......” Qianxi covered her phone and quickly made her escape.

R.Y was a team formed from new generation players who had gone through brutal tryouts. Everyone of them was a genius like Wei Lai. Though they were all skillful players, being a young team, their team culture was much more bubbly than KG. Before she could move out of the area, one of the teenagers noticed her, “Isn’t that the translator who Cheng Feng likes.”

“Looks like her.”

“What do you mean looks like her, it is her!”

One of the teenagers ran over and bent down to get a good look at her face, “It really is her. You’re Ye Qianxi? Our captain likes you, can you give us your contact info?”

Before she could react, another teenager, rolled up his sleeves, ran over to kick the one in front of her, “Do you want to die?” He coolly glanced at her at the same time, “My teammates are brain dead, don’t mind them.”

The one who was kicked turned around to deliver the other an uppercut, “Hey, you just said she’s your ideal type! Are you denying it now?”

Qianxi held her heart, backing into the corner. It was too much for her heart to take watching teenagers punch each other. Compared to them, KG members were like a bunch of serious old folks.
Qin Xiao couldn’t stop giggling over the phone, “A young kid confessed to you?”

“What the hell is this!” The teenagers quickly dispersed as if the wind swept away the leaves. She was left there dumbfounded.

Qin Xiao teased, “Why not sweep those boys off their feet with your charm? That Cheng Feng they just mentioned is the most popular among the new generation players. He plays good and looks good. We just signed him with a signing bonus of over 5 million RMB. If you can bring in another one, I can save a huge amount of money!”

“You wish!” Five million was nothing, she would get much more than that! Qianxi sneered, then mysteriously said, “I’m going to hang up. I have more important things to do!”

Said “more important things” was to hang around near Xu Jimo’s room so she could accidentally meet him.

Then she felt stupid after carefully thinking it through. They were so exhausted lately, what if he went to sleep right after returned to his room…...Then wouldn’t she have to hang around until it was dark?

In the end, before Xu Jimo showed up, Li Cang appeared.

He came out of the elevator and flew over. He doubtfully murmured something when he saw her. “Why are you here, young lady boss?” Without waiting for her answer, he pounded on the door, “Boss! Boss! Something happened, open the door!”

Xu Jimo opened the door to see the sweaty and anxious Li Cang, and the confused Qianxi.

Under the circumstance, she didn’t have to find any excuse to explain why she appeared at his door. She stepped back behind Li Cang, as if she was with him to come here to report the news.

Li Cang held onto the door frame, panting, “Cheng Yang fell and hurt his hand. He’s at the hospital now!”

Qianxi’s brain could only remember the three words-- -- “hurt his hand.”

To a professional player, it doesn’t matter if he cripples both his legs, but the hand…...any injury could be deadly to his career.

The three of them hurried to the hospital near the arena. Wei Lai and Cherry were already inside the room. One of them came out to brief them, “The doctor took the x-ray. He probably broke a finger on his right hand.”

Xu Jimo nodded and went in to see Cheng Yang, who was silently lying on the bed.

It was dreadfully silent inside the room.

Team members of R.Y also arrived at the door. The noise of footsteps stopped in front of the door. They quietly discussed for a while then sent one of them into the room.

Qianxi recognized this boy. He seemed to be that ‘captain’, Cheng Feng, mentioned by the boy who spoke to her earlier.

His fair skin looked pale under the light.

He walked to Xu Jimo, though the sound of his voice was immature, he spoke in a very mature tone, “K god, it’s our fault that we accidentally pushed CY onto the ground while we were fooling around. We’re responsible for it. If there’s any problem later on, we will take care of it.” He took out a name card to hand it over. “This is the contact info of our manager, the other side is mine.”

“Dong-- --” Cheng Yang abruptly sat up from the bed and used his good left hand to punch the bed.

Li Cang quickly stopped him, “Calm down! What are you doing? You want to cripple both of your hands?”

“Leave me alone.” He pushed away Li Cang’s hand and looked up to Xu Jimo. “Boss, the whole thing is because I’m too careless. I’m stupid; I somehow broke my own hand on even ground. Go ahead, blame me. It’s all my fault.”

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