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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 22 Part 2

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Starlight Has No Past
Chapter 22 Part 2

Ye Qiao put her phone down. In the past couple of days, she didn’t have
much filming to do. She could go stay at the nearest town, but she didn’t
like the bumpy drive back and forth and chose to stay in the village instead.
Now that there weren’t any new posts to entertain her, she decided to roam
around the mountains. She found the desolated forest and lake rather
peaceful. No wonder nowadays city folks liked to visit the countryside. Not
noticing the time, she return just in time to have dinner.  Afterwards, she
was told that she had a visitor.

Who would come to this remote mountain village just to visit her? There
was no signal for her to find out. She was told that Shen Ting had gone to
greet the person on her behalf.

She went to look for them and saw a tall man leaning against an all terrain
vehicle casually talking to Shen Ting. The light of the evening sun fell on his
shoulder and reflected off a metal button. As if he had a hunch, he turned his
head just at the moment when Ye Qiao drew closer.

Zhou Tingsheng broke into a smile at the sight of Ye Qiao and extinguished
the cigarette between his fingers.

Ye Qiao walked over with a long face: “Why are you here?”

Shen Ting was busy distributing all the drinks that Zhou Tingsheng had
bought for the whole crew. She smiled and was about to compliment Zhou
Tingsheng when she saw the cold face on Ye Qiao and tactfully excused
herself: “Then, I’ll be off?”

Zhou Tingsheng nodded and after Shen Ting had walked away far enough,
he leaned forward to whisper besides Ye Qiao’s ear: “I missed you.”

Ye Qiao sneered: “You couldn’t find other women?” She noticed from the
side mirror of the car that crowd of the film crew were looking at their
direction. She frowned: “We better not keep in touch in the future.”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t seem to mind: “I knew you would say that.”

“You knew and still came here?”

“I’m bored, so I just come for an outing.” He was brazen-faced and figured
that she wouldn’t turn him down. “I’ve heard that you like to hike in the
mountains lately?”

Ye Qiao was alarmed: “So?”

Zhou Tingsheng opened the car door and said: “Since I’m already here,
you can at least show me around, can’t you?”

The looks and whisperers from the crew members made her uneasy. She
figured that if she turned to walk away, it would inadvertently create even
more unnecessary gossip. She decided to go along, nodded, and got into
the passenger side.

She buckled up the seat belt and heartlessly warned him: “Just for one hour.
I’ll charge you if you go over the time limit.”

Zhou Tingsheng started the car. Despite the steep road, he kept the drive
rather smooth. Ye Qiao didn’t respond to his chatter but quietly watched the
scenery outside the window.

Zhou Tingsheng looked at her face in the rear view mirror. She didn’t have
any makeup on, her eyebrows were slightly gathered, and she didn’t look
too happy. However, in his eyes, she was still fascinating to look at, he
couldn’t look enough at her.

He abruptly burst into laughter.

Ye Qiao asked: “What are you laughing at?”

Zhou Tingsheng didn’t answer the question: “You look a bit darker.”

Ye Qiao was stunned, she had never heard anyone saying that she had dark
skin. She flatly said: “I’ve become ugly?”

Zhou Tingsheng replied quite naturally: “You look healthier. You were so pale

Ye Qiao mocked him mentally, he could even say such flattery so sincerely.

The vehicle was now deep far along a small trail. There were many trails just
like this one around the village. It was the routes villagers would use them to
go gathering herbs and hunt. But they had gone so far that trees and bushes
covered the trail and they couldn’t see where they were going.

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