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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 46 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 46 Part 2

Ruan Feiyan was lying on the white hospital bed. Two young nurses walked into the room, chatting energetically. One of the nurses said to the other: “I just saw Ye Qiao in the lobby. She’s prettier than on TV.” The other one replied: “Is this the first time you’ve seen her? She was here last time when she got burned while filming. It caused quite a stir. Someone sent her flowers everyday.” The two nurses didn’t stop until they saw the patient was staring wide eyed at them.

One of the nurses did a basic check up on Ruan Feiyan and cautioned her to keep the cut on her wrist dry. Ruan Feiyan was very cooperative and only asked: “Have you notified my guardian? Why isn’t he here yet?”
The nurses had encountered many suicide cases. They’d noticed that the cut on the girl’s wrist was shallow and the patient was eager to recover. She didn’t seem to need any psychological counseling since she showed a strong will to survive. The nurse simply replied: “We’ve already called him. He should be here any moment.”

Ruan Feiyan held her wrist, currently wrapped in gauze, and beamed with happiness. The nurse couldn’t stand it anymore and admonished her: “Young lady, don’t try to take your own life just because of something trivial. You should try to solve any problem you have. Hurting yourself is the most useless way to get over the hurdle.” Ruan Feiyan coldly gave her a glance and laid back onto the bed, unmoving.
Actually, in her condition, there was no need for her to stay in hospital. But since she didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving the bed, the nurses shook their heads and headed out of the room with their charts.

The one who came to visit Ruan Feiyan wasn’t Zhou Tingsheng.
It was Ye Qiao, all by herself, who passed by the two nurses at the doorway and quietly leaned against the door.
Ye Qiao didn’t make much noise and it took a little while for Ruan Feiyan to notice her. The smile on her face abruptly disappeared: “What are you doing here?”
Ye Qiao was surprised by her somewhat hostile attitude and asked: “You know me?”
Ruan Feiyan’s eyes grew evasive and she made up an excuse: “You’re a big movie star, who wouldn’t recognize you.”

Ye Qiao wasn’t that easily fooled, she always had the ability to see through others from the look in their eyes. She closed the door and walked over to sit on a chair next to the bed, then she said: “You look very much like your mother.”
An expression of apprehension flashed by Ruan Feiyan’s face. She didn’t know how to deny it: “How do you know……”
Ye Qiao lightly pointed at the position of her left chest: “Here, I can recognize you.”

In the hallway, Zhou Tingsheng stood next to the window. A row of empty blue chairs next to him reflected his blurry silhouette.
He knew all along that there would be a day like this.

Ever since the first time he caressed her bones and kissed the heart that pumped passionately for him under her skin, he thought to himself that there would be an end to his nightmare after all those years. It should end where it had all started.

She was like the moon that’s always there but forever lonely. Her loneliness was like a warm fire on a cold night, drawing him in because both of them were forever weighed by their guilt.
He wanted to stay by her side.

He flicked his gold lighter, igniting a flame, before dying from the cold wind. After repeating the same act several times, it could no longer spark a new flame.
The gas inside the lighter had silently leaked out, carried away by the wind.
He couldn’t remember how many times he had flicked the sparkwheel before the door finally opened. Ye Qiao walked out of the room and faced him.

Zhou Tingsheng had difficulty come up with an audible sound, like someone who hadn’t spoken for a long time: “How was it?”
“The cut is very shallow, there shouldn’t be any problems. She’s in a good mood and was cooperative with the nurses.” Ye Qiao had both of her hands in her pockets, walking towards him. She then asked: “Do you want to go in to see for yourself?”
After considering for a couple of seconds, Zhou Tingsehng said: “Nevermind.” He threw the lighter into the trash can with a loud thud. “If she had her way this time, she might try cutting herself every day later.”

He actually knew Ruan Feiyan’s temperament very well. It was only because he felt sorry for her that he failed to properly guide her like a normal parent. He thought he could change her by being patient, but all that did was make her spoiled.
Sometimes he would also think that maybe his guilty conscience wasn’t good for her.  But he was too young at the time and was unable to resist his family’s decision. He had tried with all he had to make it up to her, but he had used the wrong method.

Zhou Tingsheng couldn’t help feeling remorseful and slowly followed Ye Qiao out of the hospital.

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