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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 92 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 92 Part 1

Lu Sicheng kept clicking his mouse and asked without even looking up: “Why did you turn the stream off?”

Tong Yao took her cell phone down from the selfie stick and threw the phone onto her desk as she sat down in her own seat: “I’ve said what I need to say. Besides, everyone on my stream was clamoring to watch you, what the hell’s with that?”

Lu Sicheng indifferently replied: “Oh. Then, let them watch. Tell them they have to donate for each look, you’ll get rich that way.”

Though he didn’t hear any sound coming from the person next to him, he didn’t think too much of it-- --Through the corner of his eyes he could see Tong Yao stretching her neck to check her surroundings. Seeing that everyone else had their earphones on and were concentrating on their own games, she shrank back and whispered: “I won’t let them look.”

The mouse clicking suddenly stopped. Lu Sicheng lifted his hand on the keyboard slightly and turned to look at the person next to him: “What?”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng lightly chuckled, lifted his hand to pat Tong Yao’s head, and used a tone of voice like a father who’s daughter had finally come of age: “The stupid Siberian roe deer finally knows how to protect its food.”[1]

Tong Yao blushed: “So what, so what?”

“Nothing.” Lu Sicheng put his hand back on the keyboard: “As the dog food which is being protected, I’m quite honored.”

Tong Yao: “......”


On Saturday, both YQCB and ZGDX had competitions to go to. YQCB’s match was at one o’clock in the afternoon. As their players got ready to board their bus, they saw the players from ZGDX next door were also noisily getting ready to board their own bus.

“Why are you going there this early?” Ai Jia pulled Tong Yao by the edge of her backpack towards him: “Isn’t your match right behind ours?”

“We’re going there early to watch you guys play.” Tong Yao said: “After the Demacia Cup, we’ll officially face your team. Now YQCB is ZGDX’s number one rival.”

“Officially face…...but you guys aren’t going to play the Cup?”

“We aren’t.” Lu Sicheng’s voice came from behind them. He grabbed Tong Yao and her backpack back from Ai Jia and pushed her onto the bus as he lightly responded: “It’s ZGDX tradition to have the secondary team play the Cup. It’s the same this year.”

-- --Every year, after the first round of competition of the pro league’s summer competition and halfway through the second round, the competition would be in recess for a week. During that week, a nationwide competition called the “Demacia Cup” would be held with participants from some pro league teams and some secondary pro league teams. It was one of the few large official competitions other than the pro league ones…...Since the competition was in a rather formal format, many teams would set the championship as one of their major goals in the year.

However, ZGDX had made it a rule that the players of the A team would not play the Cup. Usually ZGDX would send its secondary team or substitute players to play the Cup. ZGDX used this major competition for training and evaluating future A team players. The players of the A team would only go to the game to watch the competition.

Tong Yao had checked the calendar, a week after the Demacia Cup, her team would go against YQCB-- --Compared to the team that they had skirmished against back then, YQCB was no longer that relegation team. They had totally transformed and became a formidable opponent.

-- --It was a decision the entire ZGDX team had made after some discussion to go early today to the arena to watch YQCB’s match against Huawei.

Tong Yao got on the bus and sent a message to Jinyang asking her whether she was going to the arena or not.

Jinyang answered in the affirmative-- --

[Nighttime angler-the crazy fisherman: Sure. I’m going. Why not? Not only that, I’m going to sit in the first row. I’ll let those disbelievers see exactly how long my legs are.]

[1]: Siberian roe deer are known to be very curious and often die because of it. So there's a saying in Chinese, especially in Northeast of China, where they refer stupid people as stupid siberian roe deer.

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