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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 93 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 93 Part 2

[ZGDX, Smiling: The way they executed their strategy is at par with Team Lan who is famous for their ability to carry out their game plan. But it’s taken Team Lan years to reach that level, it only took YQCB half a season to do that.]

[fhdjwhdb2333: You envy them?]

[ZGDX, Smiling: Yes.]

[fhdjwhdb2333: Their bot and support play duo everyday in harmony. Our support would just use his Luxanna to drive his ADC crazy.]

[ZGDX, Smiling: ……]

[fhdjwhdb2333: It’s all Little Fatty’s fault.]

[ZGDX, Smiling: You tell him if he continues to be so willful, the top ranking support in the league will belong to the support next door.]

[fhdjwhdb2333: I’ll tell him after we go back. I’m afraid that if I tell him now, he’ll take his Luxanna out and punish us. Scary.]

Tong Yao, who had also suffered deeply while playing duos with Little Fatty, quietly put her cell phone away. On stage, YQCB had firmly grasped the initiative in the game-- --Huawei’s jungler, Li Huanshuo, was unable to prevent his jungle from constantly being invaded. YQCB’s Liangsheng was an experienced player and could go deep into Huawei’s jungle, placing wards in sneaky locations……

Tong Yao felt that she could already see the end of the match.


YQCB won the first match without much difficulty at the 42nd minute. During the match, Ai Jia’s Ekko performed quite well in several team fights. Tong Yao earnestly tried to explain to her friend how good her boyfriend was and how he carried the game. Jinyang sat there listening, but her head was in the clouds, with a confused look on her face……

Tong Yao pinched Jinyang’s face: “Can you focus more? This is one of the highlights of your boyfriend’s career! See how excited those fans are!”

“......What highlights. You know it very well that when I met him, he was just a silly normal high schooler. I’m with him not because he’s-- --”

Before Jinyang finished speaking, someone sitting in the row behind her roughly smacked the back of her seat. Jinyang abruptly stopped talking and turned to take a look. She saw a girl with long hair holding a bunch of YQCB support banners and LED boards smile spuriously at her: “Sorry, lost my balance.”

Tong Yao raised her eyebrows, about to say something, but Jinyang pulled her sleeve and turned back without saying anything.

The fans sitting around Tong Yao and Jinyang were mostly fans who had gotten their fans tickets from YQCB. They obviously have known Jinyang for quite some time and followed her on Weibo. They also knew what had happened recently online-- --

Most of the fans knew that Jinyang was three years older than Ai Jia. When they were little, they were neighbors when Jinyang lived at her grandma’s house. Due to some plot points similar to something found in a teenage romance novel, they began dating before Ai Jia started playing professionally…...Most of Ai Jia’s fans quite liked her-- --Most of the surrounding fans weren’t too happy about the fangirl’s sudden outburst, but they didn’t want to make trouble.

“Why did you do that?”

“What did I do? Nowadays, there are people who don't make any sense at all. They can’t play the game, don’t even understand it. But they are with players just because of their fame and even feel smug about it……”

“Hush, hush, hush, be quieter. Ai Jia’s girlfriend isn’t like-- --”

“I didn’t say whether she is or not. But nowadays, isn’t the reputation of all fangirls being smudged by these kinds of people? Look at Xu Tailun and that Guoguo. If you like the players, just focus on watching them play the game. Why do you have to entice them?”

Tong Yao and Jinyang could clearly hear the conversation behind them. Once Tong Yao heard the girl bring up Xu Tailun and Guoguo, she felt that was an insult she couldn’t just let go and was about to stand up and argue with the girls behind. But Jinyang grabbed her and pushed Tong Yao back into her own seat-- --

Tong Yao angrily turned her head back and saw her best friend was sitting on her seat with a stone face: “We’ll take care of it after the game. See that stupid Siberian roe deer is sitting on the stage happily waiting to play the game. If I start to diss his fans under the stage now, how would it look to others?”

Jinyang pointed her chin to the stage while talking. Tong Yao looked in the direction Jinyang was pointing and saw Ai Jia, who had just returned to the stage after the break, was putting on his earphones all the while giving Jinyang a goofy smile.

Tong Yao: “......”

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