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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 30 Part 5

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 30 Part 5

Tong Yao couldn’t understand why Little Fatty was so angry; she
couldn’t figure out why he was more resistant to Lu Yue than she
was; furthermore, why did he bring up last year’s world finals-- --

ZGDX wasn’t on the list for last year’s world finals.

Tong Yao had assumed that ZGDX was absent simply because they
hadn’t been invited. But now, she suddenly remembered that Xiao Rui
had mentioned before that “because of certain reason we didn’t play
the finals”......

So it wasn’t because the team didn’t get invited. The team was invited
but they didn’t make the trip because something had happened.

She seemed to remember that Little Fatty had said something about
“he was driven away” “no one wants to be his teammates”......

Could it be that it was because of Lu Yue?

And it involved Ming god?

Tong Yao was so confused by it all that she was too afraid to ask since
everyone seemed to be in an unhappy mood. She took the cat back from
the arms of the team manager, then quietly went back to her own room……

Tong Yao couldn’t sleep. Random thoughts rushed through her head as
she laid in bed.  Why didn’t she follow the League of Legends competitions
last year while she was abroad? She grabbed her cell phone and began
to search for news about what had happened to ZGDX last year. She
found out that last year, there were quite a few dramatic developments:
Last summer, ZGDX won the summer season championship. According
to the rules set by Riot Games, every region’s summer season championship
team would automatically qualify for the world finals that year.

Many people had great hopes that ZGDX would win the world finals at
the time.

While everyone thought the team was training hard behind closed doors,
nobody had expected the announcement from the official ZGDX official
site: ZGDX will be withdrawing from the world finals.

No explanation was provided.

The whole country was shocked by the news. Aside from derogatory
comments online, rumors began to fly around. Some said it was because
China Telecom had cancelled the sponsorship and the team was going to
disband; some said it was because there was internal conflict among the
team members and they couldn’t compete anymore; some said it was
because the team simply couldn’t take the pressure and backed out…...
Everyone was speculating, yet no one knew what exactly happened.

Tong Yao searched for answers online, but it only made her even
more confused.

Before falling asleep, she received a message from Little Fatty-- --

[Little Fatty: That guy won’t be playing as a substitute here. I won’t forgive
him for what happened to Ming god. Let’s wait and see.]

Tong Yao replied with several question marks, but received no reply.
Tong Yao waited and waited and finally fell asleep clutching her cell
phone in hand.

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