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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 3 Part 2

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 3 Part 2

It was the same when she quit her job at the hospital.  The emergency room had received a patient with AIDS in need of surgery.  The head of the surgical department and chief surgeon for the operation asked for an assistant volunteer. She volunteered and they had successfully completed the surgery.

At the hospital, patients with an infectious disease was common.  She had encountered many such cases and handled each without incident.  But for some reason, this particular case was reported in the news. Her parents were furious when they learned about it. Their dissatisfaction from her chosen profession all these years finally reached a tipping point and they forced her to resign from the hospital.

She originally planned to perhaps study for a degree in basic medical sciences. Later, she could work on research which would be much safer and less stressful, maybe then her parents would approve.

But now, it looked like it was just wishful thinking. 

As tension in the room rose, her mom threw out these last words to strip her of any hope.  “Ok, you don’t need to think too much, just stay at Yinyuan and do a good job.  Your dad and I already contacted the admission office of that school and told them that you will not be enrolling.  You better get over it.”

Qianxi raised her head abruptly in disbelief.  “......What did you say?”

“I want you to concentrate on the life you have now. Stop fooling around!”

Qianxi’s eyes turned red.  “Mom, the two of you are too unreasonable!”

She had little aptitude at argueing, so before her parents could scold her for talking back she ran out the door rather than stay and lose in embarrassment.  Her mom yelled from behind.  “If you plan on running away, then don’t ever come back!”.  She left her mom’s words behind the door.

She walked outside, listening to the chirping of nocturnal insects in the summer night under the gloomy street lights.  She looked at an empty pond with its stone footpath.  She felt a small pang of regret, but then felt sad again.  If she behaved as an obedient child before, then she should just behave as an obedient child for the rest of her life.  Would it help telling them that? Every single time, she was the one who returned, bowing low while admitting her mistake, then act as if nothing had ever happened.  Then her mom would touch her head and speak to her with smile.  “Good baby.  Listen to mom and let’s try it again, ok?”

It had been always like this.  They thought they never forced her, but behind the facade of fairness, they vehemently opposed anything that disagreed with their ideal.  If she opposed them, then it would end up exactly like it had today.

The saddest part about all this was that, in the end, she would still move on according to their script and nod to her mom obediently.

She was really a good-for-nothing!

The good-for-nothing Ye Qianxi!

The difference in temperature between day and night in Yang City was big, and the evening breeze was slightly cool in June.  She held her own arms, which were already covered in goosebumps, and sat on the stone stairs of the gate of her residential community.

She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there, but she heard the cell phone ring all of a sudden.

Xu Jimo had already sent her more than ten messages and unanswered phone calls.

Qianxi had totally forgotten that she was supposed to have dinner with him tonight!

She pushed the answer button and spoke in a low voice, “Hello”.

“Where are you?”

“I am at…...home.”

To her surprise, Xu Jimo’s tone sounded like relief.  “It’s alright as long as you are ok.”

Uh?  Qianxi listened in stunned silence.

Xu Jimo spoke casually, “I arrived at the restaurant for our appointment.  I waited for a long time but you didn’t show up and I couldn’t get in touch with you.  I was worried that you might have had some accident on the way.  It’s alright as long as you are ok.”

“......”  Qianxi felt even more guilty.  “I apologize.  I forgot about today because I was busy.  I’m sorry. How about I go meet you now.  Are you still there?”


Qianxi’s nose was slightly red.  Today’s setbacks and the feeling that nothing had been accomplished weighed on her mind.  She pressed her palm to her forehead.  “I’m really sorry……”

Xu Jimo felt that he was the one who should’ve felt so down. Afterall, he was the one who had been stood up by an investor.  Why did the young lady on the phone sound like she was going to cry.

After a bit of introspection, he comforted her.  “I didn’t mean to blame you.  Have you eaten dinner?”

“......Not really.”

“Then come over and have a late night meal.”

Qianxi was slow to respond. “Oh, ok…...I’m coming over now.”

“No.”  Xu Jimo looked at his wrist watch.  “It’s too late now.  Where are you?  I’ll go pick you up.”

Qianxi told him the address of a nearby landmark.

Xu Jimo caught a cab and arrived quickly since there was no traffic at night.  He looked around after he got off the cab and saw a small body dressed in a pink formal dress sitting at the side of a fountain watching stars in the sky.

He apologized.  “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Qianxi watched the sky, her vision was filled with stars.  Her eyes felt sore after watching for so long and tears had started to well up in her eyes.

Xu Jimo was left without a response, but he could smell alcohol on her.  He probed.  “Are you in a bad mood?”


For someone who faced a cold computer screen all the time, he was reaching the limits of his ability to comfort another.  Xu Jimo was really helpless when facing with the sad mood of this young lady.  It seemed to him that she had no intention of moving, so he just sat down beside her.

Qianxi suddenly stood up with red eyes.  “Aren’t we going to eat?  Let’s go.”

“Are you ok?”  Xu Jimo pointed to her eyes.  “Don’t lower your head.”

She listened and didn’t lower her head.  She carefully lowered her eyeballs looked around, but  didn’t see anything.  “What’s wrong?”

Xu Jimo smiled.  “Your tears are going to fall down.”

Qianxi turned her head, then the tears, which she had been holding back for a very long time, began to trickle out.  She felt helpless against his directness.  A piece of tissue appeared in front of her.

His eyes were calm, but they seemed to peer straight through her heart.  “You don’t seem very happy.”


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