Saturday, June 3, 2017

Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 39

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 39

Ai Qing could feel the gaze of several pairs of eyes.
Only three people other than her on the bus knew Su Cheng.

Gun, All, and Solo.
Gun sat next to Su Cheng but he seemed to be in a phone conference.  He wore earphones but hardly said anything.  His beautiful eyes glanced at Ai Qing without any expression.  Only All waved his arm dramatically, signalling Ai Qing to sit next to him.  It seemed that she could be safe next to him.
For sure, she certainly couldn’t stay where she was standing.  The first six rows were all from K&K.
She walked past the first six rows and entered the SP section, the bus turned suddenly.
Two people reached out to hold her simultaneously.

Solo at the front held her arm.  While the hand behind her held onto her backpack.
“Are you ok?”  Solo asked in low voice.
“I’m alright.”  Ai Qing shook her head and avoided his eyes.
Behind her, Dt remained silent and let go of his hand.
She didn’t stop until she walked to the very last row of empty seats.  She sat down and conveniently put her backpack on the seat next to her. She didn’t want anyone to sit next to her.

The atmosphere inside the bus was quite strange.
It was too quiet for two victorious teams riding on the bus.
The large bus stopped outside the entrance to the resort village.  The K&K team members sitting at the front rows all stood up.  They carried their red and white alternating colored uniforms and backpacks and walked out one by one to assemble outside the bus.  As for the SP members, Baona already told everybody last night during training that they would have a meeting tonight.  So Solo didn’t bother gathering everyone.  After they stepped out of the bus, they carried their individual backpacks and walked back to their own living area.

Ai Qing was the last one to walk out.
When she walked out of the bus, Su Cheng was at front of the bus explaining the schedules to their members.
Gun had his head lowered, playing on his cell phone.  He was really too lazy to deal with these mundane affairs.  Only after Su Cheng told everybody that the airline tickets had been booked and they should arrive at the airport the morning after tomorrow, then he added,  “From now on the team is dismissed.  You have a one-week vacation.  You can do whatever you want to do.  So you can change the date of your airplane ticket.  I don’t care when you return back home, but you have to report back to the club a week later to start our training for the 2015 season.”

Then he added again,  “Oh, by the way, talk to Su Cheng if you have any questions.  Don’t bother me.”

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