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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 22 Part 3

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 22 Part 3

Zhou Tingsheng suddenly stopped the car, right in the middle of the untrodden

Ye Qiao had a hunch what he was up to. She looked at her wrist watch: “It’s been
43 minutes. If we don’t head back now, you’ll be over the time limit.”

“How much for each minute overtime?”

“You can’t pay with money.” Seeing that he had no intention of turning back, Ye Qiao
adamantly released her seat belt and jumped out the car, walking towards the way
they came, without looking back.

Zhou Tingsheng circled his arms around her waist from behind, keeping her tight in
his arms: “Then what can I use to pay for it? How about with my body.”

Ye Qiao struggled but couldn’t free herself from his grasp. Zhou Tingsheng’s warm
breath tickled the back of her ear. Ye Qiao’s temper flared, her voice grew harsh:
“I don’t like to be forced.”

“No one is forcing you.” His strength was stronger than she had imagined. He turned
her around to face him, her head hit his solid shoulder. “What have I done to irritate
you, Ye Qiao?”

Ye Qiao quieted down all of a sudden.

He hadn’t irritated her at all. Everything was fine before that night. It had been so
nice that she had almost forgotten that it was just an affair, she had fallen under
the illusion of sharing a simple and warm family with him.

She was the one who wanted to end the relationship unilaterally. It seemed a bit
unfair to him. But……she thought that he was a womanizer, always looking for
his next love affair, and wouldn’t hang around her for long. So she had no misgivings
for being the cold-blooded heartbreaker. They had never expressed love for each
other to begin with.

Somehow, it seemed that reality was the opposite of what she’d surmised.

As she was lost in thought, Zhou Tingsheng abruptly picked her up from the ground
and sat her down on the hood of the vehicle. As she came to a rest with a thud, he
unleashed a string of scorching kisses followed with passionate mumbling: “Ye Qiao,
I really like you.”

Ye Qiao was lost in the forceful, long kisses and had difficulty discerning the truth in
his words. She seemed to taste blood and couldn’t tell whether it was from her or him.
After a long while she pushed him away, gasping for air. In the confusion, she had
forgotten why she came out of the car and asked him out of instinct: “While I wasn’t
there, did you touch anyone else?”


He was telling the truth, besides there was no need to lie to her.

Ye Qiao returned to her senses and even smiled: “I would mind very much if you did.”
After saying those words, it felt to her that she was quite a moody person. Regardless,
in that moment she realized that all those mixed feelings she had been grappling with
had now become meaningless. What if she was indulging herself? If she had to give
up on the intimacy right in front of her, then her life would be too pitiful.

“There’s no need for that.” Zhou Tingsheng was delighted and pushed his forehead
against hers: “Are we going back?”

Ye Qiao countered: “Do you want to go back……” She drew closer to him after speaking
nd started to lick his warm lips, which came with the taste of blood.

She became a blood sucking animal, lightly sucking on his lips.

Zhou Tingsheng felt the sting on his lips. Ye Qiao suddenly grabbed the back of his waist.
Her slightly cool fingertips went under his shirt and lightly caressed his back. His breathing
grew heavier and he asked in a low voice: “How about in the car?”

“No.” Ye Qiao slyly smiled and pointed downward with her finger. She whispered next to
his ear: “Right here.”

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