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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 23 Part 1

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 23 Part 1

Zhou Tingsheng grew quiet for a couple seconds, then pushed Ye Qiao back onto
the hood of the car. Ye Qiao felt a dull pain on her back as she thumped against
the metal. Despite that, she was looking at the sky, giggling. Zhou Tingsheng began
pulling the clothes off her shoulder, his breath close to her collar bone, gently tickling
her. The wind in the evening was getting cooler, she shivered slightly and closed her

She suddenly felt a pinch.

He bit her! His breath was near the tattoo on her chest, it was as hot as an iron.

Zhou Tingsheng breathed out a long breath near her ear and said in a low voice:
“I’ve brought Ophelia with me. He’s right behind you……”

Stunned, Ye Qiao tried to turn to take a look but Zhou Tingsheng turned her head
back quickly to face him again. She could only catch a glimpse of the kitten, watching
them on the other side of the windshield.

Somewhat embarrassed, her fingernails subconsciously embedded into his arms.
To Zhou Tingsheng, it felt like she was tickling him and he kissed her with a smile.

In the deep forest, under the evening sky, as all the birds were flying back to their
nests, an intense passion that had been ignited, had now found its outlet.

The sky grew darker and the moon now hung on the tip of a tree’s branch, Ye Qiao
pointed the skirt on the ground: “Help me put it on.”

Zhou Tingsheng squinted, then bent over to pick it up. He slowly put the skirt back
on Ye Qiao.

Ye Qiao stretched her open arms around his neck and shamelessly ordered: “My bra.”

Zhou Tingsheng reached around to clasp the bra for her. He asked distractly: “Can’t
you do it yourself?”

Ye Qiao scornfully said: “Is putting on my clothes too tiring for you? You didn’t complain
when you took them off.”

Zhou Tingsheng had never seen anyone act like a queen while in a state of undress.
He chuckled: “Knock it off.”

Ye Qiao was enjoying being drama queen. She turned sideways to ask him to pick her
up: “I can’t move. Take me to the car.”

Zhou Tingsheng raised the tips of his eyebrows and bent over her: “I think it’s pretty
good right here, no need to go into the car.”

Ye Qiao hadn’t put her top on yet and she didn’t have the energy to do it again. She
pushed him away with one hand, using the other hand to support herself on the hood.
Both of her legs kicked randomly: “Get lost.” She looked up and saw multiple scratch
marks on his neck. She stopped struggling and, losing her strength, slid down the hood
into his arms.

He was carrying her in his arms like bride.

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